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This report is especially prepared to present the digital marketing-audit of KFC around the globe. It is important to mention that KFC is basically a renowned for his chain restaurant business in fast food category that specializes in preparing fried chicken. The company is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky in the United States of America. The most noticeable fact about KFC is that the company is placed second in the chain restaurant industry after McDonald’s. KFC has 18875 outlets in more than 118 countries all around the globe as data has suggested as 2013. The company is having a subsidiary of Yum Brands that is also a restaurant company which owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell chain restaurant business. As a global brand KFC has planned to move in digital marketing in order to attract the maximum buyers from all around the globe. Subsequently it is important to know that KFC was established by Harland Sanders who began his business by selling fried chicken in the roadside restaurant of Corbin, Kentucky. Since then the company has made a huge progress and has expanded its outlets all around the world. The market has also supported for the improvements of the company as the product is so famous all around the world. To make further inroads the company has agreed to market its product in digital way.

Digital marketing planning

KFC has a huge market globally to explore as the brand is a very popular global brand. Therefore through digital marketing of the outlets and the new innovative products the firm will certainly able to gain far better response from the consumers of its product all over the world. As it can be analyzed in modern time the best way to marketing any product of a company is through digital marketing (Witkowski, Ma & Zheng, 2003). Most of the customers all around the world now a day prefer digital marketing as they are always so attached to internet, social networking sites and mobile phones. By analyzing these sectors of liking of the customers the company can explore three ways to promote the products in digital marketing (Wu, Tan Wen & Kim, Dong Young, 2014). The most impressive way is by maintaining a website of the company that has got everything as per the need of the customers’ preference. A website that consists of all the information about the products and nearest outlets has been showcased (Tvede and Ohnemus, 2001). The presentation of the site is very important to attract the online buyers. The company is always so innovative in each of the section of their business (Drummond and Ensor, 2001). So it is necessary to be innovative in case of showcasing the products too. In case of digital marketing the company has to follow the buyers need. In the website an option should be added that has to be maintained where the buyers can know more information through chatting system (Wind & Mahajan, 2001). According to the response of the customers globally the data will be very valuable to reveal the preference or choices as per certain countries have concerned and that will allow improving new experiments regarding to the products as per choices. The website should also be virtual restaurants where the customers can make their orders as they prefer to do in restaurant outlets. The product information and the pricing must be presented in such a way that customers are satisfied to the best possible way (Yamey, 2000). It must have been remembered that the company’s website should act like a proper representative in order to impress maximum number of buyers and generate maximum marketing for the products of the company’s. Here it is useful to say that in case of each country the company has to design its website according to the preferences of the consumers of the country (Ryan & Jones, 2009). Secondly the company can generate its digital marketing through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to capture maximum number of online people attached to the networking sites (Ryan & Jones, 2011). As the sites are so popular all around the world therefore marketing via social networking channels must prove quite impressive and successful. In order to do this kind of thing the company has to make strategies to empower the option of marketing to a larger extent. By maintaining accounts in both the social networking sites the company can generate a social survey of the products and can find the response of the customers (Hawkins and Mothersbaugh, 2010). Apart from this social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can support the marketing to a huge level that will certainly ensure the best online digital marketing for KFC. The numbers of people that can be reached by these sites are enormous and it can cause a huge improvement in the sales figure (Morris, 2009). Thirdly KFC can provide mobile application that has been linked with the outlets to support to the customers. As in modern time people have more comfortable in using applications more people can find the application impressive. Through the application customers can be informed about everything as they have done in the outlets and through the application customers can find nearest KFC outlets, prices of the product and can order the product online to enjoy services provided to their own backyard (Miller, 2012). This will add a new dimension to the marketing prospective. Certain the company can be benefited to a large extent through digital marketing that can be rest assured.

