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The main point of the creation of any advertising appeal should be the desire of consumers, whom it is important to see not as a faceless and sexless substance, but as a community of sexes with different goals, objectives, and needs. The differences in the motivations of men and women are essential. Accordingly, a difference in the advertising focused on male and female consumer audience should also be essential. The composition of the audience always makes its own demands. Advertisement for men is different from advertising to women, even if the same product is advertised. Different methods are used as the basis of advertising strategies for gender consumers.
The advertising of shampoo Clear vita ABE is one of such examples. There two video separately for men and women. In the first video Cristiano Ronaldo, famous Portuguese footballer, kicks a perfect goal, because he feels free from dirt, itch and dandruff. Nothing bothers him. He is confident. This video expresses, first of all, precision, sense of purpose, problem solving and availability of health hair. Shampoo is soft and pleasant to use, comfortable by consistency, has lovely smell and cool refreshing tones. Men often in the least prefer to look at the goods, select and search for something. They don’t like deep discussions about product’s advantages and disadvantages. Also, it is worth to mention that men are more loyal to brands and choose goods only by a functional basis, pushing the price and appearance by the wayside. Representatives of the stronger sex often are adherents of the same brands or products for a long time.
In comparison with Clear vita ABE for men, women shampoo video is about how their beauty can be improved and how health hair affects females’ sexuality. Of course, the shampoo has the same objectives as free from dryness, itch and dandruff, but available minerals lead to the hair recovery and renewal of women greatest gift from the nature. Men often turn after long-haired beauties. And besides, holders of long tight braids are always subconsciously perceived by men as more feminine, quiet, peaceful than the bearer of short haircuts.

Both video were shown on TV and can be found on Youtube.

Therefore, speaking about the behavior of men, it is possible to make a number of generalizations that determine their buying behavior. The main feature of male consumers is that they live in the “here and now”. Men are looking for what they need at the moment, and do not buy “in reserve”. Their purchases are always functional. Unlike women, men do not tend to make a decision about buying impulsively: men unlikely acquire shoes that do not fit with things in their wardrobe. Man won’t even think to buy a suit “later on” to them, like how often a woman does. Nevertheless, the absence of turbulent emotions of strong sex should not be taken as indifference. Buyers-men, as well as buyers-women, can be impressed by a pleasant atmosphere, close to them entourage and others. They like the smell of leather and tobacco, men’s attributes. Also, men are mostly just less experienced in shopping. For most of them shopping is not an everyday task.
According to statistics, 85% of all customers are women. Compared with men, their buying activity is several times higher. In this case, no matter what kind of mood she goes shopping, because her attention can be attracted by bright displays, mannequins and jewelry in the shop-windows, various marketing “baits”. Women tend to make spontaneous decisions. Moreover, they characterized by the group shopping, so the decision to purchase by a particular buyer may depend on the views of her friends, as well as someone else’s purchase (“She bought it, and I want too”. The fairer sexes can spend much time in the store, carefully considering and examining the goods. In this case, a difficult task will always be before merchandisers – to satisfy the most demanding customers – women with money.
Women are beginning to search for the right product with the questioning of friends, acquaintances and sellers in the stores to get their opinion on this product, to join their experience. For them, the advice and opinions of other people are important. They do not bother if they have something to do not know. Men, by contrast, tend to refer to anonymous sources of information. Ignorance of something men often subconsciously perceive as their own incompetence, which casts doubt on their “status” in the hierarchy.

Thus, the main differences between men-buyers and women-buyers are:

Man is single-tasking, while woman is multitasking.
Men are more individual, women are more socially oriented.
Men seek a result, an acceptable option. Women seek harmony, going to the store; they set themselves to search for the “ideal” solution.
Men are analysts. They see every object in itself, trying to grasp the main points and unscramble everything, disassemble the whole into parts. Women are synthetics. They view the objects in the relationship, attentive to detail, trying to gather all in a single picture.
Men and women have different sensory perception.

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