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Human trafficking is an old evil still prevailing strongly in the modern world. History is full of examples where scores of human beings were captured and sold en mass to work in terrible conditions for the rest of their lives, but it was hoped that in the modern world it could be stopped but it still continuing despite efforts from various human rights organizations. Human trafficking is a broad term that may also include forced marriage of children to far flung areas in return of money and donation/extraction of organs and tissues for the people who need transplantations. So, it is a very vast term that can be applied to a number of acts, but the bottom line remains the same; human beings are treated as objects and goods and are given no rights at all. It doesn’t necessarily involve movement of a person from one place to another. We aim to create and promote a Facebook page for the purpose of educating and engaging the masses regarding this grave issue. We need this approach for several reasons.
The activism present in the case of human trafficking is ineffective and futile. The need to take this movement global must be spread to each corner of the globe. The main shortcoming that we face is a lack of direct communication between the affected and the rest of the world. Social media is the most powerful media to provide direct communication as websites like Facebook have a billion registered users from all over the globe.
The effect people have in their understanding by learning from Facebook is far better than handing out leaflets and even campaigning physically as the reach can never equal the number of people online and socializing. Furthermore, the raw ability of Facebook to make people of different background come together and share their experiences and stories can never be taken lightly. This movement needs to go global for several reasons. Some of them are:
Even though the human trafficking itself is normally localized, the effects of the whole process are transnational in nature as the chain of human trafficking leads straight back to one of the economic powerhouses like the G8 countries.
People need to realize through these Facebook stories that there are countless human beings whose lives are completely ruined due to the barbaric acts of the proprietors of human trafficking.
They will also find out that buying the products of a human trafficking network will not only provide more resources in the hands of human traffickers, it will encourage them to subdue more and more people.
Once they get to realize, this movement will gain momentum and be a part of the leading countries pledges to their people.
Thus anti human trafficking laws will become much more forceful and the chain of demand will be cut short thus forcing the human traffickers into bankruptcy.
Once the more ugly forms of human trafficking are curbed, the world will then focus attention on other grey areas like child labor and bonded labor rampant in many countries.

All of this will eventually ensure the implementation of basic human rights true to the spirit.

So, the first step in the Facebook page creation is to have maximum number of likes and recommendations. We know that starting a new page is very difficult especially for such an issue that may already have international concerns, websites and even task forces dedicated to it, so what we will do is to keep people engaged through our facts and figures regarding the human trafficking. We have set a target of 1 million audience within space of a year and 10 million in 4 years’ time. The more people we get to follow our page, the more reach we will have. The more reach we have, the easier will be our important information to reach the masses.
The facts and figures are available with UN and many international welfare organizations specializing in the study of this phenomenon. We will take these facts and build nice graphs and demonstration videos to raise awareness. We will post these statistics along with statistics about their future. Next off, we will engage survivors who have been subjected to this evil in the past. They will simply share their story regarding their work conditions, how they had to sell their kidneys, or pieces of liver in order to survive, how they worked in carpet factories till their hands were bloodied and bruised. We will post their stories and they are so overwhelming and that it will easily capture the attention of people. Once people get to know about their misery, they will feel inquisitive about the movement and all the data will already be in place to help them.
Next off, we need to identify and respond to the pro-human trafficking policies passed by the government and start protesting immediately in order to halt the follow up and eventually have it scrapped. If a country is blatantly violating the human trafficking laws, the products of that country should be banned until it enforce laws to ensure people of their due rights. We need to campaign against these countries on Facebook.
We can also engage star power in order back our claim. We know that people are influenced by what the celebrities do and how they live lives. We can approach certain celebrities and have them speak on this issue.
We can also start a crime cell on the page focusing on the occurrence of major human trafficking incidents and how they were caught and push for their conviction. The world needs to take tougher stands on convicted traffickers so what we have to do is that we will campaign for tougher reprimanding laws and ensure that no human trafficker walks free in our countries anymore.
We can also start a campaign to congratulate and uplift the heroes who worked for this cause and brought happiness into the lives of the affected people. Policemen, judges, activists and other people who helped the cause would be recognized and given endorsement and achievement awards for accomplishing the impossible. Again all of this will be done through Facebook and people around the world will get motivation for success.
The Facebook page promotional activity won’t come easy, it will require considerable expertise, patience devotion and resources to be this successful. We believe that through this approach, we will finally be able to tap into the humanitarian side of human beings.


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