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Today’s society is full of prejudice, an act that keeps one wondering whether there exist kindness in the hearts of men. This brings a lot of questions in people’s minds. Do we work towards positive building of society or we rejoice we societies fall apart? According to Listener’s reaction to bluff’s jokes on a radio show “Wait Wait” portrays an act of prejudice in relation to listener’s reaction. In a light bulb joke by Bruff as something said to hurt certain group of people .in a confirmatory revelation by a guest host Peter Sagal, he explains that the joke had no meaning, but it was news to pin some people. The program “Wait Wait was meant to excite people by making them laugh but instead it turns to horror when the program was turned to intimidate people. “If any, it was a little hack," said Danforth. By this, he meant the joke trespassed into some people’s private lives that brought criticism to the radio station and its staff. Such acts of prejudice make listeners run haywire. In real sense, the shows humiliated the listeners. The exact complain about the show in a letter written by to Danforth, Paulina Kapuscinska was that this show presented a false image about Poles and Poland. The question at hand is why use Poles as an example in the Light bulb tale jokes. That means there is no respect for the Poles and Poland as a country. This was a definite act of prejudice on the Poles. Danforth later humbled himself and requested for forgiveness from the listeners. This is what he wrote in his letter to the listeners,” I can’t disagree with your conclusion about the transpired in the October, 26th show. He admits it was a humiliation to the listeners. Much as the radio line was full of hungry audiences trying, it clarified that he never meant whatever he said on the show. He apologizes honestly to the listeners. In a response to his apology, Kapuscinska advised him to look for other things that can make people laugh not one that intimidates people.Another act of prejudice is demonstrated in Dominican football organization. This football was institution was responsible for giving privilege to non-US citizens living in the US. The league is for the Dominicans but funded by US. It recruits young players are trained to play in national and local leagues. The responsibility of Dominican is to sign players to different teams who request for them. However, this has made many kids drop out of school. To solve this tragedy, academies have been opened to these young players. Most of these kids are signed at the age of 16 and those that are not assigned to any league normally remain playing for the local leagues in Barca Chica and San Francisco. Because of their low ability and belong to a low class they get unprivileged for low-class jobs unlike their counterparts in middle and high class. This brings the question of “shouldn’t there be even rights in social institutions?” “Players who get unsigned into teams of external leagues. Many get small deals and won’t get good jobs because of their social status”, quoted Adrian Barges from the University of Illinois.InMarkey’s citation of the new state law governing the issuing of tests to children preparing for college, he points out a critical is the influences the decision of parents of these kids. Parents are confused because of the pressure arising from the state for them to present their kids for testing. The PARC exam comes with a lot of critics to the extent that peers, parents and non-profit making organizations have gone on the media to protest against such an exam. Number of protesters rose up to 2,198 as these students deliberately refused to do their exams. In this context, a question such as “are policies just imposed on people or peoples conscience are sought while making the policies”? Because sincerely speaking if parent’s opinions were sought, there would be no protests arising.Carney former head of the Bank of Canada expresses his credentials as reformists. He was then shifted to British Bank where he embarked on restructuring monetary policies to favor both genders. The top nine committee of monetary policies were only males with only four women in service since its opening in 1997. In his quote, he said,” you can be comforted that our job at the Bank of England is to protect the value of new Jane Austen note." He fought for gender equality in monetary policy making in the British banks. He also quotes this, “we would like people to have trust in our devotion to bringing about diversity. That is the reason as to why there are changes in choosing key banknotes icon”. To him, gender is not an issue in making decision but the competence of a person matters a lot.In America, up to now the blacks are still believed to be the inferior race despite countless efforts to make sure they are all equal. President Barrack Obama became critical in his context of race relations. Steve Inskeep asks Obama if” United States has been more racially apart or it’s united?” President Obama answers that it’s not racially apart, but each day, an effort made towards creating more bond among its citizen. In this case, prejudice is solved. One should not forget that prejudice is a weakness in every society.


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