A Critical Debate On ‘value’ AND The Client Report Samples

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Business enterprise - "A critical debate on ‘Value and the Client.'

Generation Tennis Club defines a recreational center located in Southsea, Portsmouth. The club has been attempting to boost their customer base through getting lecturers of Portsmouth University as customers in the recreational center.  They will be giving coaching to include something for everyone thus demonstrating corporate social responsibility, mini players, junior players and players that haven’t played for a while and keen players that want to develop their game are incorporated into the company mission and goal. This project would develop mechanisms to attract more clients into participating in gaming. The project would also develop questionnaires to find out what other activities clients would like to see in the club and how much they are willing to pay for the club amenities.
Including the society into the development of organization goals is integral to the attainment of value for the business. In addition, the project shows the evolution of value for a variety of clients thus may be considered a sustainable venture that will benefit all the stakeholders in the business. This essay presents a critical perspective on the value and the client through the perspective of the actual client. Moreover, the report relates the value measurement methods and tools to the practical project that was carried out by my group.
Figure 1: Shows the gap that exists in the field of tennis.

Financial Value

Value could be measured financially, in the present or short term using traditional accountancy measures. Thus, it is a possible new market or development that will open up future revenues for the parties involved in the negotiation in the sports industry for Generation Tennis Club. Investment decisions may balance short-term costs against longer terms revenue streams and other metrics such as market share, customer retention, and client satisfaction may also be considered (Bidsketch, 2012). In addition, the value may also cross the boundaries of the Generation Tennis Club purpose, for example, the tension between making a profit and keeping staff employed. In terms of a social enterprise or charity, the challenge of meeting a social need with staying in existence and surviving within the boundaries of funding demands (Pallotta, 2015). Equally, de-risking for a charity by reducing its reliance on a single financial source.
It is evident that the source of funding may introduce short term ‘risk’ but deliver longer term benefits to the organization’s mission. Consequently, organizations seeking to diversify or retrench may hold a different set of criteria as ‘valuable’ and depending on the ownership dynamic on the client, the value to the owners may be something different to the classic views of enterprise or entrepreneurship such as profit, growth, market share.
1.1 Financial Performance on Client (Shareholder value and Value chain)
There are different methods of measuring the economic returns on investment including dividends, share prices, returns and economic profit. However, there should be fair and equitable distribution of resources across the business shareholders after the maximization of the value of Generation Tennis Club (Charreaux & Desbrieres, n.d.). In an intangible world, the value of a business can be measured using the values of the intangible assets held by the client, Generation Tennis Club, including information capital, human capital and organizational capital. For this reason, the value of intangible assets is used to gauge the company performance through the optimization of the internal processes that are vital to the creation of value for the clients and company shareholders.
1.2 Balanced Scorecard
There is an evident difference that emerges between traditional businesses and social enterprises. In order for the Generation Tennis Club to be regarded as a social enterprise, the business goals and objectives should be parallel to the social values. Thus, businesses transition from "value" driven to "values" driven corporations. Social enterprises are considered as companies that are sponsored by the environmental and social mission (Pallotta, 2015). After their contribution to economic growth, there is minimal destruction to the environment and improvement in the environmental conditions (Kim, Kim & Kim, 2012). This differentiates the business practices of Generation Tennis Club from other businesses that supply similar services, particularly other sports such as golf, football and volleyball.
1.3 Corporate Social Responsibility
There are different reasons that are observed to prompt the consideration of value client including the increase in the organization financial profits thus meeting the needs of the owners and stakeholders of the Generation Tennis Club (Argandoña, n.d.). In doing this, an organization is able to meet the customer demands in reference to the company cooperate social responsibility (Chen, Srinidhi, Tsang & Yu, n.d.; Visser, n.d.). It is integral to note that the long-term goal of the recognition of value and the client is to help organization contribute towards sustainable development (Bidsketch, 2012). This is because companies are able to address the corporate social responsibility duties that comprise of proper environmental management and a proper relationship with the stakeholders in Generation Tennis Club (Argandoña, n.d.). Consequently, Generation Tennis Club should exercise value clients to incorporate the analyses of the economic and financial performance, the social performance and the environmental performance (Visser, n.d.).
Figure 2: Shows the relation between sustainability and maintenance of a competitive advantage (Strategy-Keys.com, 2015).
Figure 3: Demonstrates the different trend in the adoption of sports (Walmsley, 2014).
The Charity Sector Business Model allows for the increase in the value and sustainability of a business through defining the operation and adaptability of a business to new business conditions. Therefore, Generation Tennis Club should develop and implement innovative and creative methods that combine the business resources to attain superior value to the stakeholders. The value that is injected by business practices can be measured through the examination of the economic returns that emerge. This is measured in reference to the returns on investment that can be calculated using discounted cash flows.


The value chain analysis constitutes of the examination of the primary and support activities that emerge from a company's operations. Support activities incorporate the analysis of the human resource management, firm infrastructure and the technological development in the Generation Tennis Club. On the other hand, primary activities involve company operations, inbound logistics, outbound logistics, service, and a company marketing and sales initiatives. The examination of these activities help in the determination of the business financial and social value, and the business efforts towards sustainability.


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