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Just as any other city, New York City faces a myriad of problems that often arise from the high population, poor leadership, and even poor policies. The most immediate problem that the city faces is the lack of accommodation that can support the large population. Apart from population, issues of racism are also a big problem that keeps on making it hard for people to thrive cohesively in the city. Insecurity is also an issue that takes the center stage in this city. Without forgetting, corruption and graft also tops the list of problems that the city faces. Many writers have also written about New York analyzing the various problems in the city. While others try to analyze various social problems in the city, others seek to analyze political problems and even economic problems. Failure of the leadership to take action on the issues in the city is one of the major problems that have troubled the city for decades. This paper analyzes the perspectives of various writers on the problems of New York. The major analysis of this paper is based on their major categories of problems in the city. These are social problems, political problems and finally economic problem.
While the local dailies keep on reporting various issues that the city of New York City faces, many fail to highlight the real challenges that people face on a daily basis. As the daily focus on issues such sex scandals, including the city leaders, other important issues such as climate and, poverty and policy issues still face the city yet they are not highlighted. One of the major social issues that this city face is the challenge of racial profiling. In the recent past, the Mayor Michael Bloomberg vetoed measures that could help curb racial profiling. This same issue has been facing the city for a long time. The issue is mentioned by (Johnson 389). He argues that the issue of racial profiling is real even in social places. There are names that specific groups call each other and such names cannot be applied to other groups. For instance, the word “Niger” (Johnson 391) is only used in other contexts and is not used to the whites. Though the word only means a “fellow” using it on the whites could be abusive. (Plunkitt & Riordon) does not highlight such issues in his article. Reflecting the same issue of the larger American society, one can see that it is a big issue that has always dominated many debates. Racial profiling in the city is only a reflection of the big problem that faces the American society.
The issue of poverty amongst the Immigrant is also another problem in the city. While the government takes various efforts to make sure that it gets jobs for the youths, the city still faces more problems of the immigrant population and poverty. Many of the researchers in the city reveal that the largest population of the people above sixty are foreign born and fall below the poverty scale. It is not only the older people that are struggling with poverty, but even the migrant youths. This is the reason some social problems are so high in the city. A high poverty-ridden population is a strain the social safety of the city such as housing and the social amenities. The high poverty population leads to the increase of some of the social problems such as illegal betting and gambling. The issue of illegal gambling has for a very long time troubled the city. The poor people seem to think that this is the easiest way to make a living and others gamble off anything that they have. The facts that there are a few who take advantage of this situation increase the rate of poverty in the city. Johnson 391 highlights some of the problems in the city and most importantly gambling. As one walks through the city, they will find groups of people gambling. Others gamble of everything to even the clothes they put on. This shows the immensity of the gambling problem in this city. George mentions the issue of gambling in this city, but his perspective is quite different. According to (Johnson), gambling is one of the types of bad graft that makes a few rich. There are people who see such an opportunity and take the advantage to impoverish the poor in the city. This is an issue that authorities in the city need to handle with an aim of totally getting rid of it. It is thus clear that the migrant population in the city languishes in poverty while a few rich people take advantage of their plight to exploit them.
The problem of gambling seems to take the center stage amongst the problems that people face in the city. Despite the legalization of gambling and especially casino gambling, there are other illegal gambling that go around the city. The fact that gambling is addictive as (Johnson) brings it out makes people go to a great length to give anything that they do to even have anything to put on. It is quite a deep problem that needs to be handled. But the biggest problem is not the gambling itself since it is poverty that pushes these people to such lengths. They simply end up being beggars, begging to just about 50cents. Johnson 391 gives a good description of the state of the people that get into gambling and how they get duped. While others do not have even clothes others just beg for money to eat a meal. It is not that they love gambling, but it seems like it is their only way to survive.
Graft in the city is also one of the major problems that the people in the city face. Though one can argue that there is honest graft and dishonest graft, there is no reality about this. Ideally, it seems that people that have a change and connection to the leadership have the advantage over the others. The society seems to favor only those people that have influence in the society. It is evident that graft is a problem that has troubled the city for quite some years. As (Plunkitt & Riordon, 347) puts it, honest graft is when one sees an opportunity and grabs it for their advantage. At the sometimes those in authority have the chance to get away with any graft since they have friends that can clear their names. It is one thing to think about graft as honest graft and the other to think of the reality of how the society is ripped off when people are involved in graft issues. The city loses sums of revenue on graft, yet the records will always show that the Treasury has not lost any money. Unfortunately, most people involved in graft are those that are in power, so it is hard to handle it(Wiles). Though the author seems to argue that this kind of graft is honest graft ideally, this is not the case. There is no way that people should disadvantage the society and say that their means are justified. People should not take the advantage of others and claim that they saw an opportunity and took action. Nonetheless, other forms of graft in the city such as gambling seem even to hurt the city to a large extent. (Plunkitt & Riordon) presents insights into such graft issues and how they hurt the city an issue that (Johnson) also presents.
Poor leadership in the city seems to be one of the problems that their city faces. This is the reason that the city keeps on grappling with some of the problems that it has been facing for many years. If the leadership could have been able to tackle the problems efficiently then the city could be in a better state. There seems to be a series of curtails that take advantage of the situation and keeps on hurting the city. This is the main issue in (Plunkitt & Riordon 348) article and misses in (Johnson) articles. While William seems to focus much on graft issues and leadership problems, (Johnson) focuses much on the problem of gambling and security in this city. It is evident from Williams articles leadership plays a big role in dealing with the issues of graft. It is up to the leadership of the city to take up state that can end graft (Huber 30).
Ideally, there are many issues that the New York City faces, but most notably there are issues of graft, security, poverty and even gambling. It is clear that some of the problems are an issue that the authority can take care of, but the authority seems to take a backstage role in all these problems. From the analysis of the two articles, there seems to be quite a diversion in their ideas. While Williams focuses much on the issues around the city such as poverty, graft security, William only focuses on graft and leadership. Though the two articles represents various eras in the York city, they still speak about sensitive issues that affect the city. They reflect the various issues that need to be settled and handled and find a solution.

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