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a). Abstract: Explanation About the contents of the paper
b). Introduction: Defining Emotional abuse, types of emotional abuse.
c). Causes of Emotional Abuse- Explain the causes of emotional Abuse
d). Effects of Emotional Abuse:
i). Short-term Effects
ii). Long-term Effects
e). Ways of Preventing Emotional Abuse
f). Recommendations on the effects of Emotional Abuse
g). Conclusion: Final comments about effects of emotional abuse
i). References
j). Appendices

Many people have personal experiences with emotional abuse. Some of us may not even realize that we are being abused emotionally. Emotional abuse is experienced by both adults and children. Emotional abuse has very devastating consequences on the relationships. Emotional abuse may not have the physical mark like the other forms of abuse. This does not mean that emotional abuse is not real. Emotional abuse is a problem and a crime in some countries. This essay defines the emotional abuse and outlines the various types of emotional abuse. The causes and effects, long-term and short-term effects, of emotional abuse are well elaborated in the essay. The essay gives the various ways of preventing emotional abuse, as well as the recommendations on the effects of emotional abuse.


Emotional abuse does not have one specific definition. It can be defined in various ways depending on the context being considered. The general definition of emotional abuse defines it to be any acts that diminish the sense of dignity, identity, and self-worth of a person. These acts of emotional abuse include; infantilization, humiliation, intimidation, verbal assault, isolation and confinement among others. Physiological abuse and chronic verbal aggression are some of the alternative ways of referring to emotional abuse. Low self-esteem is the major behavior of people who are being abused emotionally. Emotional abuse in some cases may be serious to the point that it becomes suicidal. The most common place, where emotional abuse happens, is at the work place. This is a typical example of abuse that, most of the time, does not involve any verbal abuse. In some cases, emotional abuses are predetermined. In other cases, the offenders are not aware; it is their behavior. (Stosny & Steven, 2006)
There are various types of emotional abuse. Rejecting, terrorizing, ignoring, corrupting, isolating and exploiting are the various types of emotional abuse. People may not accept the lifestyle or general existence others, this is what is known are rejecting. Ignoring others is a perfect example of a type of emotional abuse. Yelling and verbally abusing others is a type of emotional abuse known as terrorizing. By, not allowing others to take part in some activities that we are taking part in, we are isolating them this is also a type of emotional abuse. Taking advantage of the less vulnerable in the society is also a major pathway to emotional abuse; this is referred to as exploiting. People can also corrupt the mind of others to use drugs or do illegal things. This type of emotional abuse is known as corrupting.


Childhood Experience
Research shows that most of the perpetrators of this act of emotional abuse experienced the same when they were kids themselves. The most affected are the parents who emotionally abuse their children because they were also abused. Such perpetrators may not have a clue that they are abusing others emotionally; it is their way of life. Parents are expected to raise their kids with love and harmony; they should understand that these kids’ need and behaviors will change as they grow. (Stosny & Steven, 2006)


Stress may make one to mistreat people emotionally. People may find it hard to deal with the needs and desires of other people when they are under stress. Stress comes from various avenues, for example; relationships, financial worry or job. Stress makes people have little to offer to others; this makes these people (who are stressed) abuse someone emotionally. The most common example of emotional abuse, done by people under stress, is verbal abuse. This mostly results from loss of temper as well as patience.

Abuse of drugs

Drugs are known to alter the mind of people; as a result, the users of these drugs resort to emotionally abusing others most of the time. The street drugs and prescription medications often contribute to a person’s propensity to abuse others emotionally. Parents often ignore their parental roles and in the process emotionally abuse their kids. The alcoholics also find it easier, most of the time, to lash out verbally or make inappropriate comments. We may blame these people for their action, but the truth of the matter is that drugs impair the sense of judgment of people. (Stosny & Steven, 2006)

Mental illness

The illness of the mind may make one to lash out at people due to his/her suffering. The most common example of mental illness that results in emotional abuse is the maniac depression. Mental illness of parents may make them abuse their kids by withdrawing from their responsibility. The unavailability of the parents makes the kids be emotionally abused. Some other types of mental illness may cause anger, this makes the person have the illusion that people are up against them. They, as a result, become very hard and harsh on people.


