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Working in an environment with little safety standards can be risky for workers. The safety manager for Podunk University in Colorado left work one and a half years ago. After completing college, I became the new safety manager at the University with strategies for safety. As a new Safety manager, I would have to work on hazardous materials and waste issues to make the institution safer for workers and students.

School Safety Essay Example

Where to start

Podunk University has lacked a safety manager for one and a half years. As a result, the safety of the University department has been the most challenging task to handle. As a safety manager, the first task is to analyze the urgency of the security in different departments at the institution. According to the case, the commitment for safety at the Podunk University has been so low and thus a need for positive change. In this case, there is a need for a clear guideline on how to handle safety issues in all the departments at the University.

Focus on initial HazCom efforts and order of tackling other departments

The first departments to focus on shall be physics and automotive technology. The two departments have the highest security threat to human life. Hazards and risks contrast each other and thus not a necessity in the estimation of risk. While danger is the inherent property of a substance that can contribute to an adverse implication on the body of a human, risk refers to the certainties that a particular loss may occur due to the exposure to unfavorable conditions (Collins et al., 2018). The University, along with the laydown guideline, will liaise with the University's environmental health and Safety Office to manage the usage and disposals of the hazardous materials and dangerous chemicals.

After the physics and automotive department, the third order of department to get hazcom test shall be the massive arena due to its association with the asbestos insulation. The asbestos at the massive arena building may pose dangers to the workers doing the renovation. The chemistry department shall be the fourth in order due to the hazardous chemicals that students need to handle with care. The chemistry department shall need a professional lab technician due to the risk the chemicals have when students handle them without supervision. After the chemistry department, I shall consider the biology department, which houses animal and microbiology laboratories (Coelho & García Díez, 2015). As compared to physics and chemistry, the biology department does not use unsafe chemicals. The mathematics and English departments shall be the last ones in order.

The focus on the Department of Automotive Technology

The hazcom and hazardous issues are on the department relating to auto repairs. The problems on equipment and the chemicals utilized by the students and technicians. In particular, the laboratory users can fail to label all the hazardous areas with the leakage of the chemicals. The most common issues concerning harmful surplus in automotive technology should be the proper disposal of waste. The dangerous waste incorporates solvents such as the methyl chloride used to remove paint. Methyl compound is a causative agent for cancer. Moreover, trichloroethylene a compound used in savoring water in the United States (IARC Working Group on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans, 2014). In particular, the department should insulate the pipelines hauling waste from technology.

Hazcom and Hazardous Issues in the Chemistry department

The chemistry department in Podunk University purchases chemicals for use during the laboratory test. As a result, students use small quantities of the substances for their practice. The hazcom challenges in the department include the absence of labeling of the containers as well as the absence of precaution in the experimental area. Furthermore, the students do not have security guidelines in the handling of dangerous chemicals. In general, the department should have a lab technician to assist the student in handling unsafe chemicals.
Conversely, the hazardous issues in the department include the conventional disposal of waste in dustbins. Wastes from chemistry lab contain compounds that may be harmful to both plants and animals. Secondly, the inappropriate place of colors and codes for disposal bins and mishandle of spoiled equipment is hazardous. The department should encourage students to put on gloves and lab coats while in the laboratory room.

People for Hazard Issue Communication in the Massive Arena

The parties of interest in the communication of hazard issues at the massive arena are the workers participating in the renovation. There is a necessity for proper training on handling hazardous matters at work. Similarly, the workers need training in handling asbestos, a cancer-causing compound.

Physics Department Safety Challenges

Electronics that carry a high amount of voltage and LEDs are the most common tools available in a physics lab. Other equipment that may be dangerous to students includes heating elements, laser apparatus, and other electrical equipment. If not handled properly, the equipment poise risks such as fire and electric shock. The materials should be free from potential hazards. The department should advise students to stay away from the apparatus unless either a tutor or the lab technician Accompanies them.

Response to University’s Hazardous material or waste Disposal and preparation

Although the University lacks response to the disposal of material or waste spill, there was a necessity for one to ensure safety in the institution. As part of the waste management, there shall be a need for shutting valves and righting overturned drums.

The Rest of the Departments

Intensive training in the training in the management of hazcom and hazardous issues is unnecessary in English Department due to the nature of the activities. As compared to the other departments, the math and English department possess computers that only need basic training on the handling. However, members of the department need training on providing some care to computers and photocopiers to elongate their life term. Therefore, proper handling may assist the department in preventing the risks of spoiling and breakage.

Resources for solving HazCom issues

Some of the resources that the management need to solve the problems of hazardous communication and hazardous waste are OSHA/EPA Occupational Chemical Database. As a joint development, the new occupational Chemical Database has established a practical guideline for enhancing safety at the workplace. The database contains a compilation of information from different government agencies and organizations (Johnson, R., Rudy, S., & Unwin, 2010). The resource avails reports such as physical properties, exposure guidelines, and response guide.

Issues to Consider When choosing Technology or Trainers

Any workplace requires sufficient health and safety tips to facilitate safe working conditions. The choice of technology or trainers shall depend on the availability of funds from the University as well as the availability of the required trainers on time. The delivery of the information shall be successful if the modalities work together.

Considerations for PowerPoint Due to budget cuts

PowerPoint is the most effective tool for offering training on safety in departments due to its ability in summarizing the whole information in simple sentences as well as cutting the budget for information delivery (JerwillesIT, 2016). The appropriate content of the training should cover the training period. Besides, the content should maintain the interest of the material by incorporating vivid examples.

Evaluation of Training

The assessment of the training shall take the form of Kirkpatrick's Four-Level Training Evaluation. Through the Kirkpatrick's model, I shall determine the reaction, learning, behavior, and the actual results of the training (Kennedy et al., 2014). For technology or training to be effective, the audience should accept, has a feeling that training or technology is worth time.

Marketing Nonflammable compound from Chemistry Professor

The university administration has the right to market the product since its invention incorporated the resources of the University. However, the chemistry professor deserves credit for innovative ideas and thus eligible for the revenue share (Bently & Sherman, 2014). The professor should prepare the safety data sheet for the compound and label the mixture. She should highlight precautions as well as the environment condition under which the product can survive.

Concerns for Address before Global Marketing

The new nonflammable compound can be a great deal to environments that uses flammable compounds. As a result, the University should label the product according to the regulations of the International Hazardous Safety Regulation (Dikshith, 2013). However, the university administration should address concerns such as safety and data sheets, proper labeling, and packaging of the product and disposal measures.

Handling the Explosive Compound

The University develops precaution measures to enlighten the students on the characteristics of the invented compound and the other compound the product can combine to form an explosion. The University should test the product under different testing cycles to endure maximum safety. The students should consult the chemistry professor who invented the product as well as the lab technicians.

Handling Stronger Pantothenic Organism in the Biology Department

As a result of the presence of stronger pathogens, the University should enhance the safety of the biology laboratory. Hazardous communication should incorporate the characteristics of the pathogens from a credible source of information. In such cases, the laboratory team should label all the containers appropriately to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding (Collins et al., 2018). In particular, the laboratory should have precaution measures in case of an emergency. Each student or laboratory user should be aware of the precautions.

Safety of the University department is one of the priorities that one should consider as a safety manager. Colorado's Podunk University has several technical departments ranging from physics to automotive technology. As a result, the institutions require new strategies to ensure safety for students and workers. After graduating from college, I found out a necessity to bring further change at the University's safety management.


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