Why Abortion Should Be Legal/Pro-Choice Argumentative Essays Example

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Published: 2021/01/10

In the recent year, many individuals and organizations have come to fight the governments that condemn abortion. Nonetheless, people must admit that abortion leads to the death of an infant. Every individual has the right to live, and the government must warrant that every person enjoys the right. No one should take away another life because the action could result in murder charges (Brehm 121). Additionally, the relevant bodies should provide the necessary security to ensure that the citizenry do not abuse the rights and freedoms granted. However, no one should conduct abortion without a genuine reason. Therefore, the law should provide for jail sentences of both the doctors and the women who conduct the abortion illegally, but they should give consideration to the people with complications.
Different countries have different approaches to abortion. For instance, Canada legalized abortion citing the inconsistencies brought about by illegalizing it. In the past years, they had legislated that abortion is illegal. However, has elicited a lot of controversies from the citizenry. There are those who feel that the government should revise the abortion bills citing the unconstitutionality of the clauses on women (Thomas & Liberman 224). Nonetheless, other members argued that the rules instilled moral values on the commercial sex workers because it forced them to take responsibility.
The degradation social values in the countries have led to the acceptance of abortion among most people. As a result, people engage in irresponsible sexual behaviors due to the awareness that they can terminate the pregnancy without facing criticism from the society members or the law from the law enforcers. The permissiveness of the society has encouraged the vice among young adults. On the other hand, the criticism and the stereotypes the society form against the single parents prompt the women to abort to avoid becoming the topic of discussion in the communities.
There are some cases that make abortion inevitable. For instance, when the mother’s health is in danger, then the doctors can terminate the pregnancy. The doctors should terminate the pregnancy the moment they learn that the mother and the child are in danger (Marlene & Hatch 198). However, there are some instances where the doctors need to make an informed decision when they discover that only the mother or the child could survive. Therefore, it is necessary to save the mother because there is still another chance to procreate and bring an offspring to the world. On the other hand, keeping the pregnancy in order to save the child poses a great danger to the child because it is prone to face several challenges in terms of feeding and bringing up.
Most of the people who become willing to terminate the pregnancy come from poor backgrounds. The situation makes it hard for them because they hardly feed on a balanced diet leading to the malnourishment of the unborn child. The malnourished mothers end up dying when breastfeeding due to lack of enough food. They become weak thereby rendering them incapable to feed their child. The poor backgrounds expose the children to great risks. For instance, the poor shelters expose them to much cold thereby leading to the attack by diseases. In addition, the insecure places these mothers bring up their children in the low living standards prompting them to become social criminals thereby causing instability in the communities (Jerome 237).
Forcing a mother to raise a child poses great dangers to the children due to the unwillingness of the parents. There are some cases where the mothers neglect the children. The neglecting could lead to death thereby terminating the life of the child. There are those women who do not possess the parenting features, and it leads to degradation in a child’s behavior. Therefore, the government should allow one to choose whether to keep or abort the pregnancy. On the other hand, pregnancy could occur at the wrong time thereby making them inadequate to raise the child.
The legislators should also legalize abortion among women in order to protect the rape victims. If a rape victim conceives, it is against her will, and, therefore, the law should not force the individual to keep the pregnancy. Keeping the pregnancy has massive negative effects on the mother because, in most cases, it inflicts emotional pain to the victim. Additionally, the emotional imbalance could result in the spring of hatred towards the innocent baby thereby mistreating them (Steven & Dubner 229). Adverse emotions could also lead to stress and later depression, and it affects the health of the victims thereby putting both the mother and the child at risk.
Pregnancy forces school girls’ out if school because they are forced to discontinue from school in order to deliver and raise the children. As a result, it promotes high illiteracy levels due to the school drop outs. In some cases, the young mothers could develop medical complications that emerge from giving birth at a tender age. Therefore, it is essential to protect the young girls from life-long suffering of the young generations. However, giving birth at a tender age shuts down the dreams of the young ones hence increased hopelessness in them. They also withdraw from the communities’ because they try to cut all the social ties with both the parents and the friends. The withdrawal leads to loneliness, which provides them with an adequate chance to contemplate on doing harmful things.
Forcing the people to keep the pregnancies leads to an increase in the street families. As a result, it increases the crime rates in the cities because the street families do not have ways to meet the basic needs and wants. Additionally, the government also misuses the taxpayers’ money to provide for the needy children who spring from the neglected families (Linda 306). The humanitarian organizations pool the resources together in order to provide the medical care services to the mothers and the children who cannot afford. The authorities could channel the financial resources used in such cases to develop the country with an aim of improving the citizenry’s living standards.
In summation, people should not impose rules on individuals on how one should treat the bodies. Therefore, in abortion cases, the laws and the people, in general, deny the victims the right over their bodies. Everyone should enjoy the civil right of gaining the freedom to control one’s life and body. The restriction of the prostitution has led to increased hatred between the advocates and the opponents (Justin, Esser, & West 264). The hatred weakens the social ties that the different communities’ share, thereby interfering with the peaceful correlation among the citizenry leading to wars and fights. Abortion does not inflict pain on another individual apart from the person having it. Therefore, it should not become an issue to any other person. People should only term abortion only when the doctors conduct it against the will of the pregnant women.

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