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After going through the paper and reading the feedback for this assignment, it came to my realization that a lot points had not been made. Initially, I missed the overall purpose of the sustainable development project by failing to capitalize of offering a strategic plan that would prove the feasibility of the project. The strategic plan being supported by a marketing analysis justified using different marketing mix like the 4P’s analysis. In addition, after having been pointed out I’ve reassessed the questionnaire specifically developed for this people and substantially, it lacks the necessary content that would help derive sufficient details to actually provide for a sound analysis that could help establish the feasibility of the paper. In addition, there was also a poor internal and external environmental analysis that could help project the conditions that could make or break the business. The IFE and EFE analysis are both necessary to know what the major strengths and weaknesses of the proposed business as well as identify the opportunities and threats that could be confronted by the project. The methodology can also be improved by incorporating the use of matrices like IFE, EFE, SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces.

Reflection 3

Introduction 3
Literature Review 3
EcoTourism in the Dubai 3
Exploring the Dunes of the Dubai Dessert 4
Feasibility of the Initiative 4
Methods 5
Results and Discussion 5
Legal Structure, Organisational Structure, and Marketing Plan 8
Legal Structure
Organisational Structure 8
Marketing Plan 9
IFE Analysis
EFE Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Porter's Five Forces Analysis
4P's of Marketing
Conclusion 9

Reference List 9

Dubai: A haven beyond the massive infrastructures
Over the past couple of year, the United Arab Emirates government has been trying to revitalize Dubai by bombarding the metropolis with sky-rocking towers and skyscrapers. Being the second most populous and second largest emirates, Dubai’s tourism industry has become the center of attention drawn largely by the grandiose infrastructures and the massive real estate projects that hailed the metropolitan district. Foreigners, traders and tourists visit the country to take awe of the majestic architectural design that is uniquely seen in what follows Abu Dhabi in terms of population and size. However, apart from Dubai’s ginormous architecture and manmade wonders, Dubai also takes pride on it exquisitely well-preserved, unexplored and pristine forests and natural environment. Dubai is also taking pride in the blending of the most artistic and most creative blending of manmade infrastructure with nature’s finest. In fact, the grandeurs of the manmade archipelago Palm Jabel Ali showcases how Dubai has strategically blended both natural and artificial to achieve a globally recognized ecotourism destination. In lieu with the growing popularity of ecotourism destinations in Dubai and the rewarding financial potential of the industry, this paper sought to develop a business plan that would profess to establish a business venture that capitalize on the amalgamation of the natural with the artificial in an ecotourism business pursuit. Specifically, this paper will merge a project that would explore the dunes of the desert of Dubai. The proponent aims to establish a sand boarding facility right at the heart of the Dubai Desert, a few miles away from the luxurious Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa.
Literature Review
Ecotourism in Dubai
Ecotourism offers a diverse opportunities—for recreation and even business ventures. From the etymological definition of the word ecotourism, it can easily be understood that it a subunit of the tourism industry that is aimed at promoting the conservation of the environment. In addition, it also aims to provide the community with benefits from both economic and non-economic aspect. While Dubai takes pride of the grandiose architecture that is the main attraction of the metropolitan area, there is more to the skyscrapers, the uniquely designed infrastructure that actually attracts more tourist in this tourist haven and destination.
Exploring the Dunes of Dubai Desert
Others would probable contest the statement made by authors Charles Goeldner and Brent Richie that tourism and hospitality industry is the world’s largest industry (Goeldner & Ritchie, 2003). This may not necessarily be the case but without contention it is perhaps one of the world’s large industries considering that every nation has their own respective tourism to promote. Given this nature of the tourism industry, it became nearly necessary that people who will work in the profession should be both knowledgeable and skilled in order to effectively manage and handle the demands of the industry. This is where the academe and the educational institutions play a significant role. Alongside the increasing complexity and the heighten popularity of the industry, the tourism and hospitality practitioners saw the urgent need to develop an academic program that would address all the needs of the industry according to its criteria and specifications. This paved the way for the creation of Tourism Education.
Feasibility of the Initiative
Given the demographic profile of Dubai workforce and the eagerness of the management team to implement the new management information system there would be some series of readjustment that needs to be done and executed. The governance structure of the state government is designed for independent management of every division. However, with the new system of information management a central unit will have to oversee the entire operation of every division. It will integrate and consolidate the data into an accessible file that every division can easily pull-out and utilize in important decision- making process. In addition, it will require having to employ new employees or at least subject existing employees into training on how to handle the programs and run down the system. Respectively, each division should at least know how simple task of transcribing, storing, transferring and retrieving data works. It should be properly disseminated that although a central unit oversees the management of the new information system, everyone in the organization should know the fundamental mechanisms of how the management information system works
The research methodology is guided by quantitative research. Since the main objective of the report is to assess the viability of the proposed business within the context of sustainability, data to explore the health issue will be obtained through primary research. The survey method will be used to gather data from 20 participants who will be chosen through random sampling and based on their willingness to participate in the research. Descriptive statistics will be used to interpret data.
Results and Discussion
The results of the research study proves that there is a viable market for the ice cream business in Dubai. In the research, 20 participants answered a brief survey about the proposed business plan. The results of the research are as follows.
Legal Structure, Organizational Structure, and Marketing Plan
Legal Structure
The focus of Information Technology in state governance focuses on the concept of scientific management. According to this principle it is important that in addressing a task, it must be broken down in smaller and manageable elements. Each element should be addressed in sequence using scientific method of identifying the problem, hypothesis building, experimentation, implementation and evaluation. It recommends the division of the task in manageable units, as it tries to stress the importance of distributing to roles to the people within the organization and allow them distribute this to their respective employees.
Organizational Structure
Businesses attuned to ecotourism follows a diversified model of business ownership—from sole, to private to public partnerships. The business will start of as a sole proprietorship following a tall structure. The business is expected to start small, which is why it would be owned by a proprietor. As a tall structure, the proprietor will employ managers with distinct skills and capabilities – the HR and Operations Manager, the Marketing Manager, and the Sales and Accounting Manager. Under the HR and Operations Manager are the employees who will be working for the business. Figure 1 below shows the organizational structure of the business.
Marketing Plan
The need for a stable and company-fit information system governance structure will help assist a company facilitate and organize their activities more effectively and efficiently. In order to adapt to the latest breakthrough in the industry, a company must be able to handle all its affairs in an instant without having to go through the hassle of manual operations. In effect, an organization’s governance structure must also complement its information system governance to avoid any conflict of mismanagement of information.
In this regard, it should be considered that several factors help affect employees’ productivity. In addition, consideration should also be given on individual differences. It should be noted that these differences is the result of several other factors like age, experience, health and education. Thus, government officials and public officers must be sensitive of these factors should they make an evaluation of the employee’s performance.
Marketing channels will include the business’ own store within the central business district, and through health care institutions. Marketing will be done using traditional, digital, and online media. The business will be promoted in newspapers and magazines, radio and television, and through social media.
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