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The essay paper has been presented to discuss the conflicts in Human Resources Policies and Practices. Human resources policies and practices have been implemented to ensure an organization’s prosperity by motivating its employees in such manner that bring out the best possible effort for the corporation. A human resource manager has to consider a number of factors before taking any decisions on policies and practices suitable for the employees. In this paper the policies and practices on the level of performance on attention of corporate commitment, family engagement, work commitment and endorsement for organizational reward have been critically analyzed. On the other hand performance assessment of the employees has been discussed here to evaluate how this has been acted as one of the most important Human Resource practices throughout the years. Performance appraisal has been mentioned to the focal point of the research intended to find the conflicting policies and practices of Human Resource Management of an organization. In order to evaluate the employees’ behavior and attitude performance appraisal is used as a vital tool in Human Resource management. In order to find the objectives of the implemented practices and policies it is very important to summarize a number of factors that dictates the scenario.
A number of subjects have been considered by the Human Resources Management to tackle the basic human resource issues of an organization before implementing human resource policies such as classification of employees, equal employment opportunity polices, payroll deduction, sick leave or personal leave related policies, evaluation of the performance and increment in salary, improvement of the performance, vacation policies and termination policies. It is important to mention that there are a number of advantages of the human resource policies and practices that are implemented to run the HR department smoothly. Experts have found in the researches that best of the human resource policies can be faltered if the business administrative has shown lack of implementation of the policies in the right procedure. But if polices have been controlled in a proper order it can present a positive result by improving the communication system with the employees and with the managers and the supervisors of an organization. Improvement in the communication with the employees has certified the management’s responsibilities towards them and the communication helps to understand the behavior and attitude as well as the performance of the employees working in the firm. Polices have made it easy for the supervisors and human resource managers to decide the hiring, reward decisions and the promotion of the people who are working under their supervision.
Now as a human resource manager it is very important to decide the sick leave or the personal leave related issues of the employees. By judging the importance of the leave HR Manager has to grant the leave of absence or the advance leave of the employees. Studies have shown that male employees have shown lesser tendency in taking leave in parental cases whereas female employees have taken leave for their children. Essentiality of the leave have to be verified before allowing it. In many cases it has been found that fake causes have been presented by the employees in order to take leave. Therefore the reason of the leave must be cross checked. Apart from that for sake of mental refreshment Human Resources policies have been prepared to allow vacation for the employees. In case of female employees for household work and children’s prospective leave has been granted in a subsequent manner to emphasis the company’s responsibility for their employees. It is exceptionally brilliant indeed. Besides, studies have shown that employees believe that parental leave may possibly hamper their performance graph in the organization and it may also impact the reward decisions and promotion factors. Therefore Human Resources department have to make policies to that the views of the employees can be changed towards their decision making. High performance must be rated with reward and award should be given on merits only. Parental leave must be taken as a huge consideration in making policies and practices of Human resource.
The role of the Human Resource manager is vital as by making performance related judgment it can be concluded how an employee is committed to the role he has been given to perform for the organization. By identifying the factors that help to perceive the commitment of an employee can certainly play a huge role to decide the organizational rewards. Research has backed the fact that managers’ employment commitment recognition can influence the distribution of organizational rewards in a significant way. Positive outcome can help the employee’s high rating of performance. Most largely researches have indicated the fact that managerial perception on employee commitment can be affected by level of performance, gender of the employee, history of leave of absence of employee etc. commonly held studies have certified the fact that male employees are more committed to the work while female employees have been found to more committed to the family that to their work. Somehow female employees have reduced their commitment as well as performance level by showing family related issues (Allen and Russell).
Human Resource managers have figured out that the responsibilities towards the family have sometimes become more important for the employees than commitment to the organization. In cases of women employees the results and findings have shown that becoming a parent has impacted negatively in the professional career of women. The performance graph has seeming found to be in a descending way for a certain time. Apart from that the increase in parental leave of absence is also a significant factor to be considered for the female employees by HR manager. Other researchers have found that for some individuals whose higher level performance can compensate the negativity caused by leave of absence.
