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In human view, a hero is a person who does something extra-human and impacts very positively to their lives. Heroes can, for this reason, mean somebody who helped a nation or a society to win a war against their enemies or somebody who saved another person’s lives. This particular person is admired so much and respected in equal measure amongst people who know them. In classical mythology, heroes were believed to posses godlike beneficence and prowess who later became to be honored as part of divinity.
This paper looks forward to comparing and contrast the idea of a hero as presented in Gilgamesh compared with the idea of a hero as presented in a form of a popular Mediaroom of a popular media.
Gilgamesh was known as a hero and a builder too, and his subjects so much respected him. Unlike heroes mentioned in Celtic mythology or Greek mythology, the hero mentioned in the book titled “The Epic of Gilgamesh” was a key historical figure. He was a renowned king who ruled over the state of Uruk in a city known as Sumeria at around 2700 years before the birth of Christ. Something to be noticed is that, long after he died, people were worshipping Gilgamesh. Who was a renowned as a builder and a warrior and was widely celebrated for his judiciousness and wisdom (Geraldine, 36). One of the prayers do invoke him as “Gilgamesh, the wise judge of Anunnaki” (that refers to the underworld gods). Referred to Erech in the stories of the Bible, Uruk is considered as one of the greatest cities of the ancient Mesopotamia. For this reason. King Gilgamesh, who was Uruk’s historical King, is probably the ruler who raised its walls. Archeologists discovered that the wall consisted of a perimeter of up to six miles (Geraldine, 78).
Popular media rooms like Cable News Network (CNN) have in the recent days produced their version of heroes who are also revered all over the world. In most cases, these are people who have done an outstanding activity that has faced the face of humanity. Just to mention is the likes of scientist like Albert Einstein, politicians like Abraham Lincoln, human right activists like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr and philanthropist like Bill and Melinda Gates (Voso, 234)


A key similarity or comparison is that in both cases, these people are very popular among the society they co-exist. They are respected so much, and the society looks upon them to provide direction for others to follow.
Just like Gilgamesh, heroes mentioned in the media rooms are key historical figures whose lives and achievement are preserved for study purposes years after their death and in most cases, days have been preserved for their honor.
Another similarity is that just as the story of Gilgamesh, heroes mentioned in the media rooms, were in most cases political leaders, religious leaders or had leadership roles. It shows

That in both cases, heroes held a role of influence and power

A key contrast that comes out is the physical power that is associated with King Gilgamesh, as he is honored by building a six mile war and also protecting his people against possible attacks from enemies. Today’s heroes are more honored due to intellectual power rather than the physical power they pose. In most cases, their brilliance and precision in what they do is what makes them be heroes and also the impact of their achievement to the global world.
Another key contrast is that, for Gilgamesh long after he died, he was revered and worshiped as a God by the people of Mesopotamia. But today's heroes; though are highly respected, they are not worshiped or idolized as was the case in the epic of Gilgamesh.
The hero in Gilgamesh is surrounded with a lot of ambiguity and stories whose validity are questionable since it tries to suggest that the key had supernatural powers and for this reason part of the divinity.

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