Example Of Creative Writing On Wall-E

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Published: 2021/01/03

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The main character in the movie is named Wall-E. Wall-E is a robotic character which was designed by the humans for the job of cleaning up the mess. The mess consisted of the trash and e-waste particularly. The Wall-E is the robot of the future which is developed with the program of making the trash and e-waste compressed into a cube structure. In this way, the e-waste pollution was reduced from the earth. Several robots similar to the Wall-E were designed by the humans in order to conduct the same function. However, the e-waste and trash which was produced by the humans grew so much that the humans commenced thinking about the movement of the entire human from the planet earth into the outer space where they were provided all the necessary facilities of life. Consequently, the elevation in the amount of trash and e-waste reduced its recycling process. Therefore, the robots like the Wall-E cannot restructure the trash with the same speed as its production. Subsequently, all of the humans moved to outer place from earth. Hence, the robots were left on earth but soon all the robots were deactivated and only Wall-E remained on earth. As this robot was not shut down, therefore, it continues to work its routine job daily for nearly 700 years. Since, all other robots were not available longingly, therefore, the Wall-E remained alone on the earth and was living with his loneliness and his one pet insect.
The human nature is not developed in the robots because it is the differentiating fact between humans and the machines. The robots are insensitive and devoid of thinking capabilities, emotions, and feelings. On the contrary, Wall-E is depicted to carry some emotions and feelings which resemble the human nature. Wall-E is shown listening to songs and feel the emotions displayed in the songs. Moreover, the human nature and feelings are shown in Wall-E through the relationship between the pet insect and the Wall-E himself. Wall-E takes care of the pet in the movie which is a trait of human nature that is to care for others. Also, the Wall-E can be seen moving the eyes and expressing through the eyes. This characteristic is in the nature if human (Kundert-Gibbs & Kundert-Gibbs, 2009).
Furthermore, the arrival of Eve can be the proof of the development of emotions and feelings in the Wall-E because he behaves exactly like a human does when he is in love with someone. Wall-E is all alone on the earth, so that shows he feels the loneliness and is sad about this. Therefore, the arrival of Eve is the light for him to get rid of the loneliness. Consequently, Wall-E is seen to conduct every step in order to save Eve due to love. These things display that Wall-E despite being a robot carried the feelings and emotions similar to the human nature.
This movie provides the lesson through a robot. Wall-E, the robot is busy in clearing up the trash and e-waste from the earth and has continued this work for many years. The humans must learn to reduce the e-waste and trash in order to reduce the pollution due to trash from the earth. Moreover, the people who are shown in this movie have become lazy and obese due to violation of the living rules. This grants the lesson that depending too much upon the technology can harm our own life and health. On the other hand, the environment of earth which is created by God is special, and it’s been ruined due to the development of technology. The excessive dependence on the technology has become the enemy of the humans in this era.

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