Performance appraisal is stated to be one of the major Human Resources practices. Although with other management practices some specific types of performance appraisal (PA) system have been recommended by the experts. By proper performance evaluation of the employees the dynamics of the essential functions and objectives can be made out significantly that can influence the decision making process of the administrative of an organization. The effects of components of performance appraisal have been examined to figure out how the employees are performing to their respective jobs. The development in the effort components such as attitudes, skills, and experiences can certify the improvement in the effectiveness of the employee in the organization. The strengths and weaknesses of employees, organizational goals, identification of technical training needed for the employees can be obtained from performance assessment of the employees. Evaluation of the performance sometimes proves to be supported to justify the salary increment, promotion in the job and termination from the jobs. Development and evaluation of performance can also promote employees significance to the organization.
In order to prepare a performance appraisal process the most important component as per confirmed by the experts is rating processes and strategies of the performance assessment. In order to rate the performances of the employees raters have seemed to be quite animated by analyzing the risk factors associated with the strategies and processes taken to evaluate the performance appraisal. If the risk factors are seemed to be high then rating would go down significantly. The accuracy of the strategies has to be very efficient as far as researchers have concerned. The information that influences the rating of the strategies is effectively observed to dictate the right approach in the PA use. The accuracy of the performance can be judged in two orders specifically such as good and bad. In attempt to balance the situation raters have to certify whether the performance is increasing by the time or going down significantly.
Depending on PA purpose strategies of practices have to be revised. If the information collected by the raters is proved to be negative in a frequent basis that signifies there is a problem in the processes and strategy making. For instance, quality information can be helpful to evaluate development in the performance or in case of the opposite the continuity of the strategy has to be altered. Experts suggest that in order to design a PA for any organization several types of feedbacks that includes employees performance comparison, level of skills are considered to be very important. In order to improve the performance criticism of the performance sometimes can be considered as an option but in many cases evaluation of the feedbacks can reveal the necessity such as training for the employees. Basically at the end it is necessary to ensure the performance has to be increased among the employees. Studies have also revealed the story that evaluation of PA can be impressive in developmental interaction between the supervisors and the employees of the organization. Arguably, sometimes rating of strategies and processes can affect negatively to employees’ reaction to the performance appraisal (Boswell and Boudreau).
In case of Human resource practices role combat is an essential aspect for any manager of an organization. Human Resource managers need to understand their role in the management as well as in the corporation making sure that their role should be empowered as an asset in the management. The basic thing for a human resource management is to judge the requirement of the employees significantly. By making proper judgment and analyzing the circumstances of the employee’s policies and practices can be implemented according to it. Studies and researches have certified the fact that a good communication practices with the employees can bring a great corporate culture and a well maintained relationship with the employees can be established at the same time. Besides setting leadership by making statements and effort can be hugely impressive for human resource manager and such practices may lead to healthy competition among the employees of the organization.
In performance management of the employees sometimes it has been noticed that employees have been criticized for their working capabilities and performance in the organization but studies have revealed that this sort of approach can send a negative intensity among the employees of the organization. Employee and supervisor relationship can be eventually become a vital aspect for any organization. Therefore this sort of approach by the HR manager can be highly recommended by the experts. The growth of management skills and efficiency can increase the working capabilities of an organization significantly as it allows breathing space for the employees. Using latest technology in the management as well as in the organization can influence the employees to be specialized as far as expertise has concerned. So basically by creating a human bonding with the employees can help the managerial staffs to bring out the best from the employees. It’s not always the power expressing but the tactics with the given power can be helpful to work out the problems. This is an exceptional component of performance appraisal that can lead to success. Besides, making sure of the safety and security of the employees can be termed as a highly appreciated practice.
At the end of the paper it can be eventually stated that in modern circumstances there are a number of segments that have to be considered by the HR management of a company and there are a number of policies and practices have to be implemented in order to run the HR department. Basically researches have shown the value of the practices and policies of HR managers are immense on an organization and its employees. Proper decision making can be influenced by a lot of factors and most importantly of them is performance appraisal to be précised. Practical implementation of such human resources policies are highly influential for decision making of the administrative level officials as well. Presumably there are a number of limitations as well in order to implement the HR practices as several factors may appear as highly negative. But the experts believe that proper review and analysis of the PA use can extremely useful as far as controlling a number of factors regulating the employees have concerned. Most importantly the performance appraisal procedure can be assessed in order to improve both the Human Resource knowledge and practices of an organization. The development and evaluation of performance of the employees can be highly recommended to promote a number of HR policies and practices suitable for the firm.

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