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The changes in the environment that have affected the environment in the current world have led to many changes and development of various regulations that companies need to abide by to establish in places. The changes have involved the application of different regulations to control and limit human activity and industrialization to control the amount of emissions that cause an effect to the environment. The changes have allowed the companies to proceed in setting up but with limitations on the level of activity and the system of disposal of wastes to reduce on the effects of pollution and preserve the environment. The company Landfill Gas Industries Ptd Ltd deals with the production of components that may provide an effect to the environment. Gases filling the environment have created an effect on the level of ozone layers in the world affecting the general global warming levels.
The major effects that such a company has on the environment are of two forms, the effects that the wastes that the company produces cause to the environment and the products that the company produces and their effects from consumption and availability on the market to the environment. The management of wastes from the point of mixing ingredients provides the necessary management means for controlling the effect that the company produces to the environment. The company produces gasses that many have proven to have a profound effect on the environment. The gases develop a cloud on the environment that produces an effect on the environmental gases. These causes a contributive factor to the reduction of the ozone gases hence providing room for global warming that has provided a major challenge to the environmental advancements.
The need to preserve the environment and successfully meet the needs of the legislative items has provided the restriction of many companies hence the need to develop products that prove environmental friendly. The company has developed green energy products that favor the environment and supports the limitation of dangerous emissions to the environment. The company has employed various research means to improve their chances of having better products as of the landfill products. The preferred power generation means that the company has embraced has helped it reduce on the rate of emissions and the application of equipments that do not support the environment. The application of the power generation solutions that the company produces provides the efficiency and the durability that the engines provide. The equipments meet the world needs of preserving the environment.
The company has hired a specialized team of experts that provide the technical support to the teams for the success of the company in its quest to produce products that fit the environmental regulatory systems. The teams working for the company have a coordinated approach to working that allows for their successful implementation of the different plans that the company has in its strategic plans. The company develops various products besides the green gases and has effected numerous projects. The company caters for both the large and small size companies all developed with a generation of technologies that simplify application and all cover environmental needs. These have created the versatile environment where various experiences based on passion have resulted into the solutions that the market needs. Other projects that the company has developed include the assessment of carbon liability, the feasibility studies that cover landfill gas projects, assessment of the landfill gas emissions projects. Feasibility studies on waste projects, cost-benefit studies for the infrastructure on waste management, the development of various strategies on waste management and the development of presentations and promotional materials (Landfill Gas Industries, 2015).
The projects developed above all reflect on the preservation of the environment and hence the advantages that protect the environment from degradation. The major challenge for many companies stems from the waste management systems. The waste management systems in the world have provided the need to have more research into the sector to establish more waste management systems. Through research, more means become revealed providing for the fight on environmental preservation.
The company has put in place other monitoring systems that monitor their developments and ensure that they provide the necessary security to the environmental needs. The monitoring systems have worked towards the control of the level of emissions that the company produces to the environment and their effect on the places that they are emitted to. The management of the company has put in place various procedures that each employee obtains training on to ensure they handle the emissions well to prevent effects on the environment. The company employs the same means in monitoring the wastes emitted from their processes. Waste products from the gas development processes and for the development of other products need proper disposal to prevent the environmental effects that yield. The monitoring of these processes ensures proper disposal and treatment of the wastes. The application of technologies in managing these allows for the improvement of the means of management of the wastes and the production processes.
The challenges that the company faces stem from their primary business that deal with the production of gases that produces energy for consumption (Motorola Solutions, n.d). This being their primary business, the company has invested heavily in the production of the products for the markets. The need to have these operations limited within the regulatory frameworks for the prevention of environmental degradation influence the decisions that the company makes in relation to the production material, the machinery to employ, the level of emissions to release and the methods of disposing wastes.
The other challenge that the company faces is the negative perception that the world has developed over the consumption of gases and the risky nature of most in relation to inflammation. Most gas products become flammable hence providing a risk that may affect the environment or cause fires in an unnecessary manner. The stringent nature of the field that the company operates in affects the level of business and the level of gas productions that the company is allowed to produce on a regular basis. The company has suffered many effects with a limited product development that has limited their returns.
In conclusion, environmental management has proven as a necessity in the quest to preserve the environment for future generations. The development of regulations in the field to prevent any negative effects has allowed for the control of the emissions that the companies produce to the environments. The different products as per regulations are produced on limitations to reduce on the level of effect that the environment suffers as a result of the business needs of the companies.


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