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This is a research paper especially constructed to prepare a portfolio on women in Mexico. The portfolio has been constructed on basis of the electronic resources on Mexican women to be specified. The collection of data related Mexican women have importance to analyze the status, work performance, educational level, quality of living, dynamics of several issues related to women and at the same time it is highly effective to find out the role of women in the country’s progress. There was a time in Mexico when the condition of women in the society was at its lowest level. In this research paper the value has been put to find out electronic data in order to summarize the overall picture of the condition of women in Mexico to evaluate a number of views that might be important for the ultimate result and findings of the research paper. Eventually the presented portfolio and the final thoughts will effectively bring out the importance of the paper and what are the main outcomes from the paper. In the next section the objectives of the research paper have been discussed in order to initiate the methodology section that has a significant essentiality in completing the research paper.

Objective of the Research Paper

The main objective of the research paper is to construct a professional portfolio on basis of electronic data and information and the statistical numbers presented in the sites respective to the women in Mexico. Electronic resources can be helpful as it allows accessing the latest statistical figures to be discussed with. By making a proper investigation of the data available online it would be important to study the data in order to develop the portfolio that would be the ultimate goal of this specific research paper. On the other hand the research paper will certainly help to establish the distinct picture of the current situation of women in Mexico and the impact of modern civilization and the environment on the women of the country. At the same time it is important to take a look at the outcomes to identify where it is important to make further improvement as far as women in Mexico have concerned. The research aim is basically consisted of the matter and aspects of several sites making an effort to present the condition of women in the country. Additionally a number of suggestions and recommendation in the portfolio section have to be suggested.


In this section the research model and the techniques of data collection have to be done. In this process of methodology it is important to find out the overall condition of women in Mexico by evaluating a number of statistical figures. The challenges, improvement, level of education, standard of living, social status, performance in the working atmosphere of women in the country have been gathered in this section through sites that contain statistical numbers on women of the country. Basically the main focus of the research paper has been summarized in the methodology section as mentioned below.

Overall profile of women in Mexico

The social status of women in Mexico has been increased significantly in the 20th century. Until 20th century Mexico was basically a rural based country where the status of rural women had been defined within the context of her family and adjacent community to be précised. There are many barriers related to women in case of going outside as women are supposed to be centralized of the family of living. By the time the situation has changed in a great extent (Boylan, 2007). In starting of urbanization in the country women have expressed themselves as the workforce of the society. A number of enterprises have been run by women. The data suggests that by 2014 the workforce of women in the country has jumped from 14% recorded in 1910 to 44% to be exact. The increased opportunity of working in the community has made women to select their own life style. In case of performance 149 women deputies have been considered to run the present legislature, 28% of the total number. In case of education mere 4% of girls’ aged 15 or more are illiterate today. 98% of girls’ aged 6-14 are attending school in Mexico. In twentieth century the progress of mindset can also be seen in the society where 95% of women of reproductive age have known at least one type of contraceptive and almost 78% women have statically expected to give birth of her child in hospitals or medical clinic that has helped lowering the death caused by maternity (Olcott, 2005). The number of women educated has increased significantly as per as the electrical resources has concerned. In the past the violence against women has been a significant concern but in modern day the situation is exceptionally good. But in some cases the growing influence of organized crime has increased the criminal activities such a human trafficking, rape cases by police and military personnel maximizing the risk for women somewhat (Porter, 2003).

