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The world has many languages due to the differences in cultures, races, regions, and other aspects that lead to development of different languages. Due to the diversity in language, at some point one is required to learn a second language. The learning of a second langue is almost natural to children as majority instinctively learns it without any major efforts. However, to adults, learning a second language requires planning and a lot of efforts. One may enroll for second language classes so as to get professional help on how to acquire and use it. However, attending the classes does not necessarily guarantee one the learning of the second language. This paper seeks to describe how one can enhance memorization in the process of learning and acquiring a second language.
Enhancing memory is critical in retaining what one learns. It is therefore critical for one to ensure that what is learned is retained in the brain and can be reproduced in the time of need. Memorizing what one learns forms a major process in acquiring a new language. There are various ways that one can employ to enhance memorization in the process of leaning a second language. First one has to ensure that he or she pays attention to the instructor or ensure that the environment from where one studies is conducive to enhance grasping of the new ideas. It is important to note that cramming does not help in memorizing the ideas learned.
Secondly, one can utilize mnemonics. Mnemonic uses association of the learned items to something very familiar. One may use the new terms by directly attaching them or by putting them in practice to enhance remembrance. One may use humor, imagery, novelty, among others to remember the words learned. Thirdly, rehearsing the new information is a guarantee of moving the new content from the short-term memory to the long-term memory of the brain. One may use spaced repetition of the leaned material. The spaced repetition is made in such a way that one can repeat the contents after specified items. The spacing increase until the learned material is permanently put in the long-term memory.
While rehearsing, one is encouraged to make mental picture of the word learned including the objects these world refer. Making such a picture is helpful if one associates learned information to previously known objects. It is imperative that language is universal in terms of what it describes, only that the fundamental syntax and diction are different. Therefore, one would be required to relate directly to what was previously known.
Fourth, perhaps the most interesting of all is trying to speak the language with someone who knows it. In this case, one learns directly how to apply the language. Moreover, one can attempt to teach others the language. Teaching others makes one grasp the ideas better and hence can remember them easily. Attempting difficult words through practice makes them easier for one to use them. Increasing attention to the difficult words is also of great importance while one is rehearsing as mentioned earlier. It is also important for one to vary the learning time and environment and have plenty of rest after long hours of learning.
In conclusions, learning a second language is a process that may take a long time. Such is because adults do not learn language instinctively like children. The process of ensuring one can memorize what one learns is a major one and the most difficulty. It is upon the leaners to use the suggested methods to enhance memory.

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