Evaluation of consumer motivation

This is an important section of the paper in which the evaluation of the consumer motivation has been discussed thoroughly (Mathieson, 2010). Now consumer motivation is very essential in order to set new goals for the marketing of the company’s products. By implementing new sort of digital marketing the duty of the marketing team has not over completely (Kantardzic, 2003). The work is half done as the evaluation of the response of the consumers has to be evaluated by analyzing data collected from the marketing point of view. Consumer motivation is prompted new strategy making in order to improve the condition. In case of analyzing the consumer behavior for KFC the marketing group has to be far more descriptive in order to explain each and every terms of consumer motivation. To define the term consumer motivation it is said to be an internal state that helps people to select and buy products that can fulfill their requirement and by the fulfillment of the necessity the customer is motivated to buy the products in a repeated manner. So the company has to judge the basic need of the customers and the expectations from KFC (Khosrow-Pour, 2009). By analyzing the aspect the company can concentrate to fulfill the requirement of the customers. In order to evaluate the consumer motivation KFC has always maintained the goodness that separate them from others in the restaurant chain business. According to the need of the customers the company is improving everyday by preparing more innovative products that can please the customers as produce more fame (McDonald and Wilson, 2011). Eventually, customers’ behavior helps KFC in making marketing strategy to a new standard. Therefore the company is approaching towards digital marketing as they feel the importance of it. Consumer motivation can be related to the wide spectrum that suggests the necessity and requirement of consumers. In order to produce more and more product as determined by the consumer motivation help KFC to ensure the growth in unknown market to (Fortin, 2000). Therefore in case of unidentified territory to generate growth KFC is very much dependent on consumer motivation too. It is a factor that can be used as a very helpful tool to make new customers and improve the growth of the firm. Surveys have to be made manually and online basis to keep updated with the necessity of the consumers and that will provide enough evidence to make sure the company can produce maximum sale than its competitors (Gates & Hemingway, 1999).

Impact of consumer motivation in the firm’s marketing communications

As it can be seen that consumer motivation can vary as per the countries or territories choices it is essential to change the communication of marketing as per the requirements (Blythe, 2006). Therefore the impact of consumer motivation is proved to be so vital in KFC’s marketing communication. In order to show a competitive discussion the example of two different markets can be presented in the discussion such as the US market and the India market. In the case of US market consumers have different types of motivation and the marketing of the KFC’s products has been done to that of India market where the situation and choices are a little different (Bishop, 1998). The need and urgency is very fast in case of the US market whereas in India people have different sort of preference. In subcontinent people have different tastes and choices, so the company has to prepare a new set of marketing communication style in order to explore the business (Miller, 2002). In order to marketing of the products according to the consumer motivation a number of tools can be used to promote digital marketing. Advertising is an essential tool that can be used in digital marketing too. There are several procedures that have to be followed in order to promote the product. In places like India the company has taken general digital marketing where the challenges are huge to reach the maximum number of people. The best way is Public relations that ensure a huge marketing. Apart from that trade promotion, sales promotion, in store display can be presented in through social networking sites to increase the number of consumers. Therefore marketing communication of KFC has to be flexible in order to explore the maximum portion of global market. By presenting and applying perfect communication strategy in firm’s marketing the company can certainly generate more revenue and identify the best possible future market also. To increase the demand among the consumers digital marketing is certainly an innovative tool in modern era as people have spent more time in the internet due to work or other cause. So KFC has the opportunity to look this way in order to increase the number of outlets it has all over the world. Most vital factor for the marketing team will be in indentifying the target audience. When it is achieved through the digital marketing the company will certainly make inroads. KFC has also got the brand name to impress the set of consumers which is one of the vital points of the digital marketing of the company (Mullins and Walker, 2013).


In order to make a report on the digital marketing-audit of KFC it can be seen the idea is very much progressive in case of KFC particularly. As the company has globally well known it will be easy to convince more buyer through online marketing that can generate a huge response from the consumer sector (Bird & Bird, 2007). In making the planning of digital marketing the company has chosen the best marketing strategy that can be rest assured (Nicklin et al, 2013.). The vital point is evaluation of the consumer motivation that tells the need of the customers that will ensure to achieve the maximum numbers in sales figure. Also the impact of consumer behavior on firm’s marketing communication has been analyzed where it can be mentioned that company has to change its marketing communication plan according to the suitable market and to explore unidentified territory the marketing can prove to be vital in order to make new inroads in the business. Eventually it can be concluded that the decision of digital marketing for the products of KFC is one of the most impressive decision making in order to improve the business environment of the company. There is a lot of logic that will certainly certify and back the decision making of KFC. In this competitive global market KFC has made it very clear by implementing the idea of digital marketing that the company is heading towards new goals in the chain restaurant industry.


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