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That the government is not entirely independent of religion, although it should be, ideally is the Jefferson’s thinking when he wrote the letter. The implication of this is that the government must govern and legislate with sufficient consideration to religious organizations. I agree with Hutson, that the first draft of Jefferson’s letter was indeed a counter-punch to his detractors. Jefferson is fully aware of the politics in the US being one its early leaders; he understand that he needs to please some religious organizations in order to stay in power or at least avoid any extensive disputes from the republicans who were constantly attacking him. Jefferson handling of the situation turned the tides around, by showing that as politician he could not give in to some of the religion’s request, but he does respect their beliefs and practices by using politically correct terms and not emotionally field or irreligious terms in his letter, and by showing that he himself observe his religious duties like going to church. This can be applied to contemporary America, like in issues of abortion and LGBT rights. Obama may legalize abortion or legitimate LGBT rights but at the same time go to his church to worship to show that he respects both sides.
I think Needleman is just another person who dwells too much on words and not on works. Anyone who has read American history in full honesty would realize that the founding fathers like George Washington had very bad conscience and spirituality – so bad that America today could not survive if they are still alive. The founding fathers teach people that all men are created equal and yet owned slaves – this is not a showcase of good conscience like Needle want to tell people. Needleman’s point that it was this inward thing that made America great is simply without evidence. It is America’s military might and economic might, in my opinion, that makes it great and these are all politically driven rather than spiritually or conscience-driven. When it comes to his idea of re-mythologizing of American, I think it is not good. If we do this then some important truth would be become obscured. Reality will set us free not myths. I also think that Frederick Douglass is an important figure – he actually agrees with me on my point about the hypocrisy of the founding fathers on owning slaves while preaching that all men are created equal. However, I do n agree on mythologizing him, plain truth and not symbols are my preference. Symbols are beautiful especially to the symbol-minded
Freedom of religion and freedom from religion are the two main reasons why the colonies from Europe migrated to the United States. They wanted to practice their own religions in accordance with their own conscience and through some mandates; in other words, they wanted free exercise. Freedom from religion on the other hand pertains to the desire of the colonies to depart from the Church of England which was so powerful that it already dictated what to and how to worship. The legislations on the newly born country, the US, took considerations of these concepts. The US for example, did prohibit the establishment of a state religion in order to preserve such rights and ideologies. The founding fathers had a vision of free country where everyone is entitled to worship who and how he pleases. Nevertheless, it was proven afterwards that such will not be possible. For example, Islamic religion are definitely not welcome in the America during those times, as all those who migrated there are Christians. In other words there was a limited liberty in religion. Women and African Americans rights on religions are also set aside. Deism and anti-clericalism played important consideration in the viewpoints of the founding father. Freedom of religion could be attributed to the deism and freedom from the dictates of clergy. This is the start of the many sects in America. Despite the fact that religion was one of the primary reasons for the founding or sovereign America, the government also acknowledge that the state is independent of religion and vice versa. Such division is important in contemporary debates like abortion or the LGBT rights.

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