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Operational Management

Organizations have numerous departments working with them, and every department is essential for their long term effectiveness and productivity. Among some of the major departments that found very interactive and positively effective within an organization is known as an Operational Department. Operational department is the most important department that used to manage the operations of a company.
It is very important for an organization to manage its operations in a perfect manner, because without a proper and perfect operational department, it is very difficult for the companies to increase their financial and strategic belongings. Every single department of an organization is held responsible to make powerful decisions in terms of increasing the bottom line of the company with a positive attitude. The capability of an organization to increase their economic belongings is the most productive one for them that assists effectively to maintain their strategic position for a long span of time. The management that specifically used to manage the entire operations of a company is known as Operational management.
In this assignment, it is required to analyze operational strategy of a company with the name of “Sustainable Lawn Care”. It is a case study that needed to be complete by answering some of the major questions that associated with the case study. The company is a Hypothetical Company which is manufacturing and selling seeds for growth of the grasses.

Analysis & Findings

Analyzing the Current Strategic Mission
According to the case, the current strategic mission of Sustainable Lawn Care is to become the largest organization of the town that manufactures and sells the seed for the growth of the grass. The strategy in terms of product manufacturing and operations of the company is unrealistic in which the company is expecting to focus only on the big individuals. Lawn care’s present strategy is to supply their clients with the optimal quality of grass seed and fertilizer.
The present strategic mission is to provide the fertilizer and grass seed that have the highest quality. The changes that should be made at lawn care are would be to provide a service bundle. This service bundle would include the installation of the product. The installation of the fertilizer and grass seed products has the quality of being able to save the clients time and money. The provision of this quality of service is also convenient for the consumer due to the characteristics that they do not need to contract an outsides contractor in order to install the fertilizer and grass seed. The competitor is able to gain a competitive advantage over Lawn Care due to the activities of assessing the clients’ needs and performing the yard labor and installation of the fertilizer and grass seed products. In the event that Lawn care would aggregate the value added services to their present inventory of services, additional personal would be required. It could require weeks if not months to properly train the personnel in the installation of the fertilizer and grass seeds. In addition, Lawn Care would require the procurement of new machinery in order to accomplish the installation tasks. The allocation of their resources in order to procure the additional equipment would be an investment. In addition, the equipment would require maintenance. Lawn Care would experience a net gain in their assets that are labelled as capital equipment. There would be additional resources that Lawn care would be required to apply in order to market the new services (Cateora et al., 2013).
There would be advertising expense required in order to inform the consumers that the installation of the fertilizer and grass seed would be available. It could possibly take weeks or months in order to provide the new advertising, however, over time lawn care would recuperate the investment. Lawn care would require the conducting of market research in order to view if the public would perceive the changes in the company’s service line as being advantageous. The parties who participate in Lawn Care as stakeholders would be surprised to find that there had been a new allocation of resources. The new services that would be applied by Lawn Care in order to balance the competitive advantage of the competitors is wrought with risk. The modifications to the services and the manner by which these changes would influence the organization’s stock price must be considered (Cateora et al., 2013).
The Lawn Care organization was the subject of allegations of environmental contamination prior to the inception of providing the new service collection of installation of the fertilizer and grass seeds to the clients. Lawn Care would require the characteristic of cognizance in order to avoid any future allegations of environmental contamination. The qualities of social sustainability must also be considered in the new service that will be applied by Lawn Care. Market research would be suggested prior to making the investment in advertising and equipment in order to provide the new service features (Cateora et al., 2013).
Lawn Care would require the peripheral services of product delivery and installation in order to match the competitive recognition that has been afforded to their competitor. The potential markets for Lawn Care are the commercial properties, the residential properties and the golf course. The Lawn Care organization would be engaging in the creation of additional value by investing in the facilities, delivery trucks, machinery labor and land. The initial phases of the value creation production that Lawn Care would be required to engage in would involve the procedures which range from procuring additional products from the elements in their supply chain to the planning of the products and service (Cateora et al., 2013).
This would involve new perspectives on the manner by which their organization should function. The creation of the value added services would incorporate the input of supply, manufacturing service and product development, assembly of the services packages that would be delivered to the client with delivery and installation. These activities would modify the activities that are presently realized by Lawn Care into delivering a finished good (Cateora et al., 2013).
