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Role of Electronic and Digital Media
This paper discusses the role and importance of technology in electronic and digital media. In this paper I will present the precedent and modern roles of media in the world also I will explain various technologies in photography such as chemical and electronic technology of film making, video recording, and broadcast and how these technologies have sophisticated to the present day from the time these were discovered. This paper will also illustrate how these technological innovations are incorporated in mass communication media. Also, I would analyze the effects of development of digital technology on the content, circulation, and method of electronic media. Finally, in this paper I will talk about the evolution of the technology over time and how we become dependent on them.

Historical and contemporary roles of media in society

Nowadays, Innovation in technology is assumed as an essential part of electronic and advanced media, and it is constantly advancing. Computerized and electronic media today is promptly accessible with the creation of the Internet. The general public’s ordinary lives have achieved a comfort that has disentangled the procedure in which we recover answers to inquiries by the presentation of the Internet. Reliant electronic items have been developed due to which people are spending less time with individuals and additional time on the Internet. Preceding the presentation of Internet; individuals would need to go to the nearby library to research to recover the response to inquiries. Individuals would likewise partake in a face-to-face correspondence to make inquiries of things. General public of the present time is in aggregated in innovation; they have a tendency to take part in many discussions utilizing online networking, content informing on phones and email.

Discovery of Media

In the present day, media has a significant effect on society. Innovation is always moving; society is compelled to stay aware of the mechanical changes and headways. Remote hardware and home apparatus have constrained a codependence nature in the middle of society and the innovation companies that get to the web and the accommodation of the eternity prospering access entrances to the web. Society has developed reliant on electronic items, spending less time with individuals and additional time on the web. Nowadays there are eBooks which are used prior to the web or World Wide Web, libraries for religiously perused books. With eBooks, individuals can use their cells to buy or rent books. Advanced cams permit us to catch minutes, spare print and offer. Innovations like memory cards and the cloud innovation enable us to spare anything and everything. Pictures can be taken and transferred to a server to be gotten to at whatever time through the cloud innovation. Computers and other computing devices are nowadays used in school for creating easier understanding.

Technological Innovations

It is illustrated that Broad communications are the vehicles through which messages are dispersed to mass crowds (Vivian p. 3). These technology developments are used for mass communications as a part of numerous ways. The primary objective of mass communications is to summon thought and purposeful publicity into the mass group of onlookers through mass correspondence. Mass communications are integrated into society thru digital media such as TV, radio or the Internet. Three essential employments of social media are to shop, research, and to communicate with loved ones. John Vivian who is the creator of the Media of Mass Communication says that the Media innovation is the result of imaginative virtuoso, yet the application of innovation to make a medium that indeed achieves a mass gathering of people is an experimentation process. (Vivian p. 72). The declaration of Vivian stands genuine today; organizations and business people are continually concocting conveyance of data in plans to enhance the current procedure.

Affect of Digital Technology

The content quality, dissemination and style of electronic media have been influenced by Digital technology. For example, any magazine can now be perused on a computer through the Internet. Magazines can likewise be gotten to on different gadgets, for instance, web enabled mobile phones and tablets. The innovation of uses makes this innovation effectively available. Photography likewise has experienced a couple of quick advances all through history very much to today. Since the 1960s, Electronic pictures have been in creation; for the normal picture taker computerized take innovation used to be much all the more excessive (Random History, 2008). Then again, customer request has started an element industry of advanced cam organizations, subsequent to the innovation of computerized prints (Random History, 2008). These organizations offered a wide mixture of cams that range from customer demand to amazingly proficient one and also have driven costs down (Random History, 2008).
The same other businesses the music business has invited new innovation. MP3 players are one of the music innovations in music technology which replaced things like radio, tape recorder, etc. Radio has likewise propelled in that it can now be gotten to thru a computer, wireless or satellite radio perfect gadget.


It is concluded that the increasing advancement in technology has ensured the precision; momentum and communication reload. Media is a kind of technology which has affected the development of better tools in media. In this way, technology is continuously humanizing the technique in which the world communicates. In my opinion technology has bring about simplicity and accuracy to the world in which organization of the everyday actions have turned into an easier one. Technology has made communication easier, and it is only because of media that information can be transferred to the whole world from a single place.


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