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As Langston Hughes explains, “America was never America to him” despite facing many socio-economic challenges, he is still optimistic that one day the dream will be realized (Hughes 1). Different authors do not share into the same visions because of the experiences they have gone through or have observed within the American society. Considering that American society has been structured based on class, a person from each class will give a different opinion regarding the dream. It is from this view that the paper seeks to prove that the American dream does not exist today because of unfair practices of the government and the society towards widening the gap between the rich and the poor


Currently, there are few opportunities regarding employment, education, and healthcare especially to the low class people or non-Native Americans. Notably, institutions have been indoctrinated in such a way that they favor people of the high class or Native Americans (Stivers 42). Although most of the non-Americans consider America to be a land of opportunities, the current economy is controlled by a few upper classes, which have formed a restrictive barrier to the low class to benefit from any socio-economic chances.


The realization of the American dream remains to be unrealistic because many people expected to be happy living in a society free from social vices; however, rape, kidnappings, homicide, cybercrimes, and assault remain to be common (Cullen 49). Additionally, the common person is not secure because security agencies do not work in effectiveness; for instance, the September 11 attacks confirmed that Americans are not secure. Currently, the quality of education is low in such a way that America has dropped in international performance on standardized tests. Shortly before the euro crisis and great depression, most Americans owned houses, but after the global economic crunch, ownership of houses and vehicles was taken away from most American.


The level of discrimination even from Langston Hughes literal work is high in the American society. Individuals are discriminated based on race, religion, and level of education before they benefit from any public welfare programs, or access essential services such as job opportunities, and healthcare (Stivers 41). Even though the upper class is not affected by this problem, it forms the majority of those discriminating.


Even though the realization of the American dream remains to be illusionary, Americans have benefitted from a diverse culture shared from different communities and races that come to America to explore live opportunities. Learning from this cultural diversity, Americans have been able to interact with other people; thereby, creating an opportunity to explore in other countries such as China. Despite that, Native Americans have been conservative in learning foreign culture, a move that hinders the realization of the American dream.


In the contemporary American society, one’s ability to perform determines his ability realize the American dream. Notably, people who have the ability to acquire knowledge to the highest level, accumulate wealth, engage in politics successfully, or engage in performing arts have realized the American dream (Cullen 53). However, on a realistic note, many Americans do not have such abilities, which determine the realization of the American dream.


In all developed economies, the level of inequality in America is high compared to that of any country. Distribution of resources is not done equally because the minority group are discriminated socially, politically, and economically; for that reason, the upper class or those in authority will create a barrier to hinder them from improving. Corruption has also raised the level of inequality in America because the American system favors unmerited people.


Concisely, the writing by Langston Hughes are real in the way they explain the American dream (Hughes 1). The American society was never America because of the illusionary nature of the dream, which every American shared. The failure of the government and society to ensure that every citizen realizes the dream has lowered people’s expectation in achieving the dream. From the analysis above, it is true that the American dream does not exist because of the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

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