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Internet Marketing

In the digital era the strategies and tools of marketing had transformed, but the core constructs still reflect the basic –principles of traditional marketing. It’s necessary for the business owner to understand the strategic goals and objectives, the value his or her business can offer to the customers. The owner of business together with the marketing team should clearly understand if their product or service is valuable and competitive, priced right; if the brand name is strong and consistent with the main goals of being in business (Speyer, 2011.) A company should develop its unique selling proposition and present it to its primary audience in a way in which its target market simply cannot refuse (Donahoe, 2013.) Any business of modern era should know about its competitors more than they know about themselves (Vallance, 2014.) An organization should elaborate clear and detailed marketing plan with objectives, target segments defined, and action plan set. The mix of digital media should be selected thoroughly to focus on the best channels to reach the target customers.

How search engines work

The primary functions of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others are crawling with building an index, and “providing web users with a ranked list of the web sites they've determined are the most relevant” (Fiskin.) Each time an automatic web crawler of a search engine (also known as “spider”) visits a website page, it adds its URL to an index and also makes a copy of this page. Then, the web crawler follows all the links placed on the page and repeats the process described above. The order of sites in the list is built based on pages’ relevance and popularity.

Search engine optimization

Keyword research
Keyword research helps webmasters and marketing teams to understand what the customers are searching for, what exactly content they want to engage with, and what services and products they want to purchase (Kocher, 2014.) These keywords, when defined, should be the basis of the website’s semantic core. There’re a lot of specialized tools for keyword research such as Google’s Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, Keyword Tool and others. To get the most out of the selected keyword tool, it’s necessary to pay attention to the order of words in a phrase, to group keywords by similarity, to try various settings and not to be afraid of experimenting (Kocher, 2014.)

Leverage principles of sales and marketing

Effectiveness of internet promotion can be reached through management of the three core constructs of marketing and sales – awareness about product and brand, sales and advocacy (customer referral, Satell, 2013.) It’s necessary to track and to manage the customer behavior throughout the sales funnel (awareness, opinion, consideration, preference, purchase) – the web marketing tools should attract the prospect customer’s attention, to form the positive opinion about the company and its products, to help to make a choice and to assist in making the most “painful” part of shopping – a purchase and payment.

Technical roadblocks

The most common SEO roadblocks in internet marketing are the following: website’s CMS drawbacks and deficiencies; technical issues like, for example, poor indexation or over indexation, problems with pagination and navigation; duplicate content; inefficient craw paths; a poor interlink structure (Sherk, 2012.) As the SEO commonly begins with the website audit, the large proportion of serious technical issues can be identified at the initial stage.

Measure results

The first rule of an effective tracking system for internet marketing is a relevance of metrics and KPIs to the business goals. There’s a wide variety of metrics to be used to assess SEO results, for example, share of referral traffic and search traffic; visits referred by a particular terms and phrases; conversion rate by search query phrase; number of page visited; portrait of a typical website visitor as compared with a profile of target audience, projected return on investment (Fishkin.) Conversion rate is a metric worth specific attention. If the site is selling (for example, it collects leads or sells products and services online), it’s necessary to track the pages of entry, the most popular product pages, the conversion from visitors to registered users, the share of visitors who added a product to a shopping cart but didn’t make a purchase, etc.

Build links

A number and quality of backlinks to the site remains the “SEO trump card” (Wall & Hagans, 2008.) The quality of links is assessed by search engines with such indicators as global and local popularity, anchor text, trust rank, link neighborhood, freshness, social sharing, etc. There’s a great number of ways how to run successful link building campaigns, including submission to lists and web directories, news content sharing, social bookmarking, link trading, forum and blog postings, contests and giveaways, etc.


Blogging platforms are a resource-intense but effective way of web promotion. Regular generation of informative article content in a less aggressive marketing tone seems to be not an easy task, but it’s likely to draw more interest to the site, company and products. Blogs are also effective for promoting link building for benefits of SEO. Blogs are also a great tool for customers to learn more about the company and to exchange opinion with other clients. It’s necessary to post really valuable content. The blog may be create on the common blogging platforms or reside on the company’s website.

Social media

Effectiveness of social media marketing is one of the most controversial issues in marketing debates. Some business can benefit from interacting with their customers through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others, but others, especially if their social media presence and dealing with negative feedback is poorly designed, may even harm their reputation. Nevertheless, social media provide wide opportunities to communicate with customers in real-time mode and to promote the brand through a variety of tools, such as content sharing, virality, contests and promotions, events, feedback sharing, managing negative feedback, testing new products, running focus groups, etc.
11. Measure
The tools and metrics to measure success of social marketing campaigns are media specific; but there’re some common indicators: number of followers, sources of social traffic, conversion rates, competitive analysis, activity metrics (post rates, response rates, etc.), reach rates (audience growth rate, share of voice), engagement metrics, acquisition metrics, etc. It’s necessary to mention, that the metrics menu used by a specific business should be aligned with the goals (Seiter, 2013.)

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