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Published: 2020/11/16

My presentation was a success and I feel the goals were met since I had all it takes and managed to engage most of my audience if not all. Within the two minutes of my presentation I managed to cover all areas of my work which were thoroughly researched. I achieved this by briefly emphasizing my main points and key ideas of my topic. Going by the old axiom that says, “Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them.” I made sure I summed it up at this point. My presentation was very memorable and motivating. Also, the information presented were more valid since they were thoroughly checked, accurate and not misleading at all, and lastly the use of storytelling made the information to be completely driven perfectly home. I chose verbal presentation without using any slides and PowerPoint as a strategy to retain the audience’s interest by constant visual stimulation, and also the audience would be forced to listen and understand rather than have all the information put in front of them.
I think the overall presentation was well done though I was able to identify various areas and features that I could improve on. From the feedback I got from my audience, one primary thing that was raised was the length of my presentation. The presentation was to take around 2minutes but I am not aware of how long it took, but it seems it was more above the stipulated time. Though, during my practice I could do it in 2 minutes, but inevitably under pressure and in front of the audience, my speech was less concise by giving unnecessary explanations. In addition, I also paused so many times and used a lot of ummmin my speech and this in the long run made by speech longer than expected.
My audiences were amazing and kept me on toes in all the attempts I made. I thought they would be fewer to reduce the level of fear and intimidation in me, but I found the hall full. It posed a great challenge in my presentation since I found it hard to face them directly, and this made some of them to take advantage and to doze off. I cannot forget how nervous I was at the beginning of the presentation, my hands shaking all along, and I could not hold anything stiff in my hands.
In overcoming my weaknesses, I have to develop confidence in myself and act as a great motivator and a great speaker. Confidence is one of the main motivator to anyone trying to change their behavior and become empowered. This I can achieve through constant practicing and by constantly challenging my beliefs and what I am capable of undertaking. By being confident I will be able to avoid the constant shaking I underwent. To avoid the ummmm in my presentation I realized that I need dig deep on the depth of my content of presentation. This will exactly reduce the wasting of time as I try to think of the next points. Question and answer sessions should also follow my summary and managed properly and managed effectively. I should encourage questions also from my audience if time permits; this will exactly boost the confidence of the audience and make my presentation even better in my next presentation.
Overall I am contented with my presentation, how the tasks went and also enjoyed researching information and assembling, which I found interesting. Also as strength I was very loud in my speech and audible enough for all audience; and lastly the use of body gestures and body language which made most of my audience enjoy the presentation. In the future I would like to work on my weaknesses; keeping contact with the audience and being more confidence during presentation and lastly keeping time of presentation. All these will make my presentation superb and make the audience remember all the information. This is 7 out of 10 presentations.

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