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Interview with a Downsized or Fired Person

Interviewee’s name: Jonathan McCarthy

Most companies in the world have adopted downsizing or firing mechanisms in order to take to the changing market demands. They also believe that downsizing and firing some of the employees enable the company to save a tremendous amount of money. The technique lacks enough evidence of its impact on the company and the market at large. The paper takes into account the nature of an interview that involves a downsized employee. Does the company achieve a long-term success through downsizing its employees?
The question gives a detailed track of the effect companies have towards its employees, the market and its operations through the downsizing process. Nevertheless, downsizing improves working performance of employees through strategies that empower them to work hard. The interview with a downsized company occurs in a company known as Crisco Company. The company deals with information technology and digital marketing.
The downsized employee’s name includes Jonathan McCarthy. He works in the marketing department as a product analyst.
The interviewee in the market goes through a downsizing process due to a number of reasons. The interviewee has worked for the company for more than five years both in the international and local capacity. Jonathan began his career on a high note since he graduated from the University of California with first-class honors in Marketing. At the time, the company lacked enough employees; making him one of the top-rated employees in Crisco Company. Today, the company has undergone several changes in its approaches towards management. It uses a modernized type of approach towards dealing with both the employees and the market.
The company went into an IPO in 2011 to expand its operations to the international standard. Since 2011, many changes have taken place in the market to accommodate technology advancement and the wide market. Crisco transferred most of its employees to the branches in other countries. It also cut half of its employees by half to enable its operations work efficiently with less cost.
The interviewee was born thirty-five years ago in North Carolina to Mark McCarthy and Maria Donne sky. He went to the Carolina Northern Elementary School before moving to Damsel High School. Jonathan unlike other children in the school had the best performance throughout his education life. He had the highest score in ever exam that came his way. He failed to use the huge amount of energy and effort to study to achieve the best results. He showed consistency in his performance throughout his elementary and secondary education. He later went to the University of California as at the age of 19 years to studying his favorite course, marketing.
The interviewee had a confusing nature in terms of its outcome and results. McCarthy possessed a good performance rate in the company since he made Crisco go overseas in its operations. He came with several marketing strategies that made the company propel to its height of success. He dedicated his sleep to ensure that the company stayed on the rest in the market. He worked to ensure efficiency in his work. He never disappointed when it came to his performance. He created a platform through which employees in the marketing department received training through conferences and seminars. The interview failed to look at all the qualities McCarthy had towards the development of the company.
The management failed to acknowledge his hard work which boosted and elevated the company to great heights. The interview felt vindictive to the hardworking and self-motivated employee who kept his life ahead of his life. The management carried out the interview as if they dealt with a criminal who had stolen from the central managerial post in the department. He failed to defend himself since the interview favored the management.
They asked him many irrelevant questions that created a negative perception of his life and performance in his work. He suffered from a bipolar disorder from his childhood life. The management used the disorder as a weakness to handle the situation. They told him that the disorder would affect his performance the company negatively in terms of profits through marketing and advertisements methodology. They failed to tell him the truth. Crisco had planned to hire a new manager in the marketing department from Microsoft.
Martin Wenger had made an outstanding performance in Microsoft as a marketing manager. He also had a cousin who headed the Human resource department in Human Resource. Mona Collins had a great influence on Crisco’s operations and had convinced the whole management team that McCarthy lacked enough skills to keep him in his post. Her actions made McCarthy a subordinate in the interview panel. She wanted her cousin to join the company so as to promote the family’s legacy. She never liked McCarthy and wanted to replace her with her cousin.
McCarthy fainted in one of his important meetings one year before the interview. He suffered massive damage in the left arm with a broken bone. He remained in the medical center for more than three months to enable him go through the healing process. Mona and his team took advantage of the situation to advance their malicious intentions. They came up with a negative explanation for the occurrence of the rest of the management team. They claimed that McCarthy had unstable mind which would fail to create the desired results in the company. They also claimed that they had one person in mind that they would like the board to accept to run the marketing operations of the company on behalf of McCarthy. They made him look like a criminal in front of his superior managers.
McCarthy possessed all the specified characteristics for the marketing director post and any position which laid above the marketing department. He had earned his promotions in the past through hard work, intelligence, dedication and interaction with every employee in the company. The Crisco’s management went against the employment ethics by failing to listen to what McCarthy had to say concerning his health condition and working progress. They forced him to keep quiet during the entire period. They let his enemies attack him with many questions without defending his efforts towards improving the company’s developmental objectives.
Since the interview took place, McCarthy felt heartbroken and betrayed. He thought that would defend in time of need. He decided to take a three months break from work. He went to see a counselor to enable him think straight and make wise decisions. He also visited financial advisor to guide him on matters about investments. He has decided to start his company which has a potential to grow to high standards. He works with his family members who he believes they would help him forget the past. Some of the clients have moved with him to establish new business agreements and links.

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