The Gold Rush Critical Thinkings Examples

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Published: 2020/12/13

Cast: Charles Chaplin, Mack Swain, Tom Murray, Henry Bergman, and Georgia Hale

Director: Charles Chaplin
Synopsis: Charles Chaplin starred as the Lone Prospector in this movie. The story began with Chaplin and other gold rush hopefuls headed to the icy north in search for a fortune. After suffering comical tragedies on his adventures, he met a woman (Georgia Hale), whom he fall in love with. Unfortunately, Georgia seemed not to reciprocate the feeling. In the turn of events, Chaplin’s fortune would changed as he became the key for Big Jaime (played by Mack Swain), in locating Big Jaime’s fortune.


Despite not having the advanced technology used by movie producers today, Charles Chaplin has made a tremendously amusing movie on The Gold Rush. This silent film showed the genius of the director, as even its simplicity can evoke laughter despite having been produced almost 90 years ago. The brilliance behind this movie can also be seen by being able to clearly convey the story despite the lack of sound or voices to support the motion pictures. There are many comical parts such as when Chaplin was repeatedly blown back into the cabin by the icy wind while he was being forcefully sent out by Mack Swain. In another scene, the main actor cooked his shoes and served and ate it as if it was the most delicious food ever. Despite the portrayal of the tragedy of being trapped in the middle of the snow and having nothing to eat, the scene was countered by the comical scenes such as the shoes being cooked and served. While thinking about this particular act, one can relate the survival stories of people stranded in remote islands on what they did to survived, and of whether one can do such thing when faced with that situation.
Another scene where comedy and tragedy was successfully presented in The Gold Rush was when Mack Swain and another man struggled for the shotgun, and while doing so the gun was aimlessly pointed at Chaplin. While viewers laugh at the comical scene, they cannot escape the feeling of fear had the trigger been pulled and Chaplin shot.
The plausible turn of events in The Gold Rush were made in ways that are easy to follow and comprehend despite the absence of voices and sounds. For instance, the scene when Chaplin waited for the ladies to arrive for dinner and Georgia was shown kissing him was successfully depicted as mere reverie. Georgia would later be shown happily celebrating New Year’s Eve as she and her friends forgot the dinner with Chaplin. It was also clearly conveyed that she was bothered by her conscience after barging into the cabin and found out that the Chaplin took the time to prepare dinner for them.
Charles Chaplin acting as the main prospector and director did an excellent job on this movie. Despite the limited location, he was able to tell a full story in a terrific manner. He capitalized on the lack of sound effects and voices, making the viewer think and leave unheard things to the imagination. As the film progresses, the viewer can adapt what the actors said to each other by their gestures and turn of happenings. Unlike the movies of today where almost everything is supplied through visual and audial means, The Gold Rush enhances the imagination by the lack of visual vividness and sound. For instance, in the scene when the cabin was about to fall, one can imagine that Chaplin was frantically shouting for Swain to get him out of the cabin.
The actors Mack Swain and Jim McKay did a great job in supporting the comical theme of the movie. They both performed their job in giving life to a hilarious scene, such as the one where they struggled for the shotgun and when they chose through the cards on who will brave the storm to search for food. It is sad though, that McKay’s role was that of a villain and his unscrupulous character got to him and forgot all about his friends who waited on him. Chaplin must have felt it justifying that this character’s life in the movie would end tragically. Swain, on the other hand, despite his initial wickedness at the start of the movie is one of the key that changed the fate of Chaplin. Unlike McKay who had wanted all the treasures for himself, he helped Chaplin get out of the falling cabin and shared the good fortune with him. It lightens the heart to see how their friendship turned out after the tragedies that happened to them. Georgia also played it well; though there is a feeling of dislike on her conceited personality, she would redeem it later in the end when she asked that Chaplin will not be arrested as she will voluntarily pay for his fare.
The Gold Rush is beautifully done, sans the sound effects and other cinematic technology that we have today, it was excellently presented as to evoke laughter, and fear in a comical movie. It ended the way most viewers wanted a story to end, that of the main actor being able to get over the tragedies and be happy in the end. There was, however, the hang of it because though Chaplin and Georgia were able to be together, there was doubt left as to what happened next. It must have been the intent to make the ending that way and leave the rest of the story between Chaplin and Georgia to the thoughts of the viewer. Over all, this movie is entertainingly amusing and is one of the best despite having produced many decades ago.

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