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Main Points found in the article

In this particular part of the analysis, it is required to select an article that usually relates to Stress Management and then correlate it with the discussion summarized in the aforementioned section. It is also important to select a recent article for this analysis. The particular which has been chosen for the same analysis is “International Journal of Stress Management” written by Sharon Glazer. The article was published in Journal of International Management (Hughes, Desantis and Waszak, p.45). Some of the major points found in the study of article which are as follows
Organization usually referred as a place where in people belongs to different demographics, mindset and race work together to achieve a single and pre-specified goal. Regardless with the type and complexity of an organization, it is very important for them to manage their employees with a positive frame of mind. The entire brainchild of an organization depends upon the fact that how effective they are in terms of managing their needs and effectiveness for a long span of time. Employees referred as the lifeblood of an organization, and no organization has the chance to sustain in the industry without managing the needs of their employees in a perfect manner.
In order to get work from the employees or induce them to work accordingly, it is essential for the companies to motivate them accordingly. Apart from having the motivational factors for the employees, it is very important for the companies to give their hundred percent efforts to decrease the level of Stress from the employees. Stress is definite problem that associated specifically with an organization as far as managing their employees are concerned. The concept that associated with Stress and its management is known as Stress Management.
The reading that associated with the article specifically associated with organizational based stress and its impact over the mental as well as practical working stance of a company. The reading comprehensively described about the Stress and its management. The reading found that 80% of the American worker report that they feel high amount of workplace stress at least some of the time during their practical execution.
However, there was another survey that included in the discussion that found that 65% of the workers found that Stress at the workplace is one of the major problems for them to maintain their devotion and efficacy with the company. The discussion also institutionalized that the process of stress is extremely high, and it is very difficult for a person to prevent from the problems of Stress within the workplace.
The discussion of article termed ten most stressful jobs that found after critical evaluation and examination. The jobs of Police Officer, Stock Broker and Air Traffic Controller are also included in the same jurisdiction.
There are certain factors that paddles the amount of anxiety and level of stress among an individual, and among these factors the name of overloaded incomplete information as well as misbalancing in work and family conflicts are some of them. According to the discussion there are numerous organizations wherein the level of communication is not at all effective. Most of the organizations are having upward communication stance in which all the decisions related to the effectiveness and expansion of the company would have been considered by the upper management of the company without consulting their employees. On the other hand, lower amount of information related to the company and its operations would have been shared and discussed to the non-managerial level that can create numerous amounts of problems and issues for them on continuous basis.
There is a small part which has been devoted specifically for Emotions. Emotions usually relates with the applicability of the employees, like it will increase the motivational thoughts. Emotion has a direct linkage with how an employee feels about their level of motivation and succession. The article don’t enough talk about the emotion itself, however it can be applied over the scenario described in the book.
It is found from the article that this is the main thing due to which the problems and issues within the organizational level increases with the passage of time. Work Life balance is very important for an individual to make them effective and powerful in terms of their workability. Any sort of conflict among the work and family increases the level of problems and stress over the organizations in particular. The article also divulged that 28% of the American workforce work more than 40 hours per week in order to reduce the level of spillover from their work life.
One of the best things that associated with this chapter is the association of a calculated box through which any individual can get an idea about their stress level to get an idea about their efficiency as far as probability of being insecure and ill. Every life event has a sort of stress points as well. It is better for a person to have the least amount of figure in each of these scenarios from which it can be analyzed that the power of perfection related with an individual is in the high level. A sort of probability is associated with each of the Stress Scores, like it is totally change for having 150 points table, and points located above this particular level.
The discussion of the article also found that downsizing is one of the major issues due to which the level of stress increased heavily for the individuals. It went on the highest rank during the current economic crisis in which most of the companies downsized number of jobs from their premises. There were hundreds of thousands of companies that actually went bankrupted during the current economic crisis that effect drastically over the stress level of many of the companies of the world. The discussion found that stress has worse outcomes in terms of job attitude, high turnover and decreasing of performance of an employee with the passage of time. This is the main thing, why most of the organizations like to decrease the level of problems and issues from their premises in order to decrease the entire level of stress from a company. The discussion found that extensive amount of internal communication is very important and powerful for the sake of an organization in terms of enhancing the level of satisfaction of the employees in a positive mind frame. Management officials always have strong communication stance with their employees, and if they get on the right direction, then the chance of economic prosperity would be very high for them.
Apart from enhancing the level of communication, there are other opportunities and recommendations found in the discussion through the level of stress can be managed in such a manner that it will not cost an individual from any angle. Designing of work that has a flow, diet, exercise, sleep and time management are some of the major strategies that can be used to minimize the level of riskiness of high amount of stress.

Relationship Analysis with Learning Outcomes

The article defines about stress and its final impact over the life of employees, like it discussed in the discussion of Chapter-7. The learning outcome of the chapter is as follows

Understanding the stress cycle

Recognizing the source of stress of the employees
How to manage the level of stress in an organization
What emotion is and how to maintain the emotion of the employees
The discussion mentioned in the article is somewhat identical as the discussion found in the readings. Moreover, the actions that implemented in the selected article are also effective and homogenous as likely defined in the aforementioned discussion. The core emphasize of the article to manage the level of stress is to have a balance and good diet with positive thinking and attitude. Apart from the general life recommendation, the article also found that enhancing the level of communication within the workplaces is the most incredible idea to reduce the level of un-satisfaction and ineffectiveness from the employees of a company. There is an important thing that can be used by the companies to accomplish the same target which is Management Bi Objectives (MBO) technique in which the employees are entitled to share their problems and knowledge with the management of the company, and management should be reactive heavily in order to overcome on the problem. Almost 70% of the times, this strategy works for an organization as far as reducing the level of stress and resultantly increases the level of performance of their employees. Employees which known as the life blood of an organization cannot be derailed from any angle, and organizations are liable to provide congenial and effective environment to them for their workings
All of these strategies are the only one from which an organization can reduce the level of employee’s turnover and increase the level of their bottom line with positive attitude.
Employee’s based emotions are one of the major factors that described in this particular analysis, which has a detailed idea with the motivation. Motivation can be increased with the help of effective strategies and perfect motivational skills like intrinsic and extrinsic motivational skills. The level of satisfaction of the employees has a strong idea over the specification of the same thing and it will be a perfect choice for the organizations.

Work cited

Hughes, Gethin, Andrea Desantis, and Florian Waszak. 'Mechanisms Of Intentional Binding And Sensory Attenuation: The Role Of Temporal Prediction, Temporal Control, Identity Prediction, And Motor Prediction.'. Psychological Bulletin 139.1 (2013): 133-151. Web. 3 Feb. 2015.

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