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Human Resources Management (HRM) department is one of the most important departments that associated specifically with an organization in terms of managing the needs and workability of the employees of the company (Chelladurai & Madella, 2006).
Organizations took assistance from different Labor Unions to maintain a strong significance in their functionality and among the functionality of their employees. The assignment is based upon a scenario of escalating issues among the management and the employees of a company. According to the scenario, there is a fast growing Not for Profit Organization on which the entire assignment is based upon which is in need of assistance to manage the violation in the plant with a positive attitude. The plant has three different locations which are in the United States, France and Chinese region.

Discussion & Analysis

Union Organizing Process
The organizing process of the Union should have the inclination and the commitment from the Union to manage the Human Resource functions and operations (Gleason, 2006). The process will commence by analyzing the needs of the relevant union and take relative decisions that can help out the employees to manage their problems. Firstly, there is a need to educate the Union about the pertaining issue and problems within the organization which are increasing the level of dissatisfaction among the employees. Unions have the guts and ability through which they can analyze the root cause of the problem easily and give their fruitful decision and feedback on the same. Before organizing the process of the Union, it is very important for the Not for Profit organization to identify the union that should have been chosen for the analysis purpose.

Identification of the Union

There are numerous types of Unions are there that associated with the organizations to manage the level of their Human Resources function (Heneman & Greenberger, 2002). In this part, it is likely to advise to indentify the pertinent union which will be effective for the company as far as managing their human resource based functions and operations. According to the scenario, the labors of the company is having problem with the wages offered by the company to them, hence the Union that will be in place is Labor Union. The main rationale behind choosing this particular type of Union is very clear which is that this particular has the chance to maintain the labor terms and conditions and have a detailed idea about the inclination of the work and their choices as well. Labor Unions have the ability to maintain strong significance among the employees and the management of an organization, and that is that is the main thing which can manage the operations of the company in a more detailed and powerful manner. Precisely, it can be said that Labor Union can assist the company to maintain the level of problems and working condition.

Responsibilities of the Worker

An organization is nothing without their workers, as worker is the only who gives their time and effort to manage the workability of the companies in a more effective and powerful manner. Workers are responsible to be dedicated and loyal with their organization and with the functionality because without their dedication, it is not possible for the companies to flourish in the marketplace with competition (Heneman & Greenberger, 2002). In the given scenario of the Not for Profit Organization, the workers are ready to give their hundred percent, in fact they are giving their cent percent efforts to maintain strong competitiveness of the company, but in return the company neither satisfying them through competitive wages nor through the congenial environment.

Union and their Help

Labor Unions are made specifically to manage the problems and issues of the labors working in an organization and maintain their core competitiveness in the market place. Labor Unions can be very essential for satisfying the needs of the labors (Heneman & Greenberger, 2002). In this particular scenario, help from the Union is also required explicitly because of the persistent systematic labor issues. Firstly, the Union has to analyze the level of working which has been taken out from the labors and in return what sort of environment the company is intending to provide to the labors of the company. Secondly, the Union should analyze the pertaining compensation of the work they are taking out from the labors. The Labor Union can help the labors of the company if they found that the level of wages is not commiserating with the extent of work they are doing or accomplishing. The Union will try to maximize the stance of communication among the management and the labor to gain advancement from their functionality. Union can also arrange formal meetings and functions in which they can address the pertaining and escalating issues before the management of the company to get them aware with the problem of labor compensation and wages. The company has three different plants in China, France and the United States, and Labor Union should advise a detailed wage structure according to the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of the relevant country in order to completely eradicate the issues with the labors. The Union can also advised the company to have a Management Bi Objective (MBO) approach within their functionality from which the management can have a detailed communication with their employees and their problems. The management should try to figure out the issues and problems of the employees and in return give powerful solutions to them. Organization is also entitled to comply with the rules and regulations of Labor Unions of the respective countries to maximize their utility. Union should furnish in front of the labors that fighting is not the solution, and assure them that the Union will get their rights from the company.

Management’s Legal Action

It is not always the case that the labors are speaking the truth by accusing the management regarding the wages and pay, and it is very important for the Union to check the hidden truth behind it (Smith & Mazin, 2011). In this case, if the management is sure that they are doing the right thing in terms of managing their labors, they can have legal action against their labors and can provide the evidences on it. The management of the company should be in direct connection and consultation with the legal labor union authority invited for managing the conflict among the employees and the management and should give strong evidences to them in terms of compliance. In this way, the company can win the situation or the scenario against their company without any legal bindings on them. There are numerous cases in which it is found that management has won the legal obligations against them.

Helping the Workers Overseas

Global Nature and Business
The global nature will not bother the company much, because as per the scenario the company is not a profit organization, and they will not be in the competitive position any other company related to the same aspect.


The entire analysis is showing that Human Resources Management department is the most important department pertains to an organization as far as managing their effectiveness in a given market. The scenario is also related to the Human Resources Management functionality and issues. The assignment analyzes the importance of labor unions within the organizations to make effective, timely and powerful decisions for their better and improvement.


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