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"The New Celebrity"

Media is a vital channel in promoting celebrities; the most powerful and popular form of media is the internet. Internet connects people worldwide; videos and interviews of famous personalities determine their popularity. Ty Burr, film critic for the Boston Globe, author of “The Faces in the Mirror” has said “As the twenty-first century settles into its second decade, we are more than ever a culture that worships images and shrinks from realities.” (Burr 32) Social media has created a new breed of fame. No longer having to go through advertisers and agencies; fame chasers have the tools to build their own stages online. In today’s world, social media fame does come at a cost. Online shaming is real and social media accounts have given the disenfranchised a voice. Is social media fame worth the risk? Maybe, at its worst it can lead to mass reputation extinction. It is clear that “social media has become a dynamic medium for celebrity stardom, ridicule and renewal.”
Social media has become the most utilized mass media tool to become famous and popular. With a few creative ideas and latest technology phones like an iphone; millions can share their views and opinions. Hashtags are being used on internet to popularize various marketing campaigns and provide a platform to reply to funny or inspiring videos online. Today, achieving fame online is about posting content regularly and fan interaction. According to Burr, “Andy Warhol announcement in the catalog of 1968 Swedish art show that ‘in the future’ everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” Now more than ever, people are logging in to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter to measure self-worth and fame; they are widely used by celebrities to reach and connect with the masses. A. Burr has said” It’s easy to promote through these internet channels as they don’t require expenses or permissions. Today, a twelve-year-old child can easily achieve the same status in absolutely no time an afternoon with the help of a digital camera and a Youtube account. (Burr 34). In 2009, a twelve year old boy named Justin Bieber uploaded a music video on Youtube. A year later, Bieber, became a famous teen superstar. In 2011, eighteen year old Kate Upton taught everyone How to Dougie, on Youtube; Dougie is an extension of the famous hip-hop dance form. The Youtube video made Kate Upton a mass media sensation within no time.
There is another side to social media; it has also become a platform for celebrity ridicule. Burr has said “We now have as much control over the idea of celebrity as the studio publicity departments once did,” (Burr 36)“From our new perch we can now ridicule stars like Cruise, Gibson, Christian Bale, disseminating their audiovisual missteps to the world at large.” (Burr 37) Burr also stated “Indeed, many pop consumers consider it their duty to pull down the idols and pass their dirty secrets around the web.” (Burr 36) The freedom and anonymity of social media has changed the way pop culture thinks and talks about celebrities. Many online users do not fully grasp the power of the medium. On a social media platform like twitter, one tweet can reach a millions of people. The more famous someone is; the greater are the chances of backlash from the online community. The celebrities often comment against each other and fight dirty word wars; in a way try to get maximum public attention.
Social media has also become a platform to renew celebrity stardom. Burr has said “Yes the classic movie star lives on-has to live onwe still have a varied buffet of star types before us like Joseph Gordon Levitt.” (Burr 37) Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt regained fame for being active on twitter while kick-starting his own online production company Hit Record. Since then, Levitt as an adult actor starred in many Hollywood films; internet proved to be a second innings for him.
Social media provides endless niches to become famous and regain celebrity fame. Unfortunately, at the same time, the internet is crueler than real-life interactions. Burr was right “The history of modern stardom isn’t just a roll callIt’s an ever-evolving story of industrial consolidation intertwined with technological advancement, each wondrous new machine brining the dream tantalizing closer t o the control of the dreamers-to us.” (Burr 34) Internet can make celebrities’ world famous overnight; at the same time it can make them a subject of mockery and ridicule.

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