Example Of Research Paper On Applying Rational Choice Theory To Explain Criminal Behavior

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Published: 2020/10/22


The society plays a significant role in conversion of innocent individuals into criminals, and therefore, they have strong motives in order engage into criminal behaviors of one kind or another. The criminal behavior does not appear to be logical in nature when one studies them for the first time. However, second look often pays in immeasurable senses. The humans have to create their own world. The reality is a subjective matter for all of the humans. The term motive is usually used to refer to an emotional state that motivates an individual to take action that might have a legal or illegal stature in the eyes of law. The emotions are there to give humans energy that they can use in order to accomplish negative or positive goals in life. The people have to receive education before they can manage their emotions, and cause them to cool down so that they cannot impress the subjects to act in irrational way. Those people who have considerable amount of educational training can only implement the Rational Choice Theory. The strong sense of right and wrong is necessary in order to have the courage to behave as a law abiding citizen. The humans have to posses the ability to follow their internal humanistic values rather than responding to external atmosphere that can have the tendency to compel an individual to take the law in his or her own hands.
The Rational Choice Theory requires the society to have strong legal system that can operate in order to catch the criminals in a scientific way so that the citizens can feel secure and safe while engaging in their professional and personal businesses. The developed nations have enlightened mindset that causes them to move in the direction of having quick and civilized solution to a conflict. The rationality and its application involve fierce use of mental powers that suspend themselves under significant emotional pressures. The emotions such as anger, sorrow, and love can have people commit crazy things in life. The only concept that is going to save the persons with clean pasts to become criminal leaders in the future, and that is known as internal locus of control. The theory of positivism states that people are basically good, and therefore, they intend to do the right thing, but their immediate environment will have a notable impact on their behaviors. The presence of strong faith will promote civic behaviors in oneself. The criminal theory argues that every person has the power to revert to have the strength to become a participative human being towards the community, but they need to have a conducive surrounding atmosphere, and the secret of criminal behavior lies in the environment. The criminals demonstrate reactive behavior towards negativities that they faced in their lives. However, constructive personalities take bad behaviors of the society, and respond to them with deeds. The role model of Nelson Mandela stands aside from shabby political characters of his time because he had a considerable strength of personal righteousness to engage positively regarding the objective of fulfilling the noble goal of his country’s economic and social rebuilding of his society.
The criminals respond to challenges of life negatively, and therefore, they become much like the offenders that they intend to fight. The jailing philosophy of modern nature changed a great deal in order to give the negative agents an opportunity to regain their ethical balance in the communal system in that they have to live. On the other hand, advanced nations have learned the lesson that death penalty is like taking away the chance of recovery from the prisoners. The criminals are often times found to have extraordinary mental abilities that they engage in order to indulge into questionable businesses. However, they need to receive education and motivation in order to rectify their behaviors and attitude. The attitudinal change can go a long way regarding easing pressures over one’s conscious. The prisons are growing into educational institutions that are working in order to assist the prisoners to gain civilized behaviors. The law enforcement agencies are not behaving hostilely in the direction of suspects, but they are kept in isolation so that they can ponder over their actions in the past. Eventually, the inmates receive a divine revelation stating that they are worth to achieve great many things in their lives. The base of criminal behavior is formed by a reckless attitude that impresses oneself to believe that he or she is unable to be an effective human being. The criminals are lazy people who cannot face the pain of evolving that features a significant level of suffering, and therefore, they attract towards engaging in order to find shortcuts in life. The priests employed at jails have a challenging job of providing philosophical reasons to entertain the possibility that might involve the meager prospect of embarking on the journey of personal growth. However, the prisoners are by definition a set of psychologically and mentally ill individuals, and therefore, they tend to fight any change that might require them to join the bright side of life rather than the dark one.
Furthermore, not all prisoners are capable of attaining greatness, but the sociological and psychological experts have to bless everyone with a chance to follow the path of righteousness. If there is only one person who responds to the intervention then, the job is well done. However, various theological schools of thought urge people to try to save as many lives as possible, and the saviors have to engage at both psychological and physical levels as well. Additionally, psychological recovery is a harder job because nature hired a very competent person for that job who goes by the name of Jesus in the pages of history. At the same time, spiritual teachers do not have to lose heart when they confront difficulties in this regard. They have to keep on pressing on the travel of bringing betterment in the lives of those who gave up on themselves, and the social systems have done the same with the abovementioned people as well.
The prisoners have a flawed belief system, and therefore, they do not consider themselves worthy of attaining rebalance in their lives. The jailers treat the inmates as animals, and aggravate the situation even further. The Theory of Rational Choice has some antecedents that a person has to fulfill before attaining the behavioral ability to apply the main theoretical framework behind the layers of this research effort. The basic human belief for living a healthy life states that one has to consider him or herself as a worthy agent that the God has created to make some great projects possible. Once, the prisoners become aware enough about their dormant capacities then, there is nothing in the universe that can stop them from embarking on the journey of ethical elitism. The only thing that motivational speakers can and always give to their listeners is nothing great, but they empower the audience to find their competitive advantage that they can use to excel in their professions. The criminals live in constant fears, and the instructors can let them know that they can live fearlessly, if they commit to peaceful living. The criminals have leadership abilities that if used in positive sense then, much development can be achieved in no time. There are many examples who became innovators and entrepreneurs after following the path of crime during early years of their lives. The legal system takes away entirety of one unethical and illegal earnings, and in this way, the person with questionable past has to work from ground up in order to earn what he or she has lost in the past, and this time, one has to use the means of personal growth and hard work to become an improved person.


This paper highlighted intellectual fruits that one can find if he or she dares to study criminal behavior from a telescope of rational theory. The rational person engages him or herself in order to maximize his or her well being, and the delinquents in legal terms do not consider themselves capable of growing, and in jails, they will have to receive that belief. Once they have that then, they will be able to apply rational theory in their lives.


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