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Published: 2020/10/29

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Have students ever considered, how school classroom can give them many future qualities? Many studies show, that most of the people have never thought about it. No one considered that until they grew up to the point when they were hired on a good well-paid job. School life prepares to an adult world, where everyone can face with different obstacles on their way to prosperity. Doing altered projects, turning in time homework assignments, working in pairs – these are the best qualities, which everyone can obtain. No one had ever considered, that doing projects at school, would affect persons qualities in positive way. An autonomy in decision-making skills can be developed by searching information for projects and making them look adorable. Doing homework assignments in school will not only teach students how to search for different answers and find the way out of hard-time struggles, but also make them being a responsible person by turning those homework assignment in. Albert Camus said: “School prepares us for life in the world that does not exist” and many people support his words. School provide with tons of opportunities that can implement in future job performance. One of those positive aspects is writing skills. Some recent surveys showed that communication were on the top of those skills, which employers did care the most. Turning homework assignments in time gives a big plus to individual personality and allows to go one step further in preparing to a career. Another good example of writing skills is filling those CV or writing essays, which everyone is going to face when undergraduates are going to apply for a job. Showing a good knowledge of writing skills is another positive aspect of future career.
Speaking skills is another thing, which needs to be considered, when future students are going to meet business clients. The better individual have talking skills and have bigger vocabulary, the more chances that new contract will be obtained. In school, kids raise speaking skills by doing classroom presentations, when are trying to represent some history facts.
When a good speaker talk to audience, passion will be spotted in audience eyes. No one will be texting or talking, because audience members will be too busy listening - same thing work in class. Employers seek for a good speaking skills in the job candidates, and a good advice would be practicing good eye contact and not missing public speaking techniques courses. The other positive quality that working in class can teach scholar is teamwork skills. As students in high school, everybody loved to work in pairs, where two friends sit close to each other and start having fun while doing classroom assignment. Student analyze the information that his friend tells him, responds to it and come to the same answer after discussion. That is what a teamwork called. Another awesome technique, which huge companies do use right now is brainstorming. Brainstorming is when a group of people analyze with everything they have and come up with something new. This process works fast and is really close to what everybody faced at school.
Classroom life can teach many personal qualities and one of them is being initiative. Employers usually value those who come with new and fresh ideas, just by analyzing past projects. Love of learning is awesome thing to remember. Individual can be interested in subject and spend most of the time learning something new and getting into it. This quality will serve as one of great qualities in future career. As a human, individual can never stop developing in better way, same goes with our job - desire to grow in career. And love of learning implement this. Such thing as remaining calm under pressure is a good quality, which may have positive feedback for a person. Testing is real-life situation and having staying calm prior tight deadlines, will make every person stronger and give an amazing quality of staying calm in different situations. Time management which was described in this study previously, can improve individual as a person and a good employee. Everybody have faced exams and short-term deadlines, which gave those skills where person could work with old clients and make new one at the same time. Students are not going to have a hard time answering clients’ e-mails or struggling with scheduling new week’s goals and tasks. Honesty is also cool thing, when is related to a future job. Company will share their secrets, only with those who are willing to work on its sake and if a person didn’t had a temptation to cheat on the test at school – that individual is an awesome employee for them. In a conclusion: school can prepare you everyone as a leader. School debate for school president is a good thing to consider, and if scholar want to become business shark, opportunity shouldn’t be missed. School debates give a great experience in becoming a true leader. While debating, student listen, and pay attention of every detail that opponent says – those are the skills that certainly needed, it will implement the idea of a good leader and affect future job performance in positive way. Albert Camus was totally wrong and had a bad idea about school. Perhaps it didn’t do much for the time writer used to live in, but today school or rather classroom can prepare students to a future world. On the information based in this article, conclusion can be made. Classroom gives an opportunity to face future struggles in school and be prepared for it, so it would not be a surprise, when student will face future life.


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