In addition, Lawn Care would be required to provide warranties for the finished goods that have been installed at the clients’ location. These warranties would involve training a customer service staff. The aggregation of these services would enable Lawn Care to maintain its client base and match the services that are provided by its competitor. In order to gain market share, Lawn Care would be required to provide the services of purveying, procurement financing, customer education and the marketing of the new products and services. Presently, Lawn Care has not been exercising the optimal level of efficiency in keeping its customers. The clients have had to expend resources in order to acquire these services from a third party provider. This characteristic has caused lawn care to lose a substantial portion of its customer base to its competitors (Cateora et al., 2013).
The changes to the mission and value chain that would be required by Lawn Care would involve shifting their attention from providing the fertilizers and grass seeds that have the highest quality to providing the fertiliser and grass seed installation service that would provide the optimal savings and value to the consumers. In the event that Lawn care would be able to implement these modifications to their product and service line, they would be able to increase their market share and aggregate potential value. Lawn Care would require the application of production and post-procurement stages in order to be able to provide the highest quality fertilizer and grass seeds’ installation services (Cateora et al., 2013).
The presentation of the delivery and application service would have a number of ramifications and influences on the cost of their products, innovation of services, resilience and time. In the presentation of the delivery and installation service, Lawn Care would have the requisite of personnel, sprayers, trucks and mowers. These new investments would enable |lawn care to expand its target markets. The new investments would infer a substantial increase to the costs that are incurred by Lawn Care. Notwithstanding, the investment in these items would have the causal attribute of Lawn Care providing a service that has an enhanced value. The consumers’ perception of increased value would have the outcome of increasing the market share that is presently realized by Lawn Care (Cateora et al., 2013).
In addition, in order to gain a competitive advantage, Lawn Care would be required to enhance their reliability and speed of application when providing the services. The decreasing of the amount of time that would be required for the delivery and the installation of the value added services that include the installation of fertilizer and grass seed would demonstrate lawn care’s commitment to innovation. This would be required in order for lawn care to gain a competitive advantage over its competitor. These are the implementation that would be recommended to the administrators of the lawn care organization in order to gain a competitive advantage with regards to its competitor (Cateora et al., 2013).
The products Offer and acceptance is yet another important type of Business or individual law. Though, the existence of offer and acceptance laws is very common, however the penalization would be very costly (Delta and Matsuura, 2009). The third case specifically surrounds offer and acceptance in which David, the lead guitarist of a pop Group named Artic Elephants decided to sell his electronic guitar in $ 5,000. David offered the same price to one of his friends, Frederick. Frederick still not confirmed about the acceptance of the offer of David to but the guitar. In the meanwhile, David gave the same offer to a third party, Mathew. David did not quote any specified time to Frederic, and Frederick was on a travel to China, hence the final decision will be take place after his arrival from China. The offer between David and Mathew was null and void because Frederic was neither rejected nor accepted the initial offer from David.
Mathew on the other hand seemed very interested to buy the guitar as soon as possible, and after some bargain he bought the guitar from David in $ 4,000. After acceptance, Mathew is entitled to purchase the guitar from David as per the law. Later one, David received a higher offer to sell his guitar and he showed his reluctance to sell the guitar to Mathew. Mathew has the right to bring David to the court for not complying with his initial offer.
Fredrick, the other individual found in this scenario hired the services of an agent in order to reply to David he is interested to buy his guitar in $ 5,000. Unfortunately the agent wrote 5,000$ as 50,000$ in the agreement, but he accepted his mistake and ready to compensate the damages create due to that misrepresentation.
Frederick came to David again after he returned from China and told him that he was out of cash and not has enough money to buy the guitar at this moment. The contract is has legally bind on the commitment of Frederick who accepted the offer of David initially to purchase the Guitar higher than the price which was actually accepted by Mathews.


In this particular section, it is required to get the information regarding the actual culprit highlighted in the scenario. The entire scenario has been mentioned in the above mentioned section. Arctic Elephant which was the group in which David has worked as a Lead Guitarist were not in any form of breaching of contract, as they did their level best to reach to Melbourne on the specified time. There is certain situation which was totally out of control and out of their jurisdiction. Due to these situations, Arctic Elephant was unable to reach on numerous contracts at the contracted date.


Cateora P., Graham, J and Gilly, M. (2013). International marketing, 16th Edition. Mcgraw Hill Higher Education.

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