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Answer The Questions

1. Run the tool in socialmention.com with the two keywords respectively. Paste the first page of the result screen for each actor.

Tom Cruise
2. Who were mentioned more in social media? Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt?
Brad Pitt has the highest score than Tom Cruise. Brad Pitt holds a 46% strength compared with 33% strength score for Tom Cruise (Social Mention search, 2015). The results indicate that social media users have a growing interest in Brad Pitt acting career and his social life. The measuring criteria accounts for the phrase mentions in average of 2 hours.
3. Who received higher ratio of positive mentions to negative mentions?
The social media tool uses sentiments to assess the ratio of positive comments over negative mentions. Brad Pitt leads with thirteen positive comments compared to Tom Cruise record of ten comments (Social Mention search, 2015). Despite the close range of sentiment results, Pitt has a better reputation than His counterpart Cruise.
4. Explain the meaning of passion. Compare two actors in terms of passion.
Passion is an intense emotion that an individual develops over someone or something. The passion measuring factor in the social media tool portrays the probability that social media users would often mention a brand or a celebrity. Despite manifesting a high strength score, Brad Pitt trails Tom Cruise with 28% passion while Tom Cruise dominates with 51% passion rate. The results indicate that a small group of social media users would mention about Tom Cruise on many occasions. On the other hand, the 28% passion score for Brad Pitt means that the rate of mention is dispersed among different users rather than concentrated within a small group.
5. With google.com/trends tool, Show two actors’ search trends in one chart. Copy and paste the first page of the screen here.
6. Compare and explain the two actors’ search trend since 2005
The actors’ interests have been marginally declining since May 2005 when both they attained a maximum 100% record of interest (Google Trends, 2015). In July 2009 was the period when the search interests score recorded a low of 8%, a concerning score that could draw reference to their reduced inactiveness during the month of July. In the months of January and July 2006, the actors’ interests grew and attained a high of 68% and 66% respectively. The celebrities’ niche in eliciting social interests in the periods of May 2005 and June 2012 are influenced by their remarkable events in career and social life. In May 2005, Cruise evoked social following when he declared his love with Kate Holmes in an Opra Winfrey show. In the same year, he clichéd the people’s choice award as the best male movie actor. Moreover, he featured in the scientific thrilling film known as the War of the Worlds. In 2005, Cruise was declared as the highest paid actor by the Forbes magazine (Pomerantz, 2012). Surprisingly, Cruise hit the headlines when Cruise and Holmes settled for a divorce in July 2012.
On the other hand, Brad Pitt featured as the starring in the famous film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith. In the same year, Pitt’s relationship with Angelina dominated the televisions and social sites as avid fans delved into following the couple’s anticipation for marriage. Following the confirmation of Angeline’s pregnancy, the Actor’s star rose to a record high of 68%. However, the two celebrities’ social trend has stagnated and declined over the past two years- a factor that could be associated with their reduced activity in their social life and career.
7. List the top two provinces, which show highest search for "Tom Cruise" in Canada?


British Columbia
8. List the top two states, which show highest search for “Brad Pitt" in USA?


New York
9. Write your opinion that is more popular considering the results above. Justify your opinion. Please include at least the three results of the questions above (Q1 – Q8) in your justification.
Based on the above results, Brad Pitt overtakes Cruise in terms of popularity in the social media sites. While cruise scores 33% in strength, Pitt scores a 46% indicating that Pitt activities are frequently sourced by online users than Cruise. Sentiments score is another crucial comparing factor since a high score of positive comments overshadows any imminent negative issue associated with a celebrity. In that case, Brad Pitt bears a stronger sustainable positive reputation compared to his counterpart Cruise. While Cruise has 86 unique authors talking about his activities, Brad Pitt portrays a strong score of 187 unique authors discussing him.
1. List the name of the top four seals, which people trust the most

Norton, MC Afee, TRUSTe, BBB Accredited (Holst, 2013).

2. If you are going to display two trust related seals (rather than SSL seals), which people trust the most, which seals would you choose?
Mc Afee is the best ranked Trust seals with most consumers expressing confidence in securing their online transactions.
3. Explain what assurances Norton SSL seal, McAfee SECURE Trustmark and TRUSTed Websites Privacy Certification provide respectively.
The Norton SSL seal assures online users of encoded information during the connection period. The coding deters any third party from accessing the content easily. The firm emphasizes that the product will not affect the speed of the computer or any other device. Mc Afee Secure Trustmark shields the user’s information from being distorted by hackers. The product consists of a site advisor that links the firm with the clients to maintain a consistent interaction on any product-related issues for quick resolution. On the other hand, The TRUSTe trusted seal upholds a sustainable and loyal consumer relation. Through a Saas-based DPM platform, the firm assures the clients of securing the customer data during assessment and implementation.
1) How much money the original had employer lost?

The employer lost an enormous of dollars due to the former employee’s tampering with the email password.

