Anthropology: A Culturally Interesting Field Essay

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Anthropologists find their studies interesting and most illuminating as well because they have to meet with new people in order to gather information, data and knowledge. They employ their learning in order to develop academic landscapes and concepts those define the world from multiple angles (Pagel, 33). The culture is the software of human mind, and therefore, it guides the decisional processes of the people living in the particular geographical area. However, the experiences of Richard Lee were enlightening because he studied the most neglected worldview of the world regarding Christmas festivities. The African people are of the view that God’s son is a man enveloped in white skin, and therefore, the belief is having a touch of racism embedded within itself. Secondly, the story about Christ’s birth did not reach the people of Kalahari in entirety, and therefore, the featured researcher found some of the beliefs disturbing and they were poorly developed and conceptualized as well. In this way, the social constructivism theory argues that humans create their own personal worlds, and the sociopsychological realm of oneself or nation does not have to coincide with those of others (Stark, 27). However, it is valuable to note that all of them were celebrating and enjoying the occasion of birth of God’s child so there is nothing wrong with the inheritance of a belief that establishes the identity of Christ with a white skin, and we have to acknowledge the fact that we are indeed living and existing in the racially divided world, and white people are believed to be better than the black ones, and therefore, the African people visualized Jesus in the best way possible for them. The religious differences Richard found during his trip to Kalahari unearthed new racial truths, and the divergences in this regard were both racial and socialistic as well.
Racial identity is natural, but discrimination on the basis of bloodlines and geographical belongings is unethical and illegal as well because humans have the right to live in an equalized community. However, the racial identities and relations are natural, and therefore, one cannot deny the prevalence of racial differences. According to basic psychological theory, one can infer that fundamental linguistic skills are developed during the earliest years of a person’s life, and therefore, parents have to give him or her with elementary communicational skills and the dialect receives a great level of influence from the place of upbringing (de Lange, 2). However, God has created different people, but he forbids us from behaving differently with others due to their racial, social, and economic backgrounds. There is nothing unethical attached to deriving the information about one’s fundamental identity, but problem starts when we use the data in order to hate or love others because they have noble blood in their veins (Wilson The American Tongues). Additionally, humans have humanistic requirements, and they qualify to receive respect and dignity regardless of what they are (Lee, 22), and the researchers like Richard Lee have already challenged the presence of racial hate, and he specifically went to Africa in order to convey the message of love and peace.
Racial identities are part of whom and what we are, but labeling humans with stickers cannot be permitted in the world of the 21st century when global citizenship is literally knocking on our doors. According to the viewpoint of Strak, prostitute’s personality develops due to social and peer pressures, and the environment of one’s upbringing plays a notable hand in this regard. However, the choices those oneself makes in her life determine the professional outlook of the person (Stark, 27), and with the passage of time, sex workers become addicted to bodily pleasures, and therefore, could not leave the industry. Additionally there are countless examples of performers who left the porn and prostitution industry in order to join other respectable fields, but that decision required immense determination as well.

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