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The biggest problem the world is facing in the era of growth and technology is pollution. Since childhood, individuals are taught about pollution and the various ways people are causing it. Several techniques are also introduced and followed to combat pollution because of the hazardous effect it is causing to the whole world.
There are different types of pollution namely land pollution, water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, toxic pollution and light pollution. In the research, we will discuss different types of pollution and the hazardous effect of each type of pollution to the world.

Land pollution:

Land pollution can be defined as making the surface dirty through industrial waste or household garbage. Industries are a need of the world for growth and development but it is also need of an hour to produce goods with environment friendly techniques. Recent research shows that about fifty four percent of the pollution is due to landfills. Moreover, around 2 percent of the waste is a parcel of every individual in a single day. Talking about US only, the country alone is responsible for making thirty percent of pollution which includes two hundred and fifty million tons of garbage although the population of the country is only five percent of the world’s population.
Industrial waste, oils spills, throwing food trash, inappropriate recycling techniques, garbage, medical waste and sludge waste are few things that contribute to land pollution. Talking about the catastrophic effects of land pollution on humans, it creates several types of allergies and skin problems. The dangerous toxic materials enters the human body through various sources such as consuming fruits or vegetables which are grown in polluted soil and can cause various types of cancers. Moreover, respiratory diseases are a common problem in adults or children and the major reason behind the illness is land pollution.
Industries have a common practice of dumping waste which creates serious problems such as bad smell in the area and breeds rodents which in turn creates illness. Land pollution makes the area dirty and discourages tourists to visit the town.
The carelessness and misuse of humans is making the world an unsafe and dirty place to live and we, who should be the protectors of the land, are degrading the earth’s surface. The world is badly affected due to land pollution and pollution is responsible for endangerment of numerous living species and destruction of natural habitat. Moreover, destruction of forests, loss of valleys and exploitation of minerals are also some of the affects of land pollution to the world.

Air pollution:

Air pollution is one of the most dangerous types of pollution which affects the earth badly and creates major damage to the environment. Air pollution can be described is mixing of harmful gases in the air which makes it unhealthy to breathe. The polluted air has millions of tiny particles that are floating in the air which not only hurt the humans but also other living things of the earth.
Dangerous air pollutants such as carbon monoxides and chemical vapors mix in the air and cause smog and acid rain. Moreover, air pollution result in the formation of greenhouse gases which makes the surface of the earth warm through greenhouse effect. The creation of green house gases is a natural phenomenon which occurs due to air pollution and is making the earth warmer day by day and the university research shows that if the air pollution continues at the same pace, the world will become artificially warm.
Talking about the damage air pollution is causing to the people of the world; the survey report of world health organization presents that around 2.5 million people annually die due to air pollution. Moreover, people with weak immune systems are at great risk from air pollution. Air pollution creates serious illnesses such as respiratory diseases, asthma, heart problems and lung diseases. Recently, world health organization presented a survey of 7 million premature deaths due to air pollution.
The main reason behind air pollution is the excessive use of motor vehicles and the industrial combustion and it is very necessary to take serious actions against air pollution as it is making our environment warm and creating disturbance in the weather patterns. Moreover it is badly hurting the people of the world and all the animals or plants living in it. The strong storms and cyclones are also an attribute of air pollution.

Water pollution:

When dangerous chemicals and substances enter the water, they hurt the purity of water and make it unhygienic to consume. Water pollution is the second most dangerous type of pollution that is increasingly causing life threatening problems to all the living species of the world. Due to lack of adequate sanitation techniques of water, 783 million people do not have access to pure water.
Water pollution is basically a result of sewage water, runoffs and dumping garbage in the water by industries and agricultural sector. Recent research presents an astonishing number of deaths resulting from water pollution. It shows that death of fifteen thousand people in a year is mandatory due to polluted water and if measure are not taken to hinder pollution; the death toll may rise to an alarming figure.
Water pollution is hurting individuals and marine life equally. Starting from the effect of water pollution on children, the infant’s death toll has sharply increased due to diarrhea caused by the consumption of unhealthy water. In a year, around 1.5 million children die in infancy due to water pollution. The danger to marine life from water pollution can be judged by the fact that each year, 100,000 sea mammals and one million sea birds lose their lives. The contaminated water has made lakes and streams inappropriate for growth of aquatic lives. The fishes or marine animals which are found in such water are not safe to consume. If hunted and eaten by people, they can result in serious illness such as cancer or various allergies.
Thermal pollution is yet another act which is making a keen rise in water pollution. Thermal pollution can be explained as heating of water when industries use water to cool their operating machines. The discharge of hot water in water makes difficult for fishes to survive the change in water temperature and result in their death. Moreover, the discharged water holds less amount of oxygen which again kills aquatic animals.
If strong actions are not taken to control water pollution, the day is not far when the world will face water shortages. Also the increasing loss of marine life can lead to an end of one the most important living thing of the world.

Noise pollution:

Noise pollution results when the sounds from various sources reach at destructive levels. Noise pollution also contributes in the destruction of human and marine lives and disturbs the peace of environment. The sound from planes, ships, industry and vehicles are all causing noise pollution. Noise pollution cause high blood pressure, coronary heart diseases and various stress related illnesses which end in deaths of people. The marine life is also affected by noise pollution and research proves that it badly disturbs the whale’s routing system. Wildlife communicates loudly due to noise pollution which results in shorter life spans.
World is a beautiful place which if maintained with its natural beauty can bring great benefits to living things but pollution is the biggest threat which is slowly poisoning the environment of the world and making it most dangerous place for living thing to survive. If serious measures are no taken to combat pollution, there will be a day when all the natural beauty of the world will be lost and individuals will have great difficulty in survival. Every other house will have deformed babies and life expectancy of people will reduce to 45 years. It is the need of an hour to save the earth from this deadly affair as pollution aims to destruct the earth and take away its natural beauty.


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