Does The Internet Make You Dumper? Essay Examples

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Today, everyone will agree that the internet is providing us with unprecedented amount of varied information. However, scientific evidence suggests that the internet with its constant forms of interruptions and distraction may turn the elite society into scattered and dumpy thinkers. Steven Pinker in his work “mind over mass media” and Sherry Turkle “connectivity and it`s disconnects,” in their works offers an incisive and searing diagnosis of the positive and negative aspects of the internet. In their research they actively provide counter arguments regarding the use of the internet in the current society. The vivid picture that is portrayed by these forms of research is currently troubling anybody who values the depth and potential of the human thought.
According to the one of the most recent research that was carried out by the Multimedia Association, results indicate that people who are addicted to reading texts that are coded with limits have lees potential to read and remember traditional linear text. The study continues to reveal that people who are constantly distracted by alerts, mails and other forms of messages understand less and may not mange to concentrate. Further, people who jungle a lot of information at the same time or within limited time always tend to be less creative and productive. The common cause of this trend is always caused by the inability of the mind to divert the attention. The trend limits the richness of the memories, thoughts and even the people’s personalities to focus their mind and sustain their concentration.
Erick Kandel, a renowned Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist in his work believes that a person is only able to associate the meaning of piece of information to the memory if only he/she pays a deep attention to the new piece. The internet in most circumstance interrupt and distract the brain concentration thus limiting it from forge some of the strongest and expansive neural connections within the brain. The internet stimulates the brain to become more signal processing unit. This in turn provides disjointed bits of information making the brain to act in short term-memory. As observed, in some circumstances, the internets have further provided wrong information regarding various important issues. In regard to the continuous trend, the internet still proves not to serve its intended purpose of enlightening people but to continue making them dump.
In his article, “mind over mass media,” Steven Pinker reviews some of the various ways in which the media technology influences that human cognitive domains. Some of his surprising revelations indicate that some of the most common computer tasks such as video games have the potential to enhance people visual skills. This development can be observed as individuals are in a position to shift their view among images and icons within the limited time. In his opinion, he believes that this automation often results in automatic thinking. However, according to the proponents, such form of shift often leads to destruction and misinterpretation of the required information.
According to one experiment that was conducted by one of the computer science tutors in Cornel University reveals detrimental effect of internet use among students during a class lesson. In a class of well connected internet, he provided a half of the class with an opportunity to browse while the lesson was in progress. On the other hand, the remaining half was only restricted to concentrate on the teachers instructions while their computers were shut down. Results indicated that, those who browsed during the class lessons performed much worse than their counterparts who never browsed during the class lessons. This trend proves on how web searching may have detrimental effects on student’s performance. In most cases, it is believed that this move distracts and limits the capacity of the brain to induce personal thinking.
The computer science tutor infers that every medium struggles to develop some cognitive skills that limit the other. In his opinion, he believes that internet has managed to strengthen visual-spatial intelligence. This characteristic has improved the human ability to carry out tasks in the most efficient and diligent manner by keeping lots of simultaneous signals. However, he agrees that this development has been accompanied by varied forms of weaknesses. These weaknesses include; inductive problem solving, abstract vocabulary, and limited critical thinking. Sherry Turkle “connectivity and it`s disconnects,” further reveals that multitasks within media often performs poorly as compared to those who perform single tasks. This level of performance observed among multitasks is due to possibility to be distracted during the lesson performance.
Further psychological studies indicate that these ill results that are caused by the internet often posses long term-effects on human brain. According to these studies, the human brain easily adapts to the tools that people often use to perform everyday’s tasks. These tools include the internet that we use to find, store and share daily information. As observed, these cellular interactions continue to influence how people think and act in their daily activities. According to these reports, it evidently clear that the internet is massively remodeling the human brain onto the negative capacity. Sherry Turkle in his work continues to believe that the connectivity of the internet continues to quickly neutralize the circuits in response to the human brain experience. In his most recent speech, the renowned technologist is profoundly worried on the cognitive consequences that the internet continues to relay to the society. In his one word, he stated that the long term effects of the positive quality minds will be soon “dead|.”
Scientific research continues to reveal that cognitive effects of the internet surfing as compared to the earlier information that were recorded in the printed media are quite different. They discovered that the internet provides scattered information unlike the books that engages the brain capacity in order to reflect and be attentive on the matters. Reading a printed book in most circumstances appears to be natural practice of thinking. It makes a person to use the four quarters of the rain and point out the most important elements of the reading.
In conclusion, it important for the society to realize that they are losing the most important part of their brain as a result of continues scanning and skimming on the internet. The internet continues to present the brain with native state of destructiveness that does not warrant. Therefore it is important that we configure the best approaches of how to use the internet in controlled manner that may only provide the positive aspects of the practice. As revealed, if the approach is adopted, the internet will prove to be one of the best resources to aid human advancement.

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