Example Of Emergency Manager Critical Thinking

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Published: 2020/10/11

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I am grateful to inform you on the progress of our arrangements in relation to remote sensing. I have looked at a number of literature and practical materials that have elaborated the essence of remote sensing. Since your schedule is very tight and you cannot join me in the city to learn more about remote sensing, I take the opportunity to write this letter to give you enough details that will help you to understand about remote sensing.
Remote sensing uses radiation in transferring its signals from one place to the other. Radiation occurs in the atmosphere where the signals bombard with the atmospheric objects, and there is a possibility of distorting the information. The bombardment of the air results in scattering that leads to the signals going in different places instead of following the designated path. After looking at the electromagnetic spectrum, you will get the required principles to understand radiation and learn about diffusion and convergence in radiation. There are two types of sensing which are passive sensing and active sensing. Passive sensing measure only the energy that is naturally available while the active sensors emit their light. The passive sensors depend only in natural light and cannot be helpful during the dark moments. The active sensors are advantageous since one can obtain a measurement at any time of the day or the night.
Before going further into knowing about sensors, you need to look at photography and know some of the basic concepts. Photographs taken in different places look differently with respect to the background or the amount of light present. Sensors in photography use the same concept with the human eye. The eye channels the rays to the brain for interpretation. A camera provides a clear application of passive and active sensors. For example, when one takes a photograph at daylight it appears different from the one taken in broad daylight. The first weather forecast machine generated in 1960 used sensors to predict the weather. Looking at the rainbow is very interesting but you must know that the rainbow results from the radiation in the atmosphere, without radiation the images could only be black.
Other than electromagnetic spectrum, remote sensing can use other media like sound. A phone call is a form of remote sensing where sound is an alternative to electromagnetic radiation. In this case, it is very important to know the areas in which remote sensors can be applied.
It is of the essence to ensure that you take a deep look at the things that I highlighted in the letter and follow them because they are important in your field. The world is looking forward to having innovative people who embrace technology and other forms of advancements.
I am certain that you gained crucial information about remote sensing. It is important to know the parameters that are used to measure radiation.

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Fundamentals of remote sensing: A Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Remote Sensing Tutorial

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