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Business Ethics are the principles and the standards that contribute to the required and acceptable conduct in places of business like organizations and companies. Their main function is to examine the behavior of the customers, employee, and the employer for them to work in harmony. It also explores the social responsibility that ensures that the social implication of business is achieved. It also ensures that the business maximizes its profits while minimizing the negative its impacts in the society. The most basic responsibilities are part of the laws of the country.

What, if any, ethical responsibilities do businesses have?

The responsibility to employees
All the business and the companies should ensure good employees behavior and the Human Resource decisions to fit the law and establish social responsibility in the workplace. By doing this, the company or the organization will establish the environment of fairness and equity. It also exposes the business to security over is company ethics. The company will achieve the equilibrium between morally based employment decisions and the profit based employment decisions (Audi, 2009).

Responsibility to customers

Responsibility to supply chain
Happens when the company belongs to a certain chain where they receive materials from suppliers. The relationships exist between distributors, retailers, and the company. The company ought to act honest in all the transactions like giving a fair price to the supplier and determine costs to charge the distributor and the retailer. At the end, the consumer will get the product the fair price (Barry, 2008).

Responsibility to environment

Now that the business doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it has an obligation of maintaining its internal and the external stakeholders. The relationships between the business and retailers and the distributors must be guided by ethics. The respect to the environment like disposing of waste properly is an ethical practice. It is also ethical for the company to consider effects of job creation or job creation to an individual (Paliwal, 2006)

What, if any, ethical responsibilities, do business people have?

The people doing the business must have valid code of conduct that motivates the business to continue, the responsibilities include
Honest- all the persons involved in business must be honest to avoid mislead and deceiving others by misinterpretation, overstatements, selective omissions and partial truths.
Integrity-all, the persons in an organization, are expected to justify trust by being real. It enables them live in ethical principal despite pressure.

Promise-keeping will allow one to interpret agreements in reasonably technical and legalistic manner.

Loyalty fairness- they safeguard ability to make independent judgments, this will avoid the conflict of interest.
Caring – all the individuals must be compassionate benevolent and kind to one another.
Respect-the persons working in any organization should display respect for human dignity and to the ethics of the company.
Commitment to excellence-
Leadership-all people working in a company should display the character of leader and leadership skills in handling his work. This will help make the good environment.

Accountability- individuals in a company should accept personal accountability for the ethical quality of their decisions.

Others include the reputation, morale, commitment to excellence, fairness, and promise-keeping.
The Christians and non-Christians point of views on the ethical responsibilities
Yes, the Christians view ethical responsibilities totally different from the non-Christians. Non-Christians, for instance, the Muslims. They follow the Sharia laws, for example, the Sharia law prohibits interest in any borrowed loan that is against the ethics and rules of any organization. For this circumstance, the Muslims need to adjust to fit in borrowing the loans from these organizations. For the Christians, the Bible agrees with the loans with interest because they are concerned with doing the right thing by using your conscience. It makes people follow the rules of the state and those of the organizations and companies (Boylan, 2008).
How would Christian principles affect the decisions business people make?The Christian people are concerned with doing the right thing all the time. The decisions that people make in most organization depends on the Christianity features and the rules like doing the right thing.

Please give an example of an actual business decision, and discuss howChristian principles would apply

Most individuals may not be religious; ethics is applicable to anyone by natural law. Ethics cannot be separated from religion since of the Church has perfect lessons on authority such as the Guardian of Christian Revelation. A classic system law doesn’t incorporate too many ethical standards because they depend on the Christianity rules that are surely not ethically corrupt. Also, the companies to avoid ethically corrupt laws, they use Christianity values like honesty, sincerity, patience, leadership among others that originate from the Bible (Enderle, 1990).


The ethical responsibilities are supposed to protect the internal and the external environments of a business. They ensure harmony between the company, workers, and the consumers. The ethics established are mostly developed from the religion morals where the definition of right and wrong thing is clearly defined.


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