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The attitudes towards tattoos vary dramatically across cultures, times, and personal opinions. Recognized as an art form today, tattoos weren't always just a way to adorn your body. They used to be heavily charged with meaning, and this meaning wasn't always positive. People used to see them as sacred, shaming, and anything in between. In Western culture, tattooing used to be associated with marginalized communities for quite a long time. In some Asian countries, this link is strong to this day.

Tattoos are still steeped in controversy. If you've got an essay on tattoos to write, there is a high chance it's argumentative or persuasive: you must either defend or condemn them.

Indeed, permanent marks made on someone's skin can be seen as sacred symbols of commitment to one's religion or heritage by some people. Whereas others perceive them as defiling of one's body or just plain recklessness that tattoo enthusiasts are bound to regret in years to come. Whichever point of view you will take in your essay about tattoo practices, there is always a good idea to study the opposing side's arguments.

Read the essays on tattoos written by other students and see how they have handled the argument. If you cannot find the sample that speaks to you, we can write a personalized one according to your requirements.

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