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Gender denotes to culturally made guidelines that are played by both men and women in the society. Gender is used as a concept to analyze the shaping of women’s and men’s behavior in line with the normative mandate of the people. Gender as the abstract tool is used to examine the structural relationships of inequality prevailing between men and women. This is based on various features such as the labor market, household, political and educational institutions (Thorne, 1993).

Who Am I now?

I am female. Anybody can tell this by way of observation of my activities. One can then conclude that am female by my code of dressing, the products I use lipsticks, and the jewelry I wear e.g. necklaces and earrings.

Doing Gender

In the morning, I have to get up early and prepare breakfast for my husband and kids. I also have to make the kids and get them ready in time before they are picked up by their school bus. I am the last to leave the house in order to ensure a high level of cleanliness in the kitchen and leaving room.
In the evening, it I am curious to know how my kids have spent their day at school without forgetting to know the status of my husband. I then have to get busy in the kitchen to make for them supper and serve them. I then have to take the kids to their bedroom to get rest, cover them, and ensure they are safe for the night.
I exist in the society as a gendered individual because of my kindness and compassionate to others. Typically, whenever anyone is passing through the hard times, I put myself in his/her shoes and sometimes I even find myself crying. I also care for my workmates much and advise them whenever I see they need advice.

Gendered routine

It is clear that my commonest stereotypical role that is prevalent is the homemaker. Therefore, I have to wake up on time to make my family breakfast, prepare my kids for school and my husband for work, and clean the house and clothes.

What I wear and the products I use

As earlier mentioned, my gender is evident from what I wear and the products I use. Mostly, I wear long dresses of course designed with colors such as pink, yellow, white and red. I also wear corsets, tight or flowing skirts, nylons that have restricted freedom of movement, and high heels. Among the products I use are cosmetics e.g. makeup, hair oils and skin smoothers, and lighteners.

My interaction with others

In the context of my family, I pay much consideration to the wishes of my husband and children. I care for them much than I care anybody else, and I do anything just to see my family happy. At work, I am inquisitive to know the endeavors of my workmates, and I always promise to be there to help them. I am always jovial with my friends, and I have the desire to know them better. I always assume that I cannot leave well without them, and I tell them often that they are my second family. I try my best to bring them as close as possible so that I can feel the pleasure of having best friends.
Institutions are gendered in a way in which they allocate their jobs to the staff. Those works that require more power and masculine bodies are given to men. On the other hand, less involving jobs are given to females like cleaning and arranging offices, and secretarial jobs

Gender in decision-making

My gender plays a crucial role in the decisions I make every day. For example, as a mother I make decisions that will favor my family first (I won’t go out for a camp and leave my family behind struggling in the kitchen and general cleanliness). At work am compassionate to my co-workers so I will not see them suffer instead, I will always choose to help at whatever cost. Also, as a mother, I won’t wish to lead an expensive lifestyle while my children are suffering. Instead, I would prefer to suffer and see my children enjoy.


Gender: this is a psychological, social, and cultural construct and is related with manliness and feminity.
Gender role: defined as the social roles that a person is expected to fulfill based on his or her gender.
Gendered institution: refers to an organization where the division of labor is done based on the gender of its staff.
Doing Gender: this implies that an individual is doing his/ her activities according to the set of rule of the community she lives.
Social construct of gender: denotes to the role played by the social life and socializing agents that play a vital part in the gender of an individual.

How I was socialized to the being I am

I was molded to whom I am today by way of repetition. My parents and would punish me if I attempted to deviate from the right morals. Although it was a hard task as time moved, I found it to be part of me, and it has fashioned me into the being I am now.

Institutions and social groups that shaped me

I learn my gender in various places including school, home, church, and media.
My mother always told me that it was the responsibility of a girl to ensure that meals are ready in time. She also told me that cleaning the house and taking good care of my siblings was my work.

At the church, my teachers taught me that girls should wear long dresses in order for them to look presentable.

Advertisements on the media showed me that the application of makeup is essential to maintain one’s beauty.
Theories of gender
Some of the theories of gender include feminist theory, standpoint theory, postmodern and post-structural theory, queer theory, and literary theory (Barry, 2002).


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