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Sign language is a crucial part of the deaf people as it is the only way they can communicate. However, many deaf people undergo challenges while communicating as most hearing people do not understand the sign language. Therefore, this means that they live in their world just seeing what happens but cannot be told.
In the movie ‘Sound and Fury’, the importance of deaf culture and the fear that the deaf have for hearing is evident. Most of the deaf characters seem to enjoy living in the deaf world. Maybe it is because they fear changing their identity as hearing again means they will not be the same again. Most hearing people may think that a deaf person having a chance to undergo an implant and have the ability to hear is a lifetime’s opportunity. Therefore, the attitude portrayed by Mr. Artinian comes as a shock to most audiences.
Some of the family members in the movie are deaf while some are not. As one continues watching the film, it becomes apparent that some of the family members are against the implant. The decision is a surprise as we expect them to embrace the opportunity and overcome the disadvantage. However, some seem to love how they are and are not willing to change. On the other hand, some are willing to have an implant, and this brings confrontations between the family members (Pbs, par 2).
One can say that the lives of the deaf characters are not a simple, as they cannot easily communicate with the hearing people. Additionally, some of them are very young and have a whole life ahead of them. It would take them time to learn the language of the deaf, and adapt to it whereas they have an opportunity to undergo an implant and hear. On the other hand, the parents seem to be okay with them staying deaf for the rest of their lives.
The deaf here seems to have a culture that they embrace and love. Additionally, they have strong bonds among themselves both socially and emotionally, as they understand each other well. They are apart from the hearing world, and they love their silent world, which in this case they want to preserve. Therefore, they treat the decision of other members to wanting to join the hearing world as a betrayal. Understanding why they would do this is not easy, as we expect them to be happy and want to undergo the implant as well. However, this is not the case in the movie (Pbs, par 2-3).
Maybe they fear living in a world very different from the one they live in, and love using sign language. They were born deaf and, therefore, hearing would be a completely new experience to them. Even if the implant would not have been of much help to the parents as they were adults, they should have let their children have it. Using sign language is not an easy thing, and it alienates the deaf from the rest of the world. Despite the fact that they attend school, learn and do other things, it is important that they take any opportunity that can make them hear.
Learning sign language is harder than learning the language that hearing people use. Additionally, not everyone understands sign language as it is not taught in schools. It is, therefore, hard for the deaf people to live with the hearing people.


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