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The Archean age, which went before the Proterozoic age, traversed around 1.5 billion years and is subdivided into four periods: the Neoarchean , Mesoarchean , Paleoarchean , and Eoarchean.
In the event that you had the capacity go back to visit the Earth amid the Archean, you would likely not remember it as the same planet we possess today. The air was altogether different from what we inhale today; around then, it was likely a lessening environment of methane, smelling salts, and different gasses which would be lethal to most life on our planet today. Additionally amid this time, the Earth's outside sufficiently cooled that stones and mainland plates started to structure.
Analyses of the approximately 4 billion-year-old Acasta Gneiss suggest that the first continents and oceans developed before the Archean (Geologic Time). The Archean, in any case, is the period amid which the present continents came to shape. Most present landmasses have shields at their centers that structured between 3 to 2.5 billion years back amid the early Archean. Proof of antiquated maritime hull is regularly found in today's greenstone belts. Mainland outside step by step developed from specific dissolving of dull shaded basaltic volcanic shakes inside the maritime hull. Through time, these melts got to be progressively rich in silica, as geologic methods liquefied a greater amount of the lower-temperature, lighter-thickness minerals. Much as a helium blow up ascends through air, these silica-rich melts ascended from profound inside Earth and structured granitic plutons (meddlesome bodies) closer the surface. Right on time in the Archean the granitic covering of mainlands had started to structure from basaltic hull of the sea floor. Mainland landmasses started shaping around 3.7 billion years back from the level growth of littler micro-mainlands. The Kenoran orogeny was one such occasion, which structured what is presently the Great Lakes locale of North America amid the Late Archean (Encyclopedia Britannica Online).

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