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Published: 2021/03/03

In this modern time, a lot of people have been dependent on computers. People take advantages on using technology. However, some people use this in different way like hacking. Computer hacking has been developed and is very alarming. The effects of hacking are now rampant not only in businesses also even in the government. Hacking could also affect the privacy and confidentiality such as data, information, passwords, programs and files of the person. Hence, the use of computer hacking should be avoided, reduced or ended.
People use computer hacking in several objectives and intentions of whether for the good or bad acts. Some people or the so-called hackers use computer hacking just for fun and only want to see if the software, programs and operations inside the computer is accessible. Some use hacking to seek new ideas and new ways for the advancement of the knowledge. Others try to investigate and to root chaos by way of business disturbances (MegaEssays). There are also people who want to steal money, important information, data, passwords or passcodes of the person, the companies and even the government.
Its implications of hacking are expensive that some could steal thousands or millions of dollars in worth of the information of the government and companies. Hacking can cause damage to the systems of the computers through disabling the software and removing or else modifying the data files. This will be a serious concern in relation to the privacy and identity theft (Chang). If the privacy and identity like password, card numbers or is stolen or copied, people can be easily access the information of the person and took the identity and money by hacking. Another serious concern is the use of hacking by the terrorists (MegaEssays). In this case, terrorist could steal information and reports as well as monitor the confidential operations from the government’s defense, thus, making it more of life threatening. Regulations with regard to computer hacking should be implemented in order to stop and even to eliminate this prevalent and alarming act.

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