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In the world today, there are people who are treated differently for different reasons and it can be said that the person on the end of the unjust treatment did something to deserve it. For a very long time, I have seen and witnessed many behaviors between people. I can remember one time when I was on my way to a nearby hotel to stay a couple of nights and there was more than a few altercations over who got more or better treatment, I took it upon myself to talk to some of the young women at the hotel that I was staying at because I was interested in why this was still going on in the present day. A little less than a century passed since it became law to treat women like second class citizens, yet some people in power still feel that this is allowed.
Upon further examination of the issue, some of the women were telling me about how the men in their department get more recognition, promotion, breaks and privilege than the women in the department. I talked with a female who has been working there for 7 years and got passed over for a promotion 5 times, the stories that I got bombarded with was horrible; deplorable even. I learned at an early age that women can do anything a man can do, I often wondered why none of the women quit or sued their boss.
I got the impression that even though they were miserable in their jobs, they needed the job because they have families to take care of which was important to them. In a way, being aware that this kind of treatment exists is worse than any story the women could ever tell.
The first source that I used to help me further delve into my question was the article titled What is Social Justice? Definition, Issues & Examples. To illustrate why I started with it, I paraphrased the following: According to Blanco (2015), “Social Justice is a description that entails people being treated the same and getting the same treatment, anything less than that is pure discrimination” (Blanco, 2015). The article clearly talks about what social justice is and what it is not, it also talks about how social justice is meant for everyone that lives in society. In Social Justice by Janell Blanco, the author illustrates what social justice consists of and argues that social justice is important in the business world and should be taken seriously.
While I believe that social justice in the business world is important, I believe that it is important in the non-business world as well. My only doubting point about the article is that argument that criminals and offenders receive social justice which they should not be entitled to since they did not have enough sense to not break the law in the first place, it is true that everyone should feel that they are being socially treated like they should be but those who do bad things should not entitled to the rules of social justice.
This source contributes to the understanding of my question in that social justice is for all and not just for some people who feel that they are entitled to rights they think other people did not earn just because they are of a different gender or have different sexual preferences, I learned that social justice cannot be circumvented or its principle cut asunder because some people have problems with other people’s lifestyles and preference in genders like they see the good in one gender and not the other. The source’s value lies with its underlined purpose which was to completely explain what social justice is in its entirety, the article was not missing anything relevant. Where I want to go from here is to explore the non-social justice factor in the workplace, there is something to it.
In Social Justice and Human Nature by William Young, the author argues that social justice and human nature has always gone hand in hand. The author also argues that the reason different genders have preferences about certain things predates back to the days of the Greeks where the truly mighty and powerful only associated with likeminded people like them, the social hierarchy was absolute. A particular disagreement that lies in this article is that there is no social justice being mentioned as a way of life and society, people just lived; whether they were rich or poor.
The agreement that this article and the last one has is that there was some social justice in society at that time but very few people actually practiced what it mean or what it meant to them. Given the reading that I have done so far, I feel like it is starting to make me look at another side of the issue at hand as far as the boss’ behavior and why he chooses to favor the guys in the department while not giving the women in the department a break at all. This has also led me to ask even more questions like why does he act like this, how long has it been going on, when did it all start and why does he not talk to someone about it; why risk his job over his beliefs? It can be argued that the boss is just in feeling the way he feels, but is there more to it?
While still investigating this issue, I viewed the article titled Social Justice and Equity: Doing the Right thing in the Music Teacher Education, I found another excerpt that tied into this issue: According to Sands (2007), “The social justice factors have fallen on the deaf ears of those in power over the ages, social justice must be a part of every civilization lest the very foundation of civilization crumble without it” (Sand, 45, 2007). I selected this source because it talks about the social justice aspect from a teacher’s perspective, the article also clearly states what makes a socially responsible individual and the article outlines just social justice is all about. The article ties into my understanding of my question in the aspect that people should not be treated differently for whatever the reason maybe, personal bias and being blind to another person’s wants as well as needs based on personal ill feelings are likely to make people think about things about those people who had nothing to do with.
Further investigation into my question led me to the article titled Fast Food Strikes Widen into Social Justice Movement and found the following excerpt: According Horovitz & Alcindor (2015), “Social Justice is not just meant for people in society, it is more meant for people who do important jobs in society such as fast food or restaurant service” (Horovitz & Alcindor, 2015). I selected this source because it provided excellent points about the social justice factor in not just the business world but in the fast food one as well, the author of the article argues that people working in fast food deserve to get paid a higher wage because of the amount of work they do which is not easy by any means. The agreement that this source has with the previous ones before it is that social justice is a global wide issue that is affecting everyone including those in the restaurant business.
Where I am in my thinking concerning this situation is that there is two sides to every story, why the boss is acting the way he does lies with his reasoning.


After fully analyzing and studying this issue from all sides not to mention compare the previous articles with the boss and it turns out that something obviously happened in the past that has made him practically biased, I am at a point in my thinking where I believe that the boss has had issues with some of the girls in that it could be that they run over him or they just look at him in a very different manner. Another thing that crossed my mind was that the boss has a very awkward relationship with the different women that he has worked with and prefers to be in the company of men.
My understanding of my problem has changed drastically because the boss might not be solely responsible for his feelings about giving some of the women in the department the same treatment as the men in the department, this situation has shown me how to look at both sides of this kind of issue because it is not wise to prejudge a person based on their own preferences because even though a situation could be based on social justice because of a person’s feelings on the matter, does not mean that they are breaking any laws. Another way that this problem has changed my mind is that some people are known to work best with certain kinds of people within their gender; guys working with guys, girls working with girls. I feel that this entire project has answered my question and filled in a lot of blanks concerning the boss and his behavior, it has also helped me to see what kind of a person the boss is. I can say beyond reasonable doubt that my question has been answered entirely. The boss of this scenario has taught me and other people like me that social justice still carries a lot of weight when it comes to the business world, but there are reasons why some things just cannot be.
I do not feel like this project has left me asking more questions than accurate answers, I feel appeased that the project gave me an opportunity to look at someone else’s side of the story.

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