Resources and Statistics

In order to find out the relevant data and a number of credentials of the women in Mexico several government and private websites have taken under consideration to find out what sort of news are specially coming on a regular basis for women to find out the problems and challenges they have to face in the country on a regular basis. For instance the website of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations of Peru’s (http://www.mimp.gob.pe) is a government site that effectively represents the data related to women and the challenges associated with the society they have to continuously deal with. On the other hand the website of Peruvian Women's Center Flora Tristán (http://www.flora.org .pe / web2 /) is a private site effectively doing the same. It is very important to keep an eye of the topic of such sites updating day to day basis in order to gather more knowledge on the condition of women in the country.
Common issues on websites about women
In methodology portion it is important to find out data and information related to the issues frequently found in the websites. As per the information provided in the websites the violence against women, femicide cases, sexual harassment on women are the news to be examined. At the same time the literacy program, health commitments programs dedicated to women, job relevant issues have presented in the websites commonly. The story presented emphasizes the important activities and crime related issues on women mainly (Sievert & Espinosa-Hernandez, 2003). Commonly used programs for women are also an important feature presented in those government and private websites to certify a lot of effort has been going on to control the challenges faced by the women in Mexico and other Latin American countries (Tuñón, 1999).
The impact of visual information
In each websites visual representation of the activities has been performed to inspire the society to find more enthusiasm in order to come forward in support of those activities. It is intended to catch the mind of common people to be inspired to improve the condition of women in the society. Apart from that visual description and analysis can be very easy to understand in compare with the normal instances. Every visual representation features a significant meaning to be followed for the society in order to move forward as far as women of society has concerned.
Cover Letter: The portfolio contains six websites and its reports on issues on women in the country. The research work has helped to understand there are a number of activities and social work is going on to improve the condition of women in the country. Generally in case of education, health and job sector the women have strong numbers in the country but there are a number of crimes related to women that have to be eliminated in order to provide a safe space in the society for women. The progress of society must be considered as the progress of women too and in order to achieve the status social activities should be increased in order to reduce the number of crimes featured women.
Country Profile: In case of Mexico the condition of women in society is far better than previous era. Women are potentially competing with men in the job sector and governing sector of the country. Efficiency in education can be recorded to be presented a better result. The security of women is a kind of concern in the community as crimes such as killing of women, rape cases, human trafficking of women and minor girls are a concern for the country. The position of women in the society is very effective as far as Mexico has concerned. There is equality in men and women in the country which was significantly missing in the past. Basically women in Mexico can be termed as progressive.
Report of portfolio sites: In this section there are report presented on six portfolio sites.
1. National Socio-Demographic Profile
Website: http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/mexico_statistics.html
Basically in this website the Socio-Demographic Profile of Mexico has been presented to show the numbers on various sections of society including population, education based figures, job based figures, health regarding numbers and issues, income distribution numbers for both the male and female citizens of Mexico. From this website it can be found the literacy rate for women in Mexico aged 15-24 is 99.2%. Net enrollment ratio in the country for women in primary education has been recorded 97.1% as per 2012. Net enrollment ratio in the country for women in secondary education has been recorded 69.4% as per 2012. In job sector unemployment rate has been recorded 6.15 as on 2014 and 51.8% of women in the urban population is employed. As per 2010 social records 33.5% of women in Mexico do not have own individual income.
2. Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations of Mexico
Mission & focus: The organization is a government organization. It mainly features the initiative programs about women welfare, the training of women regarding to jobs, essential activities on all around the nations on women justice and safety (Crs.org, 2015). Basically the website should focus a lot of other important challenges women have to face in the community (Wsnm.org, 2015).
3. National Council of Women
Website: http://www.popcouncil.org/research/mexico
Mission & focus: This is also a government organization features a lot of activities on women rights and laws in support of women progress. There are a lot of blogs and comments of the social workers to read their views on the circumstances. In general the website presents lots of news, views, and social activists’ column to read. The organization should also add a few more crime related issues on their site in order to grow a social ambiance related to women safety (Hospitals.unm.edu, 2015).
4. Ministry of Women
Mission & focus: This is a government organization that promotes women rights, women performance, women related courses and blogs and videos regarding to laws supportive for women activists (Vawhelp.org, 2015). The website contains women empowerment in the society and a number of activities related to solve issues of violence against women. Typically the site has very effective measures to control feedbacks from the community.
5. Flora Tristán
Mission & focus: This is a private organization that operates women social welfare. The community of the organization arranges a number of programs to felicitate women who have achieved personal feats in their life. Apart from that the organization prefers to support women right and laws protecting women. Many services and programs have featured in the site of the organization.
6. National Women’s Service
Mission & focus: In case of National Women’s Service, the organization has a lot of features offered online websites. A number of social programs, women violence campaigning, women rights debates have been organized. Many programs to assist victims of domestic violence have been featured by the organization (Crs.org, 2015).
7. Commissioners for Women & Family
Website: http://www.newmexico.gov/womenscommission/
Mission & focus: Commissioners for Women & Family offers many programs and services for women liberations. Transparency in the programs and inspiring video graphical representation of women power has made the organization very popular. The activists works and women rights articles presented in the websites to inspire the society to protect rights of women and stop women related crimes in the country (Women's World Banking, 2015).
Final Thoughts & Conclusion
This research project has been constructed to find out the position of women in Mexico. At the end of the research work it can be concluded the total procedure has been completed with a lot of findings and results to show the basic situation of women in the country. Effective the research work has helped to generate knowledge of the condition of women through analyzing a number of electronic data. The hardest part of the research is to find out the effective strategies to be maintained in the websites to grow knowledge of women rights and protection of women. In current situation the onus has been taken by the countries common people to improve the security of women to allow them to live a secure life. In modern day when women are as important as men in every aspect of countries growth it is essential to protect the rights of women. The portfolio can allow gathering more information and data on programs and activities regarding to women safety. It is essential to evaluate how women security in the society can be restored so that it would be lot easier for women community to move and work more freely. One of the most important outcomes of the research work is to figure out the effort the social and government organization have put in to secure women laws and rights of women. Therefore it is important to understand the necessity of protecting women and reducing crimes such as domestic violence and women trafficking. To protect women it is important to join the social activities as much as possible to keep motivating the community. One of the most interesting learning from the research work to make distinct decision in order to promote women safety as a part of social life that should be followed by the whole community.
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