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Mass Media Impact

Social media has a significant impact on people with the things that it airs and the things that the media airs influences people negatively, positively or continuously. The influence also affects the behaviors of the viewers, their culture, and their attitude and according to hypodermic needle model theory of mass media, the mass media has very powerful effects on its viewers. The media influences the minds of the audience within a span of seconds and since the media sometimes airs both negative and positive things, the viewers can be affected either positively or negatively. The perception also depends on the individual’s ability to have a stand on how they choose, what to copy and what not to. However, most of the audiences tend to emulate what celebrities do, how they do it, how they dress, and how they even eat. This paper discusses the effect of the mass media messages of Beyonce Knowles on the society.
Beyonce Giselle is an American actress, a singer, and a songwriter and she gains popularity through the media by airing the things she does and her personality. The way the media airs her personality has a different effect on people and there are those people who believe she is a perfect role model woman, like her supporters while other persons criticize her. Those who criticize her believe that she should put on more clothes than just exposing her sexy body and it implies that people have a different perception in the manner that they absorb information. Hence, the media affect the society, either positively or negatively. In addition to the impact of the media on the society, the media also has positive information to give to the community.

Unethical influence on the public

Despite Beyonce’s active contribution, what the media airs about Knowles face some criticism. For instance, other people perceive that she should wear more clothes and stop exposing her body. The way she dresses that leaves most of her body exposed sends wrong information to the society and it is socially unethical to dress in a seductive way in the society. However, most of the women and especially teenagers tend to copy the mode of dressing in the attempt to become the real supporters. The attempt of imitating the style of dressing of Beyonce has contributed to the degradation of morality in the society and women walk almost naked, and they barely feel shame. Some studies have indicated that this has helped to increased rape in the society has men tend to claim that the mode of dressing does seduce them. Hence, the message the mass media sends to the public when it airs Beyonce while dressed half-naked has an unethical influence towards the society.

Historical and contemporary roles of digital media and electronic in the society

Media Is believed to have emerged over 300 decades ago and at that time; people used to store and communicate information with cave drawings. At that time, only high-class people were able to access the education to enable them read and write. From cave drawing, the media developed to the next stage of printing press. Printing press became the largest breakthrough in the modern media. The print press contributed to the writing of the books that led to high prices of books at that time and at that time, even ordinary people accessed the storage and communication of information. As the revolution of the media continued the press, printing contributed to the capturing of images in the newspaper. Then the media developed to radios that enabled people to transmit audio over long distances. Some few decades later, there came televisions that enabled live audio and visual to play in the homes that would afford to buy videos. Finally, the media developed into computers and the evolution of the internet that has connected the global masses.

Role of sharing information in a dramatic way

Electronic and digital media has created an avenue that enhances a more dramatic way of sharing information than the printing press. For instance in our topic, the media can air Beyonce’s songs, personality and photos in a more dramatic way. Currently, most of the electronics like the cell phones can download photographs and songs. Through this Knowles, spectacular photos and songs can reach a wider scope of population.

Availability of the information about the Society

Electronic and digital media has made it possible in availing the information to the society. It has made it possible to air Beyonce’s performance to the society, which in return has contributed to both positive and negative information that the media airs to the public. The kind of available information about Beyonce aired to the public via electronic and digital media has lead to both negative and positive impact on the society. Electronics also facilitates quick transmission and sharing of information that quickens the sharing of Knowles’ performances.

The ability of transmission over the Internet

Electronics and digital media have made it possible for information to be stored and transmitted over the internet through downloads. Globally millions of people can download digital data. The evolution of digital migration has allowed millions of people to download Knowles images and transmit them to their friends. The digital media as well enable people to modify the images in the way they want. Then they can share e images in the social media, which has a great impact on the public. Many people have access to social media. If a person downloads Beyonce's photo half-naked, they have the potential to modify it in their preference and then they post it in the social media. If they tend to modify it in a way, which is unethical then as they post it they will be sending a negative perception of the society. However, if they modify it in a manner that tends to empower women and their personality, then they will be sending a positive message to the public.

Role of changing people’s lifestyle

The electronics and digital media has a great role in changing the lifestyle of people in the society. Through the ability to avail the images, quick transmission and the ability to modify the images, the digital media can affect the public through the messages they air very first. Young people are the ones mostly affected by the media. They tend to copy everything that they see celebrities doing. For instance, if the media airs images or things that send the right information to the young people then, it will contribute to proper nurturing of the young people. However, if it sends wrong information to the one people argues that Beyonce need to put on more clothes, then what the media encourages is a rotten society. Young people will tend to emulate that, and they will end up walking naked. Since most of the coverage of our topic is associated with, negative impact on what is aired then electronics and digital media have the negative influence on what they air.

Annotated Bibliography

UnivAuthors, S. (2013). Profile: Beyonce Knowles. Newspaper Article.
The newspaper article tries to analyze the Knowles influence to the cultural society. For instance, from the article, the American president Barrack Obama appreciates Beyonce for her contribution towards his campaign through a fundraising. However, he criticizes her that she will not make a good role model to young girls. Apart from arguing from the angle that, Beyonce had a class and more talent to be a role model maybe, he had other reasons that he never wanted to mention. If it were just to class and talent, the president would not have a reason to deny Beyonce for being a role model to young people. Parents and leaders would want their young ones to emulate famous people but by arguing differently, the president had other hidden reasons. That is why the students of Rutgers University are asked to determine the real implication of Knowles performances. As to whether they symbolize women empowerment or just pander to male fantasies.
Strumwasser. (2014). Modern Bey Feminism: Beyonce Knowles Best. Newspaper Article.
In another newspaper article of modern Bey Feminism of Knowles, the article tries to analyze the positive influence of mass media on the society. The article emphasizes on how Beyonce has a strong opinion towards women empowerment and equality. For instance, being among the best-paid per minute and through her personality she has the power to influence to have confidence in them. Also in the article about how mass media affects the society, of mass media in chapter 13, more research conducted is to determine the impact of social media on the society. The article has tried to analyze how the mass media influences the behaviors of the society through what they air. Different researches conducted are with intentions to determine how mass media affects the actions of people over time. The research use methodologies like that of evaluation and comparison of different examinations to determine the influence of mass media on the society. When analyzing Beyonce as a role model the article is relevant. Like any celebrities and socialites, Knowles gains her publicity through the mass media. She has the potential to influence the attitude, behaviors, and the cultures of the society through the mass media. The society will tend to behave, act, or associate themselves with the celebrities and famous people. Being a role model, she will want people to act the way she does hence shaping people's characteristics. Hence, Beyonce can influence the public in either a positive way or a negative through the media.


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