Good Critical Thinking On Managing For Effective Workforce Diversity

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This article reports on the 74 hospitality managers and supervisors who were presenting a diverse society by goodness of their race, ethnicity and specially gender. The analysis which was collected by the managers was coded and then gathered all the meaning full and important answers they gave. Three main themes were found in this article are: Culture, Opportunity and Leadership. Culture was used as a wide zoom and for treating equal, Opportunity was given to few for career development and leadership was for practicing.


1) The main purpose of writing this article was, the author wanted to learn how the organizations can modify the procedures, practices and behavior so every individual have their value and gain respect. She wanted to examine that when people do not value diversity does it create a huge problem? If it does then, for whom?
2) The most important point that has been pointed out in this article is that an organization need to value diversity. They need to respect others culture as well. One cannot simply judge other’s culture. Employees need a training course in which they learn everything. The author has taken a few researches to support this in exhibit 4 items 15, 16, 19, 20 and 22. In these items the people have supported the need of valuing diversity. They believe that an organization can be successful if they value diversity. In this whole article it is said that diversity is important to have a better peaceful and successful organization.
3) The question that has been popping in authors mind must be how can an organization know about the importance of diversity and in what way the teachings can be given to their employees for a better work place?
4)All the conclusions are important in this article but the most important conclusions are: Concern for equality and Equality and Fairness. When an organization makes sure that the employees are treated equally both the minority as well as the majority, they feel satisfied. The best thing an organization could do is set up and equality policy, this thing proves that it can be the best work place. The second important conclusion in ‘Managing Practices’ when the staff is ready to welcome the multicultural employees this will benefit the company as well because people following different cultures have different extra knowledge and a organization needs the employees which do not share same kind of knowledge. Employees at a higher post need to practice and learn to give respect.
5)We need to understand the key concepts, why the author has written this article? Why was there a need to make awareness to value diversity? Diversity means giving respect and value to the people who belong to different culture, race, creed or sexual orientation. The first point the author is pointing out is the discrimination, when the employees are discriminated, when the minorities or women are not given enough respect this really does not create a good environment for workplace. If people get are judged on the culture they are following, will it benefit the people or the organization? No! Minorities are usually the one who work really hard and does not even pays off. The author has made an effort to make people understand the importance of diversity. Her idea is to promote culture diversity in organizations. In question 1 her research came up with a strong point and that was employees want management to communicate effectively. Management is usually responsible for the environment and if they do not communicate in an appropriate manner how can they expect anything in return? Organization and management both should value diversity.
6)Author thinks that only diversity is the solution to all the problems. There are more problems than dealing only with diversity. You simply cannot transfer all the problems to a single one. The assumption made by the author may be right but this methodology needs to be tested on more employees not with the same question before jumping on the conclusion it is important to know why people do not value diversity? Why only a few people get opportunities to work at a higher level? What will be the problems which will occur after culture diversity is imposed in an organization? In this whole article these problems have not been discussed. It is important to analyze the problems. The author should have examine her assumption and then come up with her conclusion because the assumption might be wrong and can have a negative effect.
7)A golden rule ‘Treat others as you wanted to be treated.’ If people feel they are valued automatically the communication gets better, productivity increases and the relationship with the work gets better. Secondly, the company needs to create awareness not only inside the workplace but even outside it. This will give a positive image of the organization. A research has proved that diverse groups are much more creative than the homogeneous groups because it brings solutions from different perspectives. The manager should arrange some training programs and break the stereotypes. The environment needs to be friendly and effective. (Patrick & Kumar, 2012)
8)If the manager is not able to develop culture diversity in an organization the employees who work at a lower post might not be satisfied because they are discriminated for the culture they follow. Equal rights might not be there and employees give their resignation letter. This could create a financial issue because they have invested money in training and recruiting. When people do see that they are not being appreciated by their work or less innovative they stop doing anything which is productive this is caused due to lack of communication. When a company only wants non-traditional workers they usually do not have skilled labors or have problem in hiring them. This will only waste their precious time.
9)The first important question will be. ‘Have you ever been discriminated in a work place’? This is important to ask because one cannot feel the same if they have not been through the same thing they are discussing. Before solving any problem, analyzing it is important and if you have experienced it solving it will be much easier. If someone has faced the problem, their experience is going to be worth listening and things will work out better. Second question will be ‘According to you what steps can be taken to make people aware of the word diversity ‘? People need to understand what diversity actually is.
When an author has written such a great article and has pointed out some great points, no one can explain better than her and other than this, must know some important steps that can be taken to create awareness. It is important to share the ideas so when they merge down they could turn down into some great ideas. When people are free to share ideas something productive is about to take place. The last question will be ‘how did came to know that this is one the most major problem which employees are facing and do you really want to create a diverse culture? It is important to figure out the thinking of person sitting in front of you. Before taking any step or going into a debate the basic things are needed to be cleared. There is always a need to create understanding between the talk. After the understanding the main talk can take place and we could easily think deeply about the article. If I imagine myself as an HR Manager it is my job to serve my people in the right way and for that expert advices are needed and people who are aware about it can help you deal in the best way possible. The discussion about this topic can go on and on but depends on the other side response as well. After these three basic questions are answered there could be a discussion on a new policy which can be created for the better future of the employees. We could ask her to help in creating and publish a new article on this policy. Then we can create a questionnaire and examine thing after the new change and expect for a better positive change. (Nataatmadia & Dyson, 2012)


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