People suffering from poverty, most of the time, may fall victim to abusers. People often take advantage of the disadvantaged in the community. Isolated kids or kids from broken homes are easily preyed on; they fall victim to the abusers. These people who are poverty stricken do not have a say even though they are being abused emotionally, this is the saddest part.

Inappropriate Expectation

Some people have over-expectation regarding how others are should behave or what they should achieve. They, as a result, emotionally abuse these people in case they do not live up to their expectation. They emotionally abuse these people by isolating them, placing more expectation on them or by treating them coldly. In the case of children, their continuous crying may be upsetting to the parents and, as a result, they may verbally abuse these kids. This is emotional abuse.

Poor Upbringing

People may be brought up in a wrong way such that emotionally abusing others, is their way of life. Lack of parental skills is what causes poor upbringing of kids. The environment in which one grows up also determines his/her behaviors when he/she grows up. Kids, who are brought up in an atmosphere where other people are emotionally abusing others, may end up emotionally abusing other when they grow up. (Stosny & Steven, 2006)
Unlike physical abuse where the effects are easily noticeable, the effects of emotional abuse are psychological and, as a result, may not be easy to tell. However, keen observation of someone who is emotionally abused will help identify the changes of behavior that result from the abuse. The effects can be long-term or short-term depending on the nature and extent of the abuse.

Short-term Effects

These effects include:
Feeling manipulated, controlled and used
Becoming overly passive
Surprised and confused
Feeling ashamed and guilty
Having anxiety and fear
Frequently crying
Feeling like a walking “eggshell.”
Feeling undesired
Feeling powerless
Long-term Effects
These effects include:
Withdrawal; being isolated
Becoming unstable emotionally
Not able to trust anybody
Substance/drug abuse
Suicide or suicidal ideation
Lowered self-esteem
Disturbance of sleep
Exhausted; not able to do vigorous activities.
Feeling lonely
Emotional abuse effects are more harmful than physical abuse since one can suffer silently without others knowing it. Emotional abuse happens almost every day unlike other forms of abuse. These effects are; as a result harmful because of their nature; they are very frequent.


The ways of preventing emotional abuse should be practiced by everyone since anyone can be a perpetrator of emotional abuse. These ways include:
Creation of awareness; the fact that the perpetrators of emotional abuse at times are not aware of their actions being emotional abuse makes it necessary for the society to invest in the creation of awareness. The awareness campaign will help educate the people about the various types of emotional abuse as well as the acts that result to emotional abuse.
People who are under a lot of stress should undergo therapy. This will help them cool down and come to terms with what is causing the stress. Once the stress is done with the propensity of the person committing, emotional abuse will be low.
The society should pay attention to the needs of the people. This will help reduce the level of poverty that makes people victims of emotional abuse.
Parents should know their roles and responsibility in the upbringing of the kids. Once the parents have parental skills, they cannot emotionally abuse their kids.
The drug addicts should get enrollment into rehabilitation centers that will help in transforming their behaviors. Their anger will be controlled and, thus, they will not continue to abuse others emotionally. (Engel and Beverly, 2002)


Victims together with the offenders both need help so that we live in a peaceful society. The offenders should be made aware that what they are doing is not appropriate. Emotional abuse should be made illegal in all countries. This will ensure that it can attract a jail term of some predetermined years. The offenders should be taught about the ways of coping with previous experiences so that they do not abuse others emotionally because they were emotionally abused before. (Lachkar & Joan, 2008). 
The victims of emotional abuse should be counseled. The victims require someone who they can talk to, someone who can give them a shoulder to cry on. These people can be close friends, pastors and doctors among others. Once they accept they are suffering, it easier to help them. I recommend that people take it up to themselves to help one another out; you might be the victim next time, nobody knows. Victims should find people who can help them out, people who can listen to their suffering and help them out. (Lachkar & Joan., 2008) 


Emotional abuse can happen to anyone anytime. How we respond to emotional abuse and what we do about it is what matters. When we appropriately deal with emotional abuse, we have no risk of suffering. When we poorly deal with emotional abuse, we are at a risk of suffering. The best way to deal with emotional abuse is to talk about it. When we open up, we can move on and heal easily. Parents are supposed to raise their kids in a way that is most appropriate and doesn’t necessarily mean that they must raise them the way they were raised. (Lachkar & Joan, 1998)

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