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How Should Canada Manage Supply Management? Outcomes of Potential Change

The poster is well organized with a clear transition from one slide to another. The presenter has incorporated headings and subheadings to guide the audience on the content and the direction on which the presentation is heading or talking about. The space is well utilizing hence there no unnecessary gaps in the poster which can be nuisance to the audience. The use of different color theme attracts the attention of the audience since the color blend well with each other and they don’t interfere with the visibility of the texts.
The points are well self explanatory and to the point. The audience is able to understand the content of the poster adequately without much difficulty. The audience is not lost or confused by the content of the poster. The easy reading and understanding of the content keeps the audience hooked. Furthermore, the poster is introduced well with clear definitions and the objectives of the subject. The objectives give an in-depth explanation of the subject hence giving the audience a clear picture of the subject. Additionally, the presenter has incorporate graphs which are well marked to enhancing the understanding of the content of the poster. This show the presenter conducted wide and in-depth research on the subject. Furthermore, the presenter has deceased from repetition of contentment through out the poster. Hence, every slide has something new. This prevents the audience from becoming disinterest or bored with the poster.
However, the poster needs improvement, the font used by the presenter especially on the graph is too small. This interferes with the readability of the content. The audience has to strain in reading the poster. The poster should have in-text citation to show the audience where exactly the information presented came from. Overly the poster is excellent.


Egg Production Standards in California: Implications for Canada?
The poster has an excellent introduction which explains the theme of the poster and what would be the general content of the poster. The introduction is well organized that the writer easily identify with the content of the poster. This clearly captures the interest, imagination and attention of the reader. The poster has well chronological of events from the ancient to modern practice of how egg productions has advance. However, the reader can easily get lost or confused in the body. The points in the body are not self explanatory.
The font size used is appropriate which helps the reader to have easy time reading the content. The background color has a right contrast since it does not hinder the reader from seeing every word in the poster. Thus, all the slides are readable due to appropriate application of the right font size and the color theme. Additionally, every slide has a header which indicates the transition from one point to another. Thus, the reader navigates easily from one point to another. The space on the slide is well utilized; there are no too much blank spaces throughout the poster. Furthermore, there is no repetition of points hence chances of a reader becoming boring due to repetition of words is eliminated.
The poster is communicative and well represented. However, this can be enhancing by reducing the number of slides. Since this is a presentation, the number of slides should be few in order to give a brief view of the subject and urge the reader to conduct further research on the subject. Additionally, the presenter should have incorporate in-text citation to guide the reader on where to get information for further reading.

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