2) Explain how this could have been avoided.
The password insecurity has been a rampant issue affecting many businesses as well as individual internet users. The immediate step to protect a firm from the issue is to educate the employees on the importance of creating a strong password. The employer ought to have installed an automatic password detector that expires after a specified period and permits a multi-character password. As a cautionary approach, firms should source services from reputable software firms to install a system that alerts users in case a third party tampers with the login details. Additionally, the employer could have typed the password on a piece of paper thus exposing to the external parties. Therefore, the employer could have typed the password in a secure place for easy retrieval.
3) If you open an e-mail attachment that contains MyDoom virus, what would happen?
The highest number of e-mail attachments especially from unknown sources infects the electronic devices with virus. The virus secretly interferes with the users system and spreads across the system network. The attachment creates a link with the intruder by easing access to passwords and privacy content. Ultimately, the firm loses both financial resources and private data thus exposing the company’s competitive advantage to undeserving parties.
4) Why did several of the consultant’s clients terminate their business relationship?
The reason that culminated in firms terminating their interaction was due to interruption by virus infection. The client’s computer had been infected by a virus that had subconsciously spread to other business clients. As a result, the client’s data was interrupted by virus attachment leading to business attachments.
5) Explain how this could have been avoided.
The case could have been avoidable had the user received appropriate information on installation and periodic renewal of the anti-virus software. The sales person ought to have alerted the consultant of a requirement to update the software upon expiry.
6) Explain how each case could have been avoided.
A firewall installation deters influence of virus infected pop- up messages as well as external parties from hacking into a company’s strategic plan. Installation of a firewall application could have prevented the consultant’s email from sending virus attachment to the clients. Similarly, creating a strong password inhibits intruders from accessing information in wireless connected networks.
7) Explain how the security consultant received a kind of threatening reply note from a former employee of a telecommunications consulting firm.
The situation emanated from the president’s failure to terminate the employee’s information from the database. The former employee had developed an email server that would instruct any email for the presidents towards his email. As a result, the employee had drafted a malicious message to the security consultant disguised to have originated from the President. Unused information reserved for the computer could act as a link for manipulation by external parties with access to basic information.
8) How could the New Jersey accountant maintain his business when the electronic and physical copies of all his clients’ records were lost due to a fire in the building?
The accountant could have formed a contractual agreement with an independent technical firm that would assume both repair and data liability in case of damage. The firm secures the company’s data with an offsite copy that would be easy to retrieve in case of fire or any other risk.
9) Explain why the company lost millions of dollars.
The manufacturing company suffered data loss due to software crash that destroyed the company’s electronic files. Unfortunately, the firm had been reluctant to preserve files in external back-ups disks such as hard disks and flash disks. Consequently, it was impossible to retrieve the lost data thus leading to the contract termination and financial loss (Hancock, Goodall, Shaughnessy, Maliniak, McCurdy & Pethia, 2004).
10) Explain why the company was unable to download the patches that address a virus attack.
The company had not upgraded the software program for some time despite receiving patches alters. The problem had persisted and accumulated with other associated defects and, therefore, the program could not download the current patches. The technical team had not sustained a continuous maintenance of the programs.
11) Explain why the unsuspecting victims often opt to pay to the extorter.
Cybercrime as raised major concern across the globe with unsuspecting employees and employers being unaware of their actions as the aggravating factors for the vice. The online operators fail to install remote access limits to the system hence exposing the network to intruders who capitalize on to threaten the victims (Hancock, Goodall, Shaughnessy, Maliniak, McCurdy & Pethia, 2004). Oblivious of the network leakage, the victims fall on the extortionists demands. A considerable number of employees do not log out from the system upon completing their tasks.
12) Explain how this could have been prevented.
It is possible to avoid the situation by educating the employees on the cautionary measures such as signing out from unused programs. Further, the management reserve access to network devices and passwords for programs to the maintenance team and utmost two trusted employees. The approach will strive in enhancing security for the information.
13) Explain why the woman was prosecuted.
The employee had seized other employees’ personal information to established fake accounts at the expense of the employees. She used the accounts to distort over $50000 from unsuspecting individuals which are against the firm’s ethical principles.
14) Explain when the worst damage was done.
The online retailer faced the worst damage when an intruder interfered with the system and posted the company as a pedophile contrary to the customers’ belief as a reputable trading company. Unfortunately, the incurred damage was beyond the insurance policy’s coverage. To salvage the firm’s loss, the trader could have installed a security management system to monitor the online operations closely and insure the firm against cyber-attacks.
15) Explain what the consultants found in the Albany NY law firm in addition to a variety of vulnerability.
The consultants noted that the firm had not installed the anti-virus with the recent updates. Additionally, the technical team had not renewed the license while the updates were not linked to the server for protection (Hancock, Goodall, Shaughnessy, Maliniak, McCurdy & Pethia, 2004).
16) Explain why anyone would attack a small company if there is no enemy for the company?
Small firms are prone to internet and network attacks from external parties who could be interested to divert financial resources from the firm. Cyber attackers usually have no specific target and capitalize on any loophole for personal interest. Similarly, an employee could distort the company’s information to destroy other people’s reputation or threaten the Company’s executive for selfish gains.
17) Which of four practices out of the twelve do you think are most important?

Formulate strong passwords

This is the immediate precautionary measure that every organization should take to protect crucial data from external threats. Strong passwords deter hackers from gaining access to the network and manipulating the information to their advantage.

Install Up to date anti-virus software

An antivirus software protects the computers against virus-induced by e-mail attachments or installed programs from untrusted sources. Without a trusted antivirus, an organization is at risk of losing data (Williams & Manheke, 2010).

Create a Back Up Storage for important information

Despite installing other security measures, data saved on the devices is susceptible to loss in case of an unforeseen hazard. Therefore, using an off-site backup device such as a floppy disk or delegating to an independent firm is paramount for data retrieval and organization’s continuity in operations.

Establish a security risk management

The role of the security risk management is to prepare the firm for any contingency plans and amass the necessary resources in case of an occurrence. Through the program, the organization remains ahead of the risk.


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