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Published: 2020/12/13

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Launch Vehicles
Voyager 2
Voyager 1
Mission Objectives
Voyage 1
Voyage 2
Voyager Interstellar Mission
Termination shock
Heliosheath exploration
Interstellar exploration
5.1Interstellar winds


The will paper look at the need for the voyages that NASA has embarked on to explore the areas in space that are outside the sun`s magnetic field. As technology increases in the world, the possibility to know more about the universe is made simpler compared to the last twenty years. Science has always talked of nine planets, but thanks to new technology more planets are being discovered this paper endeavors to look at the possible outcome and reasons for the voyage interstellar mission.
NASA is the leading space exploration authority and as such is the one that has embarked on this huge task. The mission is to extend NASA’s exploration of the solar system to go beyond the vicinity of the neighboring planets but further into the interstellar winds so as to be able to measure these winds even. VIM is considered not to be an original voyage because it is an extension of the voyage primary mission that was completed in 1989.
AT the beginning of the Mission (VIM) two Voyager spacecrafts had been in flight for over 12 years, Voyager 2 had been launched in August Voyager 1 in September 1977.Voyage 1 was approximately 40 AU(Astronomical Units) from the sun and Voyager 1 at about 31 AU. This paper will look at what the calculations are that make this project a reality and how reliable they are.
The research divides the Mission into three phases the termination shock, which voyage 1 crossed in December of the year 2004, Voyager 2 in August 2007, the Heliosheath, which is the current location and the interstellar phase. These phases are expected to be completed if the mission is to be a success crossing the heliosheath phase will come with the passage through heliopause that is the outer extent of the sun’s field. The thickness of the heliopause is, of course, unknown and so an estimate of time would be difficult to make, but with the expected calculation the voyagers should cross the heliopause by the year 2020.
The last thing the paper will address is the interstellar winds and how NASA has prepared to gather the data that will be collected by these two vehicles that are millions of miles away from mans’ comfort. The researcher will also endeavor to collect as many data about the mission as possible and shed more light on this project that is set to enlighten humans on how vast the universe is adapting technology.
In conclusion, the paper will focus on the current knowledge of the solar system the latest discoveries and the possible outcomes of this project. It will also focus on the major players in this project that is all the stake and shareholders in this venture. The possible conflicts with the current knowledge and beliefs of people will also be handled in this paper.


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