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Tourism is a significant foreign exchange earner for most countries. Developing countries get most of their revenues from tourism. It is because of this that there are many countries working on their tourism sector to ensure that there is better enhancement of the tourism sector in order to increase their tourism prospects. This paper will focus on the tourism aspects of poor countries and argue whether indeed tourism brings more benefits to poor countries than negative impact.
Although there are benefits that come with the tourism in the poor countries, most authors feel there is nothing that is felt with the tourism. From the New Internationalist article, one of the benefits that poor countries get from tourism is the act of urbanization and civilization. From the article, the author talks about the many things that have changed with the tourists that have flocked Ubud. The author compares the times of 1981 and now. There are differences in the two times because of the changes and the urbanization which has been experienced. The time that the author returned to the village was 2006, and many things had changed. There were many cars in the streets instead of the many ducks that marched to the rise during the 1981 times. Another benefit that tourism has brought to poor countries is the development of business ventures and opportunities. There are many businesses that came up where and associated with tourism. The author shows that tourism has played a significant role in bringing new opportunities to the local community.
After mentioning the benefits that come with tourism in developing countries, there are loopholes which make the gains go trickle back to the developed nations. The author states that the revenue that is made from the tourism gets their way back to developed countries. It is the case because of the enterprises that have been developed by entrepreneurs from developed countries. The research from eth article shows that many of the big hotels in poor countries where he tourists get accommodation are owned by foreigners who will eventually take back the revenue to their countries. In the end, it is the developed countries who will benefit from the tourism. There is leakage that is seen where the revenue that could have remained in the poor country gets their way back to developed nations where the hotel owners come from.
Another reason that is given by the author is that of Sri Lanka where tsunami victims are still in camps. They are in camps because it is a way to attract tourists. The argument from the government officials state that the scene and the event has formed a tourist attraction where the tourists now go to the area to look at what happened. In this aspect, the people in the camp are now suffering just because they are earning revenue to the government. It is one of the ways in which the tourists are benefiting and the people in the camps are not benefiting in the long run.
There is also another issue that the author brings up. It is the issue of environmental impact. Dubai is building a shopping center where the richest people in eth world will go to spend their money. In the end, there is a lot of sand and stones which are thrown to the sea in order to create new archipelagos. There is the extension of the land along the coastline so that it will be used to harbor and take on new buildings which will be used to sustain the new buildings which are being made. It will be a destruction to the sea area. There will also be the creation of new islands which will be created from the process. It will spell out a new definition of the islands where the people will be able to have ways of having the development of the coastline.
There is also the ecological impact that tourism has brought to poor countries. The case example that is given in the package is that of Cancun that is found in the Yucatan peninsula. Initially, the land that was there in the region was good for tourism. The problem started when there was careless destruction of the lagoons which could have acted as good locations and attraction for the tourists. What is happening at the moment is that there is a strive to build hotels in areas which were initially protected because there is no longer land that can be used to build good houses.
There is the aspect of employment which comes with tourism in developing countries. Although this is the case, the employment that is offered by tourism is that of exploitative nature. It is exploitative because of the minimum wage that eth workers get from their places of work. In the end, the benefits that could have been attained from the employment opportunities is not as beneficial as it would have been fair. The workers who make tourism possible do not have the allowances like leave and yet they work for long hours.

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