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Why Is This Site So Popular And Why Is It Unique In Comparison To Some Of The Other Sites Out There?
WhatsApp has numerous advantages compared to the other platforms that are available in the market such as Viber and Facebook messenger. These advantages include;
It was the first application in the market of its kind that provided that kind of instant messaging service over the internet. This gave the application a first mover advantage.
In order to use the platform or application, there is no need to sign up. To start using the application a user is required to install the application and run it on their mobile phone.

WhatsApp is also popular because it is available on many mobile platforms, the Android, Blackberry and iOS platforms.

No advertisement- WhatsApp has no pesky advertisements found inside the platform that may get irritating.
WhatsApp also uses simple technology that is user-friendly making it popular among users as they frequently release new updates that have fixed bugs that existed in the previous versions.

How Are Organizations Using This Site To Manage Their Public Reputation And Market Their Brand? Give Examples.

Organizations are using WhatsApp to communicate directly with the clients and suppliers especially in countries where the messaging service is expensive or less accessible. In such countries, the application is sought after for making and finalizing on sales. The applications use has become even more popular with the new relationship that exists between Facebook and WhatsApp. Organizations now know the importance of having a presence in social media circles. Social media provides a platform to share directly with loyal as well as prospective customers hence building the organization’s brand image (Collier, 2015). For example, a potential customer who wants to purchase a car for example from BMW can directly request the company to send pictures of the car interior and exteriors. Another example is a customer who wants to purchase furniture can directly request the salesperson to send pictures of the furniture.

What Are 2 Or 3 Interesting Functions That We Should Know About?

One interesting feature that WhatsApp has is the pop-up function. Whenever a user receives a message pop-up shows on the screen whereby the user can use to reply directly to the message without swiping down the notification bar.
Another interesting feature is the double ticks that indicate when a message was delivered and when the recipient read the message. This way organizations that broadcast messages to their users can keep track of the delivery status of their messages (Belanger, 2014).

What Are Some Of The Most Recent Changes Or Updates To The Site?

Broadcasting- In late 2013 WhatsApp introduced a function to the application that is known as broadcasting. This feature enables the users of an application to send messages to a group of users at once. These messages can be sent to users without them knowing that the same message has been sent to other people. This functionality helps avoid incessant notifications that are often found in WhatsApp groups as a result streamlining communication as the messages are sent directly to the recipient’s phone.
WhatsApp calls- the company recently updated the application to include WhatsApp calls whereby a user can directly call another user using the mobile data or over a Wi-Fi network. This is called Voice over Internet Protocol.

What Are Its Limitations?

The WhatsApp calls are only limited to users of the Android platform. This therefore means that an Android user can not call an iOS user.

Another limitation is that you cannot send multiple videos at once to a recipient.

A user can only send 100 messages in a month to those recipients who do not have the WhatsApp application on their mobile phones.
Every year the company charges a renewal fee of 0.99 dollars.

Will This Site Be Used 10 Years From Now? Why?

How Could The Site Be Improved Upon?
Whatsapp should consider introducing a new mechanism for reporting trademark abuse. This will enable organizations and other brand owners to combat spam. With the increasing number of users, it means that the number of malicious users targeting the service will be on the rise. Due to the strict regulations and fines set by most governments on any incidences of spam reported by the users of telecommunication services have resulted in most spammers moving to the social media platform (Lince, 2015).


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