Example Of Does Shakeology Really Work? Research Paper

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Published: 2020/10/22

Shakeology generally refers to a nutrition protein shake that has been in circulation in recent days, and that is claimed to be very useful in the process of losing weight. The manufacturers of the product claim that it assists people who use it to lose, weight, reduce personal cravings, increase energy and stamina and finally promote a heath digestion process. This product is said to contain several in ingredients that comprise all the key nutrients needed to maintain one’s balanced diet. These nutrients include proteins, vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, prebiotics among others. The authenticity of this product and its effectiveness is something that is still under a lot of investigation.
In the article titled, “Shaekeology: The Healthiest meal of the Day”, the authors describe a study that they conducted to establish whether the product really worked. The participants were subjected to a 90-day study to show test the product would indeed work. In the course of this study, one meal of the day was replaced with Shakeology. In addition, the participants ate a balanced diet and also exercised moderately about thrice per week. After the 90-day study, the participants were exposed to several tests and the findings were tabulated. Generally, it was found that the participants were able to reduce their total cholesterol by about 30% (Team Beachbody, n.d). They were also able to reduce their bad cholesterol by about 38%. The cardiovascular risk ratio of the participants was also seen to go down by about 24%. Finally, the participant’s oxidative damage caused by free radicals was reduced by about 45% (Team Beachbody, n.d). This translated to a reduced risk of degenerative conditions such as dementia, heart disease and even arthritis.
This research is very scientifically relevant because results of the study are enough to encourage people to try this new product called Shakeology. There has been much apprehensiveness about Shakeology, and the researchers wanted to conduct a study that would perhaps show people that the product really worked. The release of the results of this study would therefore likely lead to an increase in the use of the product, and this is why it is very scientifically relevant. The research has the ability to change people’s outlook of the product.
There is no indication about the sample size used and this makes the research somehow suspicious. Although the research may have been conducted, and authentic results found, it would be hard to tell whether these results are applicable to a wider audience. Since the sample size is not specified, it would be hard to assess whether the research can credibly make the claim that Shakeology works.
Since the researchers are also advertising the product at the same time, there are high chances of bias. The research only reveals the positive aspects of the Shakeology; that is the positive effect that it had on participants including the reduction in their overall cholesterol.
The kind of research conducted was experimental in nature. The participants were exposed to the product to see the effect that it would have on them. After the end of the experiment, the effect that it had was assessed.
The data was collected quantitatively. As shown, most of the results are quantitative in nature and therefore, it would be safe to conclude that the data was collected quantitatively. For example, the cholesterol level of the participants was measured both before and after the experiment.
Although there are some questions that remain answered in regard to this research, the results showed that Shakeology does indeed work.


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