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Disneyland parks are famous for bringing some of the most iconic structures from the Disney movies and programs to life. People who have seen some of the most famous Disney movies and programs enjoy visiting the parks and seeing some of the structures as well as some of the most popular characters brought to life in Disneyland. However, Disney executives and storytellers have for a long time wished to build more than just recreations of various iconic structures of Disney. They have wanted to introduce an element of interactivity where visitors do not just view these structures and characters with their eyes but can also interact with them, for example by talking with some of the most famous characters in the Disney franchise. It is this desire that has for example led to the creation of the Turtle Talk with Crush, which is an exhibit at Califonia’s Disneyland in which fans can interact and even ask questions to Crush, the famous sea turtle from the movie “Finding Nemo”. This is a depiction of Disney’s target architecture which is to move from things such as animatronics in rides to interactive exhibits.
This TOGAF ADM describes a model for developing as well managing an enterprise architecture’s lifecycle and is actually the core of the TOGAF.TOGAF Foundational Architecture is comprised of generic functions and services that give the foundation for the building of more specific architectural components. One of its main elements is the Technical Reference Model (TRM). The TRM provides a taxonomy and model of generic platform services.
In terms of the TRM of such interactive exhibits as Turtle Talk with Crush, it is wise to think of it as interactive digital puppetry show. Interaction in real time is facilitated by modern technology which means that creators can easily manipulate the communication between the turtle and the people who wants to talk to it.
Many might wonder how this enterprise architecture is brought to life. But a description of the taxonomical aspect of the Total Reference Model reveals that nearly everything is enabled by technology in collaboration with human efforts.
First of all, there is a backstage performer who controls a Crush’s animated avatar, that is, a digital recreation of the Crush, the famous turtle from the film Finding Nemo. This backstage performer is responsible for the manipulation of live interaction with the audience where the turtle makes jones, answers questions from the audience and basically acts like a real live character. What is happening here is simply live action animation.
In order to bring about this real live animation, the backstage performer is usually seated next to a huge control board which contains a large selection of animated movements that have been pre-pre-endered. This means that before the character is brought to real life, programmers have to first of all create a large number of animated moments which are then stored on the control board. When the interactive session is on, all the background performer has to do is to press buttons on the board and subject the turtle to a variety of movements and actions such as moving around. Simply put, the background performer is able to manipulate his alter ego since he is the one who talks with the visitors and cracks jokes while the movement of the turtle is done digitally. This kind of TRM taxonomy appears to be not only less expensive but also less exhausting than actually hiring a whole group of live action animators.

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