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The aim of this paper is to undertake a review of the book entitled, “The Unheard Truth: Poverty and Human Rights” written by Irene Khan. As evident by the name of the book, the theme of the book is to undertake a closer analysis of the conditions of poverty all around the world. The book not just evaluates the reasons and conditions of poverty all around the world but also provide a number of ways in which the condition of extreme poverty can be tackled by different nations.
Books that have been written on the similar theme have been involved in making address to the condition of poverty whereas this book is concerned about the ways in which resources must be allocated to the masses. There are a number of other subjects as well that the readers can study and understand. For instance, the author Khan has discussed about the ways in which poverty and allocation of resources is a matter of human rights. The author has also discussed that the increased need of justice and dignity has called the political institution to allow equal access to its services. However, poverty plays a major role in the access of justice in many countries of the world.
It can be well-asserted that the author has tried to convey the message to the readers that every individual can play their respective part in order to bring change in the way resources and justice is given to the masses. The author has provided various examples in the book to indicate the complexities in the life of poor people. It comes to understanding after going through the discussion in the book, the life of poor people has been made much narrowed as they are unable to secure their lives. In addition, they are force to undergo discrimination because some societies have higher difference in class status.
At various occasions, the author has presented a lot of backed up stances in order to present the case of poor people and the manner in which they are constantly being ignored. It is a very effective way to present credibility to the address. The book has been divided in sections that just not only presentation of content in a systematic way but also ensures effective readability. For many decades, many books have been written on the similar subject of matter but there was a relative lack of credibility or presentation of the material.
As a matter of fact, the issues and concerns that have been highlighted in the book are not different than others. There are many people who have the same views when it comes to poverty. Also, there are many Non-Profit organizational that are constantly working to decrease the measure of poverty all around the world. As a matter of fact, not all approaches have yielded effective results. It is due to this reason that the individuals must be able to come up with strategies that are effective and able to yield good results. Herein, the approach suggested by the author of the book under review can be considered as an effective approach for the removal of poverty.
Furthermore, the author has also suggested that there is an avid need of motivation to bring changes to eradicate poverty. The author has clearly evidenced all the facts concerning poverty in the book. The readers will find out the source of Amnesty International Research from where majority of the factual information has been taken. Different tables and illustrations have been added in the main body of the book that makes the research quiet illustrative and descriptive of the subject matter and opinion of the author. The author has also discussed the condition of poverty in Africa as well. Herein, the aspect of poverty in Africa has been aligned with the war and impact of famine on the society. There are many other social issues that have been made interlinked with the problem of poverty.
The issues of sexual assault, teenage pregnancy, and maternal mortality rate are all a part of the book. The author has marked that all such social issues are quiet associated with the poor people as they do not have security to sustain their lives with dignity. It is also noted that problems of poverty have been bringing many other social issues at the front. It shows that poverty is the major issue for which government should come up with effective models and frameworks.
Herein, it is also significant note that with the technological advancement, it has been observed that people have become less concerned about the subject of poverty. At one point, more and more people have become mobilized in terms of their resources and practice of life while on the other hand; people are getting poorer because of inadequate divisions by the policies. It is due to this reason that the author has appointed a tone of argument in the book against the voices that claim that relevant measures have been taken to make a difference concerning the issue of poverty.
It should be noted that the author has presented a large number of images in the book to show the conditions in which poor people are living around the world. Many critics claim that the usage of images along with the arguments posed in the book remains an effective approach undertaken by the author. The author has made sure that the issue of poverty is considered as a global issue and not just limited to one state or a nation. In this way, the author has indicated that the funding required in the eradication of poverty is not expected to come from just few states. In fact, ever state needs to present relevant aid and funding to cut down the issue of poverty. It is rather marked in the book that poverty is not just a social issue but also a pandemic that needs to be addressed at the earliest.
The book presents the argument that increased number of attention has been given to the aspect of human violation by human rights. Therefore, people should look at poverty as the biggest manner in which the human rights are being violated. The book is not just informative but also indicative of the fact that the poor people can become secured and eventually results in a strong economic support. The productivity level can be increased if the poor population is also utilized in different industries in any economy. However, some of the critics have claimed that the material of the book is relatively thin because it presents the recommendations and alternatives to counter the issue of poverty. As a matter of fact, there has been less stress put on the aspect of reasons that have led into the situation of poverty. Such a claim cannot be considered as completely correct because there has been a number of researches that have been assessed within the context of the book along with proper credits provide. In addition, the book has followed a flow in which the reasons are mandatory to be discussed in order to build up the case of alternatives and solutions.
Through the above analysis of the facts and features of the book, it comes to understanding that there is an avid need of support to be provided to the poor people. There are numerous reasons for which poverty has become a major social issues which is being noted all around the world. The impact of poverty is quiet adverse on overall resources as they are not allocate to them rightly. The methodology that has been implemented by the author in the book is exemplary and has allowed the subject of matter to be classified and presented in the most effective way. The tone of the author is quiet easy to understand which makes the book readable by the general audiences. There are a lot of cases and examples in the main body of the book that makes it an interesting address to the issue of poverty. The author herself is a famous individual who have been working in order to gain all the data of poor people. The usage of data is surely helpful to come up with effective strategies.

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